7 Ways to Coping Up With Loneliness And Negativity

As the nationwide lockdown continues and the number of cases reaching new highs demands us to stay at home to stay safe and alive. However, with each day, there are so many like us who are stuck far away from our families and friends, and loneliness and negativity are getting to us.

There is no denying the fact that we are living through depressing times as the situation after situation is presenting uncertain consequences. People are dying, families starving, the accidents, businesses closing down, so many going bankrupt, the economy crashing, many have lost their jobs still the rent needs to be paid, the cyclone Amphan, the tensions at the Indo- Sino border, the major locust attack….there is just so much to worry about!!!

This new normal has proved to be inordinately hard-hitting to the whole world. The negativity being shoved down our throats is choking and depressing us, even for those who are not facing such severe problems. The lockdown has been imposed so that we do not die without any cause, all with good intentions but it has messed up our mental state.

7 Ways to Coping Up With Loneliness And Negativity

1. Detox


Identify why you’re feeling lonely and what triggers you to be negative. We sure are exposed to a lot of negative news, unnecessary debates, as well as the corrupt politics going on, on the inside- for many like me, this could be the main reason why we’re low but many others may have different reasons. Try and identify them and for the coming days maintain distance from such triggers.

2. Comfort yourself

Comfort yourself

Know that you are not alone and there are many others who are suffering in their own ways. Loneliness needs to be accepted. It is a part of human life. Everyone feels lonely now and then, but it isn’t something that would last even if you put in the effort.

An effective way of tackling loneliness and negativity is journaling. Keeping and writing in a journal is therapeutic, keep a record of your feelings, and understand them.

3. Practice meditation

Practice meditation

Mediation: this simple act has been proven time and again to calm you down and refresh your senses. Practice mediation for 20 min every day and gift yourself with a calmer you.

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4. Talk


You might be already doing this, but just as a reminder- talk. Facetime your families, text, chat, and call up your friends. Open up. You know – catch up with your high school homies and gals. That distant cousin? Hit him up on his phone. This kills loneliness and negativity you might be feeling.

5. Use Aromatherapy

Use Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the not-so-conventional way but it helps reduce stress, promotes mental balance, and calms you down. Your nose with the help of smell receptors sends your brain signals when you smell the aroma, which activates certain parts of the brain like the limbic system- which helps regulate emotions and produce feel-good hormones, which in turn make you feel good.

Is it difficult to get candles? Try less intense incense sticks or spraying mist.

6. Exercise


It’s time to get rid of those love handles and get that healthy body you wanted. Drink and eat healthy. Get up early, it’s difficult, not impossible. Three cheers for you!

7. Engage


There is no time better than now to explore that hobby you always wanted to try, that one course you always wanted to take? Now. This will take your mind off from loneliness and negativity.

Go make that painting, try origami (no it’s not lame, it’s calming), go write that plot down that has been hovering on your mind forever, get some new healthy habits, read books, try cooking, baking, gardening if just try growing a plant. How about drawing? Or creating that blog? That podcast? That youtube channel? All!! Everything!! Now is the time.

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