When You Are A Night Person (Handy 4 Tips)

Firstly, High Five ! This is going to be utterly relate able, coming from a night person. Night time appeals to my senses and write ups in a manner no other time of the day has the potential of. Surely we night folks hustle to get work done when the sun is shining but our productivity levels spike to double the rate at night. 

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What’s a Night Owl?

You see that person who has his head dug up in work during the day and is able to stay awake at night till the wee hours of the morning? You have your night owl ! Night owls are also famously known as Nighthawk or Night Birds. Such people are the antithesis of the morning larks (people who like mornings). 

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Night owls are the ones who aren’t able to sleep early at night and are more prolific after the evening. Being a night person is totally harmless until you think you are suffering from a delayed sleep phase syndrome. Being a healthy night person can escalate quickly and make you a zombie looking human freak if you only get to rest your eyes literally for 3 to 4 hours a day. Understand that if you are a night person, you days can be very hectic with very little sleep you are able to get. Either a night owl should get adequate rest during the day or make amends in his schedule to adjust sleep somewhere. 

Perspective Regarding Night Owls

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Night owls (like moi) are the wild ones. No not Sia’s Wild Ones. People of the night have a more of a creative bend and a bound to hone this creativity during the night. Literature has a favorable opinion for night owls, rather it romances them. 

A notion of positivity and artistic ingeniousness surrounds night owls. Many poets, artists, bloggers, writers, poets, songwriters of our generation take pride in being called a night owl

Famous night owls that you can aspire to become are Bob Dylan, Fidel Castro, Samuel Johnson, and Winston Churchill to name a few.

When You Are a Night Owl

Take pride if you are a night owl. Nothing’s wrong with you. The After hours got you charged and TroyBoi will agree with me.

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There is not much to describe what it is like to be a night person. It is just a trait that a person stays awake at night just because it feels right and yields much more than average.

Schedule of a Night Owl

Waking up is a task for me. Believe me when I say that! I am a night person. The muses appeal to my soul not before 2 am after midnight.

How I make my mornings productive are extremely painful yet essential. I follow the 5 step plan to achieve this goal.

1. Plan (duh)

What else were you expecting to be the first thing here? Planning is key. They mean it when they say it. Either chalk it down or mentally make up a plan. Even the butterfly effect is planned. Make your agenda for the night. Don’t gawk around stupidly and make something worthwhile of the night. 

2. Prioritize

This can be tricky for many. Keep the hard task that requires most of your efforts for the night. I do it this way possibly because night is the best time for me. Basically prioritize your work from easy to hard.

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3. Proceed

No amount of the above two will prove doable if you don’t implement. Put it to work. Observe where your plan is flawed. Work smart not hard!

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4. Seek Out

There is no shame in asking for help. Your family will be more than willing to understand your situation. If you need a certain amount of service, setting or aid to proceed with your night routine, simply ASK .

Night Owls and Health

A major issue surrounding those people who like to wake up and work during the night is the manner in which this affects their health. Obviously there is this issue of getting less sleep. But a health debacle surrounding night owl is diabetes, delayed sleep phase syndrome, unhealthy behaviors and weight gain. 

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