10 Ways How To Become A Good Speaker.

A good speaker can leave a great impression in a room full of hundreds of people.

Be it a public event, a conference, a crucial meeting or even delivering an essay in your school the act of putting up your views is so much important to make an everlasting impression. If you feel strongly about something but aren’t able to deliver it with clarity and confidence, then your presence and impact will indeed get reduced as just an audience.
I am pretty sure that not everyone wants to be on the spectator’s side. So it becomes of great significance to make an impression out there by your skill of speaking.

Whenever a person seeks to become a good speaker, then, at first, his/her mind often gets clogged with several doubts and questions, and the main question that comes up is BUT HOW CAN I BECOME A GOOD SPEAKER?

10 Ways How To Become A Good Speaker

1. Read

Many people forget the importance of reading. To be good at speaking, you have to be a good reader first. With reading, one gets familiar with different words that build the vocabulary, which can make an impact if one includes them while speaking. A good reader has the ability to think clearly, and one cannot be a good speaker if there is no transparency in the thoughts.

2. Have Adequate Knowledge

While delivering their speeches, all great public speakers include several
interesting facts and informative points that make the audience startle for a while. Having knowledge about the issues that you’re about to speak out about is crucial. Speaking without having full details about what you are addressing can cause a lot of havoc.

3. Avoid Cramming

For any good speaking to flow smoothly, whether it is your interview or any speech, CRAMMING should be particularly avoided. It messes up with the whole smoothness that speaking should consist of. To be a good speaker, one has to be free with thoughts and words. Mugging up or just paper reading won’t help you in being a good speaker.

9 Elements of a Great Speech
9 Elements of a Great Speech
4. Be Audible

A good speaker should be loud enough. Being loud and crisp helps in creating the desired impact. If you are not audible enough to your audience, you somehow lose their interest. I mean, what’s the use of speaking if your audience can’t even hear you?

5. Be Confident

If you are really confident with your ideas and words, then you are indeed a good speaker. If you are indecisive in your thoughts, your words might fumble while speaking, giving out a wrong impression. All the great speakers like Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, or Shashi Tharoor all have one thing in common: confidence.

6. Practice Is The Key

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect,” With practice comes speaking. Reading out a few passages or stories daily can help develop the essential quality of good speaking. Speaking daily and recording what you say can help you to notice your flaws and even the shortcomings that come while you talk out loud. Listing them and working on them can help you to be a good speaker.

7. Keep Your Words Crisp And Clear

You should always speak with clarity to have a long-lasting impression. Try using short sentences and avoid exaggerating your points to be effective in what you speak. When you talk, try to be crisp and clear and see how you appeal to the audience.

8. Be A Good Listener

“A good speaker is often a good listener.” Before just rushing into conversations to make an impact, try to listen to what the whole discussion is about and then speak up. In interviews or debates, the gist of shining than the rest depends on how well you listen and then speak up.
Listening clarifies what the conversation is about and gives you time to think and recollect your thoughts, making your speaking an effective one.

9. Be Engaging

In several acts of public speaking, try to be engaging. A good speaker constantly interacts with the audience, making them feel included in the conversation. In order to be engaging, “Ask a question” to them or “ask their views.” This can probably be of great help if you plan impactful speaking.

10. Listen To Great Speakers

Another important thing that you can do to be a good speaker is to listen to several podcasts of great speakers. Listening to their vocational style and the act of delivering their views can help you to work on several things you might have been missing out on. Listening to great interviews and videos of how they became such great speakers can be of great help.

So being a good speaker is not a cakewalk for sure, but with practice and experience comes this skill of speaking with elegance and making an impact. Listed above are several points to make your blues go away and help you win conversations and a few hearts too!

“A good speaker always makes an impact hard to forget.” So, are you ready to make that impact?

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