Why We Should Take Some Time Out For Sunsets?

Nature surely brings us joy and satisfaction. One such serene feeling provided by nature is the sunset. All the orange, red, yellow hues fill up the sky and give way to amazing scenery. The sunsets can be Instagrammable, inspiring, and romantic, but it’s a shame that most of us can enjoy a sunset only when we are on vacation as if we believe that a beautiful, calming moment can only take place when we are away from the hustle-bustle of our daily lives. Blame it on our busy lives for not letting us take some time out for sunsets! If we could!

But sunset is inevitable and thus, it sets every day, regardless of where you are. Sunsets are a free and easy way to bring in your daily life awe and wonder.

Following are some of the reasons why you should take some time out for this breath-taking moment:

It can inspire you.

It can inspire you.
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Sunsets are often a common theme discussed by writers, romantics, poets, and painters in their art and this is because they are extremely inspiring. The magnificent beauty of sunset might be responsible to awaken the creative side of an individual. There is something spiritual and soothing that can’t be described in the words unless you open your creativity gates.

It helps us in learning to enjoy the small joys of life.

It helps us in learning to enjoy the small joys of life.
Source: Travel Triangle

Everyone around the world is drawn towards sunsets but there are only fewer places that have embraced the sunset as a daily chance to give their thank-you’s. Places such as Hawaii, Greece, Maui, and Santorini regard the sunset as a nightly celebration. Some people gather around and cheer and clap at the time of sunset signifying the idea that we should be thankful as well as grateful for little joys in our lives. Researches have suggested that being conscious of the things that you should be thankful for can help in boosting your well being. Studies have concluded that being grateful and expressing gratitude is associated with increased patience, improved sleep patterns, and a sense of overall gladness.

It will help you to keep your phone down.

It will help you to keep your phone down.
Source: Forbes

When we are on vacations or some special occasions, we have the urge to capture and document all of our moments so that they are safe somewhere and we could come back to that wondrous feeling through a photo. But if we see sunset almost regularly, we are not going to feel to be compelled to see it through a screen since its right in front of us, in reality. Overindulgence in technology might hamper the moment that you were about to enjoy. By watching the sunsets in reality and not on phone screens will help you to recharge and recover.

We can multitask and that too, in a healthy way.

We can multitask and that too, in a healthy way.
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People can enjoy the sunset in different ways: while biking, walking, running, or simply observing. The first three activities have a great impact on mental benefits since studies have shown a positive correlation between exercise and mental health. Exercise also helps to ease the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. And by simply observing the sunset, one can practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is said to have physical and psychological benefits that also include improved cognitive functioning and reduction in stress.

It doesn’t take too long.

It doesn’t take too long.
Source: A Gold Lining – by Jaclyn Goldbaum

When do you happen to take some time out for sunsets? Even if you are supposed to go back to the office in a few minutes, taking 20 minutes out for sunset will be worth it. You can watch the sunset disappear in the sky and enjoy that golden hour. Sunset can be a great way to energize yourself after a hectic day.

It can slow down time.

When you witness the magnificent sunset, it can slow down the time for you. According to research, it has been found out that people who described watching the sunset as ‘a feeling of awe’ felt like they had more time in their hands and were less impatient. These kinds of experiences help people to be conscious of their present moment, which further adjusts the time perception for the person, and thus, he/she feels more satisfied than their regular day without a sunset. Amazingly, by observing vast, beautiful sky filled with different colors, we are empowering ourselves to regain our control of the clock.

There is something inherently powerful about sunset that everyone is drawn towards it automatically. The experience of watching sunset has also been said to equivalent to spirituality. This experience has a healing and restorative effect on individuals. So, take some time out from your busy schedule to enjoy the beauty of nature and sunset.

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