You’ll Be Shocked To Know This About Avocados !

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Firstly we are massive avocados fans here and have an amazing place for you to be, named

Ever come across a greenish looking pear like fruit, with yellow interiors and a big brown seeds? Your safest bet is that they are avocados. Most of us have never eaten one, nor seen it too in reality. But everyone chants its name by heart when food for the soul and health is concerned! Weird. Ain’t it? Why and how have avocados pushed every other fruit out of the equation? is here to tell you why. 

Why so Avocados-y Popular? 

Avocados have stolen the limelight from every other fruit. Pluck from obscurity, they have become very popular, especially in the past decade. Those who have never even eaten one, tend to show that they know all about it. This is a trend that has recently kicked off, as those who eat avocados fall in the health conscious, smart eaters gang. Due to this sheer boom in avocado demand, many stores have begun to even import these green looking alien fruit. I personally as a member of the audience got to know about avocado goodness from the internet, via a fitness and health expert. 

Peek Into the Avocado Ancestry

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Avocados hail from the scientifically known Persea Americana family. There are many varieties of fruit. The most popular is the ‘Hass avocado’. Also known as alligator pear. Not always green, avocados can also have a very dark green to blackish looking outsides. The Hass or Alligator pear is one which has earned such a name due to its rough, spiky, and bumpy looking skin. From the insides, an avocado is yellow with a hint of green with large seeds. 

Avocado Nutritional Value 

This fruit has become the face of nutrition because of the sheer amount of nutrients it is crawling with. Except for carbohydrates, there is everything you can find in an avocado. This makes this a low-carb plant food.

In a single avocado, you can find 20 separate vitamins and minerals. 

In a 100 gram avocado, serving 3 people, you can relish and gain from the following vitamins and minerals –

• Vitamin K

• Folate 

• Vitamin C – 

• Potassium – In more quantities than bananas. 

• Vitamin E

• Vitamin B6

• Vitamin B5

• In small amounts – Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, B1, B2 and B3. 

Which all Food Can you Drop in Avocados?

Thank all these fitness freaks and nutritionists for highlighting avocados as the main ingredient in literally everything edible.

There are those smoothies, shakes, toast spreads, as mayonnaise and sour cream substitute, in soups, for making sushi rolls, in ice creams, desserts and much more. Not to forget, the famous Mexican delicacy Guacamole! 

Health Benefits of Avocados

Every 1 ounce or 28 grams of avocado has jam packed quantities of healthy fats, fibers and proteins. Your avocado is not like any other mundane fruit. What makes it so special is that it doesn’t have any carbohydrates. Alongside – 

• No traces of cholesterol or sodium or saturated fats.

• Rich in healthy fats. It’s the fattest plant food till date. Avocados have a monounsaturated fatty acid called Oleic Acid. This is miraculous as it positively affects Gene’s linked to cancer.

• There are antioxidants in avocados that are great for the eyes. 

• High Vitamin C is what increases an avocado’s fiber content. Every 100 grams has 7 grams of soluble fiber. 

• There is a tall amount of potassium present in avocados. Even more than in bananas. Thus you get the benefit of moderate blood pressure, and minimal risk of heart attack, kidney failure, and strokes. 

The information mentioned on avocados above is more than enough to convince you to try one. We have deliberately skipped what it tastes like. Eat one and find out on your own. Surprise yourself!