Which FRIENDS Character Is Your Zodiac Sign Truly Like?

We’ve all taken quizzes about which friends characters we’d be and who’s personality most matches ours but have you ever wondered which friends character would your zodiac sign be!? Well, we’ve got you covered! These aren’t based on the character’s birthdays but more based on the traits they have similar to a particular sign!


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The sun sign Aries is known to be bold, ambitious, passionate, risk-takers, competitive, courageous, and ambitious. These traits are more than evident in Mike, especially when he flew to Phoebe to be the first to propose to her and when he gave up being a lawyer to pursue his passion for being a musician.


FRIENDS Character
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The sun sign Taurus is known for being intelligent, determined, stubborn, unwilling to give up, ambitious, and practical. These describe Ross Geller perfectly, especially when he’s talking about his true passion — dinosaurs or debating about evolution; or when he’s sure “we were on a break” and how can we forget, “the one where no one’s ready”


Chandler Bing
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A Gemini is known for being clever, witty, sharp, smart, fun-loving, knowledgeable, optimistic, curious, and enthusiastic while also avoiding facing their emotions. If these traits don’t define Chandler Bing, then I don’t know what does! Whether it is his silly jokes (aka coping mechanisms) or his career shift to advertising and the passion for it.


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Cancer is known to be family-oriented, loyal, caring, matriarchal, gentle, nurturing, and sensitive. Whether it is taking care of Ben, mediating things between Susan and Ross, forging her own family, or being affected because her dad wouldn’t give her away to Susan, Carol is the perfect Cancerian there is.


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Leos are known to be the Centre of attention, dramatic, ambitious, fun-loving, outgoing, creative, self-confident, extroverted, and charming. Joey is the perfect Leo as whether it is his charm in “How you Doin” or his acting and on-stage persona, his traits just fit with all you Leos! Oh, not to forget, the time when he wore all of Chandler’s clothes to be dramatic and prove his point, could he be any more like a Leo!?


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Virgos are known to be perfectionists, organized, controlling, supportive, picky, critical, family-oriented, and kind. Wait, was I describing Monica’s traits? Because it certainly seemed like it! From her OCD to feeding all the friends and supporting Chandler when he moved away for his job, Monica is genuinely a Virgo and makes our hearts swoon!


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Libras are known to prioritize others over themselves, be harmonious, gentle, mediators, avoid conflicts, relaxed and charming. Now, we all know how much Rachel tries to avoid conflicts and confrontation, but we also know that she’ll be the first to mediate a conflict between two friends! Oh, do I even have to mention how her charm and coolness are very Libra-like!?


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Scorpios are known to be misunderstood, unwilling to express emotions, secretive, protective, independent, jealous and calculating. Our seventh friend, Gunther, is the most mysterious character because, think about it, do we know his last name? That’s right; we don’t! His crush on Rachel and his plan to sabotage Ross’s plan of not letting Rachel find out what happened when they were “on a break” shows precisely how jealous and calculating he is!


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A Sagittarius is fun-loving, restless, curious, upfront, and passionate. Janice, no matter what, always had the brightest glow and smile, always tried to ‘get in’ with the friends that just makes her the perfect Sagittarius.


Richard and Monica
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A Capricorn is the zodiac’s wise soul, extremely hard-working, confident, soft-hearted, wise, ambitious, dependable, mature, and tolerant. Now, I’m sure you’ll agree when I say Monica’s former lover Richard did have these qualities about him. Whether it was people (ahem, Chandler and Joey, ahem) looking up to him or him not having moved on after their break up, Richard will always be the perfect Capricorn.


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Aquarians are known to be offbeat, spiritual, confident, self-assured, humanitarians who are temperamental and sentimental. Now, whether it was smelly cat or not caring about what people thought of her, Phoebe is the most Aquarius person I’ve ever seen, and you cannot argue with that!


Ross and Emily
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A Pisces is known to be romantic, forgiving, charming, generous, selfless, hateful of confrontation, empathetic, and harmonious. Forgiving Ross for saying the wrong name at their wedding and trying to make things work again says enough about why Emily is a Pisces! Does it not!?

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