11 Ways To Calm Down After A Long Day

The calm days of work-from-home and online classes seem to be coming to an end soon, with the vaccine drive for the virus started in many countries in the world. This also means that the long stressful days are also coming back soon. Waking up in the morning and rushing to the office or schools and colleges, coming back home after struggling in public transport means that we will be exhausted physically and mentally. Hence it is imperative to calm down after such a long day to endure this struggle and the cycle all over again the next day.

11 Ways To Calm Down After A Long Day

1. Switch To Warm Lighting

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Warm lighting has been shown to help people relax and calm down. The white lights, which are quite common in most households, are often very harsh and not easy on the eye when trying to relax. Warm lighting has a calming effect, the reason why it is used in most restaurants to provide an intimate and warm setting.

So, switch out the lights in your home with warm golden lights, or you can also use the color adjusting lights, which you can change as per your mood and needs.

2. Take A Shower

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Most of us use public transport to communicate to and from our offices and colleges, which means a sweaty body in the hot and humid Indian climate. Taking a shower thus helps to relax as it cleans off the dirt and sweat and gives a very refreshing feeling. It also acts as a reset button to start over things at home.

3. Light A Scented Candle

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Did you know that candles are not only needed when there is a power cut or Diwali but can also be used in your day-to-day life? Yes, candles, especially scented candles, can help you relax and unwind after a long stressful day when certain scents are used.

Some of the scents which help you calm down and relax are Lavender, Chamomile, Ylang-ylang, Frankincense, and Patchouli.

4. Turn On Instrumental Music

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Listening to music with lyrics often distracts us and makes us focus on the song rather than focusing on the task at hand. So, listening to instrumentals or piano tunes puts less load on our brains and makes us feel relaxed.

5. Breathing Exercises

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Breathing exercises are an important step in clearing your mind of all troubles. It allows the body to slow down and be more mindful and aware of itself. Not only does it allow the body to slow down, but it also clears the mind of the many ongoing thoughts running through it. Have an assignment to complete? Have an important presentation the next day? Or have a truckload of house chores to do over the weekend? A simple light breathing exercise can help ease your mind and help you relax.

6. Do Light Body Massages & Stretches

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Doing light stretches helps to relax tense body muscles and loosen up any stress that your physical strain may be suffering from. Do some light neck, arms, and back exercises to relieve stress and make your body feel at home.

7. Clean Your Room

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Having a cluttered room means your mind will also feel cluttered. Most of us are guilty of having that one chair in our room that is not used for sitting but rather for keeping our clothes and bags. Or there’s stuff that’s lying on our bed and tables rather than being in the places that they are originally supposed to be. So, remember to clean your room and keep it clutter-free to have that peace of mind.

8. Cook Your Favourite Comfort Meal

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Nothing makes you feel more at home than your favorite comfort food. It can be your favorite parantha, rice with veggies, soup, pasta, or dumplings; the list is endless. Make yourself a meal and enjoy it mindfully while letting go of all the stress that you felt throughout the day. If you live with a family, cooking together can be a great bonding time which adds to the fun of the whole process!

9. Make A To-do List

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Having a to-do list helps you have a clear vision of what needs to be done and when. It saves you from the troubles of having to remember what all tasks need to be done without having to rack your brains to remember it.

At the end of the day, make a list of things that need to be done the next day or that week or in the near future. This gives you a feeling of certainty of what will happen next and gives you a sense of control of your life.

10. Change Into Home Clothes

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Wearing office or school clothes the whole day can be very tiring, so you change into comfortable, airy clothes when you are back home. The weather can be scorching, especially in the summers, and you definitely don’t want to keep those sweaty clothes on even at home. Changing into clean, airy clothes also makes you feel calm and refreshed and prevents any skin problems from occurring.

11. Have Calming Tea

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Light calming teas like Green tea or Chamomile tea are proven to help relax the body with their therapeutic properties. Having a cup of these calming teas instead of coffee or alcohol will relax your body without any adverse effects.

Hoping that you find your own peace in this chaos with these few steps and move forward in life with a clear mind.

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