4 Ways For Aura Cleansing When Negativity Surrounds You

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Life is not always smoothies and cupcakes. Sometimes it is leftover pizza crumbs or stale prawns. We want to convey that neither one can say that life has always been kind to them. Everyone has their fair share of struggles. But what matters is how one deals with the electrons around. No not the negatively charged atoms but the walking talking people who only breathe to pour negativity in our lives. 

What is Negativity? 

Understand it as a feeling of hating or being critical of everything and anything. When there is negativity around the aura is heavy, depressing and frustrating too. There is a feeling like everything is always falling apart and everyone is an anti party person. You begin to hate your life, the people in it, jealousy takes the wheels and you only and only speak ill. This is negativity. Maybe it’s you that is negative or somebody else is sowing these seeds in your life. 

Do You Have a Negative Person in Your Life?

Detecting these negative people can be sometimes tricky but most times they walk in the sun. If lately you have been turning over to your pessimistic side way too much then it can be an early alarm to check yourself. A little skepticism is acceptable but constantly flipping to the nasty side of things is not becoming. Maybe on the other hand it might not be you. It is quite possible to absorb someone else’s negative feelings and behavior. Contemplate and dissect the people in your life piece by piece and out will emerge that electron. 

How to Deal With a Negative person? 

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After figuring out who is the person bringing negative light in your life, the next and the best step is either to avoid or change him/her. It is not always possible to avoid or cut out a person from your life like a piece of casement. This negative person can be a parent, sibling or spouse. In such cases make him/her see the brighter side of the coin. It is your job to show the person the positive face of the same coin and introduce him to optimism. Do not fight or blame the person for being the way he/she is. This won’t help and can make you two rift apart. 

Hacks To Deal With Negativity

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If nothing from the above yields any benefits don’t panic we have got you covered! Follow these extra steps you can adopt to gain a positive mindset. 

Cleanse Your Aura

 Aura is a Latin word implying to air or breath around you. To cleanse something means to purify or clean it. Aura or the air surrounding you can also be cleansed. This practice of cleansing the aura is practiced by spiritualist and there are professionals for this as well. 

Shake It With Salt

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For many years, salt is used to purify and eliminate. That spirit of positivity you get near a beach can come to your home or workplace too if you cleanse with salt. Salt absorbs excess water in the air, ooze ions and gets rid of negative energy. Put salt in containers and place them in the corners of the accommodation you want to add a little positivity. Salt water baths can do wonders for you too. 

Burning Sage

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This is the oldest and the most trusted method that smudges all that negative spirits. California White Sage’ or ‘White Sage Smudge Stick is the sage you should be looking at for this purpose. Your daily use kitchen sage won’t work. There is a scientific explanation to the way it works. Sage releases negative ions and cancels with the negative ions present in the air or around you. Sage also kills the bacteria in the air. As a result leaving you with nothing but positivity. A pro tip is to always ajar a door or window while cleansing with sage so that the smoke can find its way out. 

Crystal Clear With Crystals

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Your aura also called as a vibe you give off is the electromagnetic field that envelops you. This field is vulnerable and absorbs whatever energy it gets both negative and positive. The former needs to be removed though and crystals can come handy. All crystals are not used for aura cleansing purposes. There are specific ones like Pyrite, Selenite and Black Kyanite. You can comb yourself from head to toe with a selenite, sport a Pyrite on your wrist and brush your body with a Black Kyanite. Always cleanse the Crystal’s in the Sun for a minimum of 4 hours before employing them. Most importantly state your purpose with the crystal to yourself beforehand. 

Wash It With Water

Water is recognized as the most easily accessible and available form of cleanser. A shower or soak in the rain or a thorough drench under a waterfall will work just fine. Allow water to touch every inch of your body. Also do not overdo it as you’ll be wasting water in the process. 

Whichever method you put into action make sure to do it right, with a clear state of mind and belief. Trust the process and the results will be astonishing. Plus your personality gets a brand new immaculate vibe. 


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