Vishnu As Kalki: Reigning Ruler Of Kalyuga

According to Hindu mythology, Vishnu, the sustainer in the trinity of lords, has always manifested on earth when iniquity, injustice, violence, and torture have reigned the world ruthlessly.

What is the purpose of these manifestations?
How many manifestations have taken place?

Who is Kalki?
What is the purpose of the manifestation in Kalyuga?

Who will be the demon for which the Kalki has to appear?
Are the Kali and Kalki Puran illustrations real?

We will reveal the answer to all your doubts here.

Who Is Kali?

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Kali is the reigning ruler of Kalyuga, who lives in the places of gambling, liquor, gold, slaughter, prostitution, greed, and violence.

He lives on earth and hell.
He ensures the establishment of sin and inhumanity among people.

He brings hate, ego, rivalry, inhumanity, troubles, misfortune, greed, and disbelief in people’s hearts.

According to Hindu mythology, when Kalyuga would be at its 4th vicious, most dreadful stage when Kali would be exploiting the earth devastatingly, he would appear to save the innocent and pure-hearted people.

How Did Kali Emerge?

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It is believed that during the Samudra Manthan mentioned in Vishnu Puran, the venom that emerged from the ocean was consumed by Lord Shiva to protect innocent humans.

However, it is believed that a little amount of venom left and led to the emergence of Kali.

He was a Gandharva in Satyuga, and as soon as the Krishna at the end of Davaparyuga went back to heaven, he returned to the earth and started to rule his yuga, the Kalyuga.

Who is Kalki?

Vishnu as kalki
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According to Hindu mythology, there are four yugas named according to the depression of truth, justice, respect, and generosity; Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dvaparyuga, and Kalyuga.

So this era is the 4th one, the dark yuga. Until now, nine manifestations of Lord Vishnu has taken place.

According to Kalki Purana, the 10th and final appearance of Vishnu on earth will take place at the end of kali yuga and the beginning of the Satyuga.

Whenever the truth, justice, prestige of women, and generosity have been sacrificed, the Vishnu has manifested on earth in various forms and killed the demons behind it.

He had removed all the sins and sinful people.

It is predicted that when the Kalyuga would be at its extreme level of sin and all the morality would vanish, then the 10th manifestation of Vishnu would occur to kill the demon behind it.

The prophecy of Kalki Purana

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The prophecy states that the merciful tenth manifestation of Vishnu would occur in a village named Sambhalgram through a highly sacred Brahman couple named Vishnayasha and Sumti.

He will have three elder brothers, namely Sumant, Pragya, and Kavi; Yagyavalkya as purohita, along with the divine Parshuram as the guru.

He will have two wives, namely, the Padma, the goddess Lakshmi and Rama, the goddess Vaishnavi, and four children named Jay, Vijay, Meghmal, and Blahak.

When the Kali exploits the people most, Kalyuga would be at its maximum limit of sins, then the Lord who manifested on the earth on the requests of all deities, Lord Brahma, and Lord Shiva; would ride on a horse named Devdatt and with the help of Satya of Satyuga kill the demon Kali.

Thus a new era of humanity, truth, virtues, justice, generosity, law and order, and spirituality would begin named Satyuga.

Kalki’s Lesson To All

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It concludes that how much power is iniquity, the one who wins at the end is truth and Dharma.

Every manifestation of Vishnu has proved it, and the final Avatar would also prove it.

Every one of us possesses both Kalki and Kali inside us, and it is only we who can decide which you have to let win. So, never lose hope, truth, Dharma, justice, generosity, and humanity of yourself.

Just believe in the divine power of God and go ahead, spreading positivity and love everywhere.

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