15 Vitamin E Benefits For Your Skin And Hair

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Vitamin E is a pretty popular ingredient in most skin and hair products. This group of fat-soluble vitamins is known best for its antioxidant properties and is hailed as a natural healer.

But before you run to your nearest store to buy every product with Vitamin E in its ingredients list, let us establish that it is better to use this vitamin by itself than the products it is a part of. But what is this versatile vitamin capable of? Here’s what.

15 Vitamin E Benefits For Your Skin And Hair

1. Natural Moisturizer

Source- Allure

Hydration and moisturization are some of the strong points of this vitamin. With regular application, it ensures that your skin remains soft and supple. It acts as an oil-soluble nutrient and is heavier than other products, which are water-soluble.

It works as a moisturizer for skin, hair, lips, anywhere that is prone to dryness.

2. Acne and Acne Scar Treatment

Source- Style Craze

Acne-prone skin and acne scars are nothing to be ashamed of. But if you are set on improving the quality and look of your skin, Vitamin E is your best bet. It has antioxidant properties, which accelerates the healing, reducing acne and pimples and lightening the scars. For best results, apply it to your skin directly every day for a month.

3. Stretch Marks Removal 

Source- 100 Percent Pure

Stretch marks are a natural part of growth. And if you wish to reduce their appearance, chances are you have tried all kinds of oils and did not get the desired results. Fortunately, this antioxidant-rich oil does not get rid of acne scars alone.

Simply combine Vitamin E oil with lemon juice and lightly massage in circular motion. 

4. Soothes Sunburns

Source- Hints of Life

If you ever stepped out of the house and suddenly realized that you did not even touch the bottle of SPF on your dresser, then this tip is for you. Vitamin E is highly effective against sun damage and makes your skin heal faster. You can apply this oil directly to your skin or combine it with yoghurt for better results.

5. Reduces Dark Spots

Source- Coveteur

Dark spots and pigmentation can be stubborn and a hassle to get rid of. Vitamin E is your best bet for removing them. You can buy face packs that are rich in Vitamin E from your nearest cosmetic store or make your own face pack by combining Vitamin E oil with sandalwood powder or aloe vera.

6. Reverses Premature Ageing 

Source- Mu Health

Any signs of premature ageing can be taken care of by adding Vitamin E to your daily skin and hair care regimen. Vitamin E stimulates the production of collagen, which reverses any signs of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, or dullness. It can also prevent the appearance of grey hairs by repairing damaged follicles.  

7. Natural Cleanser

Source- Real Simple

Since Vitamin E is a heavy emollient, it is a highly effective natural cleanser for surface impurities without stripping away the oils. So if you have dry skin and are hesitant to use store-bought face wash or cleansers, use Vitamin E oil and a clean cotton pad to cleanse your face instead.

8. Treats Dry Fingernails

Source- Medical News Today

Is your manicure starting to wear off and does not look good anymore? Are your cuticles dry and flaky, and your fingernails cracked and brittle? This can be a result of too much nail polish or too little care, or both. Using Vitamin E oil on your fingernails and cuticles can revive them and keep them hydrated and free of damage.

9. Soothes Cold Sores

Source- Beauty by Earth

The dry and cold weather can be harsh on your skin, especially the lips, which have three times thinner skin than the face. Too much dryness can lead to painful sores and blisters. But fear not! Simply apply the contents of a Vitamin E capsule onto the affected areas. Not only will it provide immediate relief, but it also prevents further eruptions.

10. Healthy Hair

Source- Femina

Regular consumption of Vitamin E is proven to aid in increasing blood circulation to the scalp. Increased blood circulation ensures healthy hair follicles, which in turn results in fabulous and healthy hair without the use of chemicals or expensive hair products.

11. Balanced Oil Production

Source- Nykaa

The scalp is more intuitive than you think. The oil glands secrete oil when the scalp is dry. But sometimes, the scalp needs some extra nourishment to stay on top of its game. Too much dryness in your scalp can throw off the oil secretion and result in too much oil, which in turn forces you to use more shampoo that causes dryness. This loop can be broken by simply consuming and/or applying Vitamin E. 

12. Increased Volume

Source- Vedix

Thin hair, visible bald spots, and an uneven hairline is a nightmare that comes true for everyone at some point. Be it due to stress, genetics, or simply aging, Vitamin E is your best bet to keep this nightmare from coming true. 

13. Shiny And Smooth Hair

Source- Loren’s World

Dry, frizzy hair can be a pain to get rid of. Applying oil to your hair only works for so long before it either wears off or just looks unappealing. Fortunately, there are tons of hair products in the market that are packed with Vitamin E. Regularly using a Vitamin E hair mask can make your hair smooth and silky in a matter of weeks.

14. Mends Split Ends

Source- Luxy Hair

Do you dream of having long, thick, luscious hair, only to end up chopping them off at the end? Don’t let split ends get in the way of your dreams! Take equal parts coconut oil, olive oil, and Vitamin E oil and massage this concoction throughout your scalp and into the frayed ends of your hair. This seals up the split ends and nourishes the hair and scalp to prevent further damage.

15. Effective Daily Supplement

Source- Times of India

The only better and more effective way of using Vitamin E other than the topical application is consumption. You can add sunflower oil to cook food, along with Vitamin E-rich foods. This includes nuts, avocados, and leafy green vegetables. It is recommended to consume at least 15mg of Vitamin E every day.     

Vitamin E is an extremely underrated yet highly versatile and effective solution to most, if not all, of your beauty and health-related issues. This list is only the tip of the iceberg. Hence it is recommended to make Vitamin E a part of your daily regimen. So if you had not done that before, you have 10 reasons to do it now!

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