10 Ways to Get The Perfect Winter Makeup Look


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how to get the perfect winter makeup look:

The foremost thing that comes to mind when we think about winter is warm colors, a cup of hot coffee, and perfect makeup. Winter is always best for makeup; no smudging, no sweating, and ruining your makeup. Just immaculate vibes. Makeup is art, but it doesn’t take much to master it. Just some practice and a detailed guide are enough, and we are here to give you just that.

10 Ways to Get The Perfect Winter Makeup Look

1. Moisturizer

Well, the downside of winter is that the weather is dry, and that will surely affect your skin, so before putting on makeup, make sure you moisturize your skin with your usual moisturizer and massage it into your skin; it will boost your skin’s natural glow and help you achieve a dewy look.

2. Primer

Now, after you’re done with moisturizer, use a good primer. Primer will give a smooth, glowing effect, and it will keep your makeup put together, and it will stay longer.

3. Color Corrector

Now apply a color corrector under your eyes and on acne and blemishes.

4. Foundation

For foundation, try a cream-based or liquid foundation. Try avoiding powdered foundation or any loose powdered-based makeup in winter because your makeup is less likely to get oily or shiny because you won’t sweat too much. Don’t use too much foundation, just enough for coverage, and blend it in with a beauty blender.

5. Concealer

Let the foundation sit for a moment, then apply your concealer. Apply it under your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, around the mouth, and on any blemishes or acne. Also, apply it on your highlighted points like your chin, center of the forehead, and cheekbones. Then blend it in.

6. Bronzer

Bronzer will add some depth to your face and also will help you achieve a sun-kissed look that is perfect for winter vibes. Apply the bronzer lightly to your jawline, temples and hairline, cheekbones, and collarbone; you can apply some on your eyelids, too, using a bronzer brush and lightly blending it in.

7. Blush

Now time to add some blush. Apply blush to your cheekbones and nose, preferably a liquid or cream blush. You can add some under your eyes to try to make them look as fresh and natural as you can.

8. Highlighter

Now time to add a highlighter to get the perfect base makeup. Take your choice of liquid highlighter and add it to your cheekbones, your nose, and the center of your forehead, the spots where the sunlight is going to hit. Now add setting spray, let it set, and the base is done.

9. Eye Makeup

For the eye makeup, start with a light shade of brown and apply it with a rounded fluffy brush on your eyelids and your crease; then, with a small smudge brush, apply the same shade of brown right beneath your lower eyelashes. Spray a flat-top makeup brush with setting spray and apply some dark brown eyeshadow to the outer part of your eyes.

If you’re feeling bold, you can use purple, blue, sab green, and even grey eyeshadow instead of dark brown, then blend it with a rounded fluffy brush. Add eyeliner and do a wing, or you can use a vibrant eyeshadow color to draw the wing too. If you’re looking for something more simple, just apply eyeliner and some brown eyeshadow. Now add setting spray, then use mascara, and hallelujah! You have the perfect eye makeup.

10. Lips

For the lips, make sure your lips are hydrated; apply lip oil or lip balm when you’re doing your makeup base, then remove it before applying lipstick. To start with your lip makeup, outline your lips with a pencil liner; it will make putting lipstick on easier. Then apply lipstick; if you’re going for a heavy eye makeup look, wear light shades of lipstick like peach and pastel pink.

If you’re going for light eye makeup, go all out for your lips. Wine red, maroon, dark brown, and hazel brown are perfect for winter. On days you feel lazy and don’t wanna spend hours on makeup – bold red lips are perfect for a chilly winter. Add glitters and shimmers to your makeup.


Winter is just right for some classy, preppy, and funky looks. Everything is expressed with our makeup and outfits. Try these makeup looks and add your creativity. Winter is the perfect time for you to try bold looks. Smokey eyes, red lips, and lots of highlighter. We’re here to help you achieve your on-fleek look.

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