15 Ways Coffee Is Consumed Around The World

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Ways Coffee Is Consumed Around The World

Coffee is the energizer of the world. It is what keeps us going through the day and is our companion during those late-night work or study sessions. Just like how the world is diverse, the making and consumption of coffee are also varied and different across the globe. Each region of the world has its own way of making coffee and is customized according to the region’s palate.

15 Ways Coffee Is Consumed Around The World

1. India – Filter Coffee

Source- Kerala Spices Online

Filter coffee is made with coarse coffee grounds, which are brewed in a filter coffee machine for a long time. The liquid is then mixed with milk in a special utensil set of small steel glass and a bowl. The coffee is continuously transferred from the glass to the bowl to generate foam. It is then served in the glass itself.

2. Italy – Espresso Romano

Source- Taste atlas

The most common type of coffee known to most of us, Espresso Romano, is available in almost all coffee shops around the world. Coffee machines are used to make Espresso in which steam is passed through ground coffee beans that give out a very strong bitter coffee flavour. Common additions to this are milk and sugar, but people often enjoy it alone as shots.

3. Australia – Flat White            

Source- Nespresso

The Australian Flat white has gained popularity throughout the world because it is added to the menu of the coffee chain Starbucks. The coffee consists of double shots of espresso that is topped with steamed milk and microfoam. The taste of the coffee is prominent because of using steamed milk instead of pure milk.

4. Brazil – Cafezinho

Source- Czick on the road

If in Brazil someone asks you have Cafezinho with them, it is a sign of hospitality and warmth. Cafezinho means “little coffee.” To enjoy Cafezinho, you need to sit and relax, in contrast to just taking your coffee and having it on the go. The coffee is served in small cups and is usually very strong. Sugar is added to it while brewing, in contrast to regular coffee, where sugar is added after brewing it.

5. France – Café Au Lait

Source- Pinterest

Café au lait literally translates to “coffee with milk.” It is made by mixing brewed coffee with cold steamed milk. The coffee usually doesn’t have foam on top. French people and their love for croissants are known worldwide, and they particularly enjoy having croissants with coffee, so it is served in big cups to allow for easy dipping.

6. Ireland – Irish Alcoholic Coffee

Source- The spruce eats

Coffee in Ireland isn’t just pure coffee; a little bit of alcohol is added to it! Interesting, isn’t it? The concoction is made by mixing hot coffee, Irish whiskey, brown sugar and is topped with whipped cream.

7. Saudi Arabia – Qahwa

Source- Archanas kitchen

Saudi Arabia is the spice house of the world, and it is reflected in its coffee as well. Qahwa is made with a variety of spices like ginger, cloves, cardamom, saffron, etc., which adds to its bitter flavour. It is often served with dried dates on the side for those who can’t handle the bitterness of the coffee.

8. Hong Kong – Yuanyang

Source- Travel Gluttons

Ever been confused between tea and coffee as your energizer? But why choose one when you can have both in one drink. Yuanyang is made by mixing equal parts milk tea and coffee. The coffee gains its name from pairs of mandarin ducks which look different but make for a good combination.

Similarly, tea and coffee are very different and also has people around the world divided on their favourites. But when these two flavours come together, the concoction is a super energizer!

9. Cuba – Café Cubano

Source- Britannica

Café Cubano is a sweet coffee and is preferred for those who cant handle bitter coffee. The sugar is whipped in the cup, and the coffee is then poured on, which makes the sugar look like milk foam.

10. Spain – Café Bombon

Source- Taste Atlas

Café Bombon is an easy coffee to make. It is made by mixing espresso with sweetened condensed milk. It is sweet in taste and has a thick consistency.

11. Vietnam – Ca Phe Trung(Egg Coffee)

Source- Vietnam drive

The famous egg coffee of Vietnam was invented during a crisis. In 1946, Vietnam was facing a milk shortage due to war. But the country was already in love with coffee and had to find a solution to the problem. Nguyen Van Giang was the person who first had the idea of whisking egg white into a foam to replicate the milk foam. And Voila! It was a success.

12. Mexico – Café De Olla

Source- Coffee affection

Café de Olla literally translates to “Pot Coffee” because it is generally brewed in a clay pot. The coffee is brewed with a cinnamon stick added to it and uses unrefined cane sugar called Piloncillo instead of regular sugar. It is also served in a clay cup.  

13. Turkey – Turk Kahvesi

Source- Lezzet

We throw away the coffee grounds after we brew the coffee, but that is not what is done with Turk Kahvesi. Coffee in Turkey is brewed in a copper or brass pot and is not filtered. The coffee is served with grounds settled at the bottom of the cup.

14. Finland – Kaffeost

Source- Twitter

Kaffeost literally translates to “Coffee Cheese.” Small cubes of cheese curds called ‘Juustoleipä’ are placed inside the cup over which coffee is poured. The cubes absorb the coffee flavors. A wooden cup is used for serving this unique coffee.

15. Greece – Frappe

Source- Craft Coffee Guru

Frappe is another popular coffee that is loved around the world. It requires a simple making process. To make this coffee, you don’t fancy coffee grounds or any machine. All you need is instant coffee, sugar, and milk or water according to your preference. Shake the coffee in a shaker mug, and you will have a foamy layer on top that adds to the flavour and experience.

So, which one are you planning to try the next time you visit these countries? Let me know in the comments!

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