9 Ways Learning Musical Instruments Can Make You Happier!

Music. Ah, a blend of sounds and voices so amazing that it holds power to make you even happier when you are happy, emotional when it gives you nostalgia, calmer when you are nervous, and whatnot!! Legends also say that some musicians could even have the clouds pour down through music.

It is kind of impossible to imagine a world without music. It is something which has been with us since time unknown. Although now we have evolved and have made various musical instruments in different styles, people used to use tools to produce music even in ancient times. They were much simpler, like a hollow wooden stick, beating a wooden log with sticks.

If you take a minute and think, musical instruments have always been fascinating. Remember the urge to strum the strings of a guitar as a child!! It’s incredible how a balance of just wood, air, strings, etc., makes a sound so beautiful that it will take you to an absolute state of bliss.

Music is known to have healing properties: both physically and mentally. Maybe you are not a child anymore, but you can still fulfill your desire to play drums!

Here’s Why You Should Pick Up A Musical Instrument And Start Playing!

Okay, maybe not everyone is a great singer, but everyone can LEARN to produce music! Why? Because these are the amazing benefits;

1. Stress Reduction

It is no hidden fact that music has proven to lighten some tension in our heads. So, when we are playing a musical instrument, we channel our energy into something apart from what might be bothering us at that moment.

This transition will shift our focus to something positive and relaxing. It will have more or less the same effect as listening to music but would feel more satisfying.

2. Boosts Creativity

When has learning something not made someone a better person! I don’t think ever. Music is a form of art. We communicate so many emotions through music.

We all perceive things differently, and even if you play a song by your favorite artist, you will have an element of your own while playing it. And that is creativity.

3. Lung Exercise

We are talking about woodwind and brass instruments here, like flutes, trumpets, etc. They have proven to be an excellent exercise for the lungs. They also force you to use force and inhale and exhale with a certain pressure, which is a great exercise for both the lungs and the diaphragm. At advanced levels, even the stomach muscles benefit from playing specific musical instruments.

4. Enhanced Patience

Initially, learning a musical instrument or any other art form for that matter could be tedious. It will require a lot of hard work and perseverance to master. Which definitely will make a person more patient during that quest of learning.

Remember to not give up, and you will get what you desire.

5. Enhanced Memory Power

Because along with all the other things, you will have to learn all those chords and keys! Just kidding! But it indeed isn’t as difficult as it might be sounding right now. We have to remember the power our brain possesses, and surely after that, one will have heightened memory and retention power.

Even the studies have shown that people involved in music have more memory power and retention than those who don’t.

6. Let’s You Appreciate Music

It’s human nature. We appreciate something more when we know what it takes to get that flawless final result. Indiscriminately, this goes with music too. When we learn different styles of music, we also learn to understand its quality.

Also, while you are busy appreciating the beauty truly music is, you will have less time to worry about things that matter less!

7. Strengthens The Immune System

Some studies have shown that listening to or producing music leads to the generation of Immunoglobulin-A, an antibody that is a natural killer to various bacteria, increasing the immunity of the body.

8. Enhances Personal Discipline

Music takes patience. One will have to practice every day and be consistent with efforts. Having discipline will make you focus better and be better. And good habits do not go anywhere. Once this aspect of your life is disciplined, others will come in alignment too.

9. Can Make You Happy!

Of course!! Imagine a life with less tension and more appreciation. You are more patient, smarter, and talented. Won’t that multiply the dopamine in you!! It absolutely will!

Learning a musical instrument will open up your brain to a number of possibilities. We all know music heals, music calms, and music soothes. So, don’t just stop listening to it. Tune that old guitar and welcome happiness!

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