8 Veggies You Can Regrow at Home

Charity surely begins at home, so does going green! Using a cloth bag, saying no to plastic cups and spoons, replacing plastic straws, managing waste, saving water, and a lot of to-dos come under this category. Who would have thought of utilizing scrap to regrow vegetables! But here is the catch – you don’t require a garden. All you need is a WINDOWSILL. Amazing, right? Wouldn’t it be an exciting activity to do? And rewarding too. So, hold on to that kitchen waste, because you are going to start growing your own food very soon.

Most of the veggies we purchase from the market can easily regrow in soil or water. Let’s have a look at some of the simplest and easiest ways through which you can adorn them on your windowsill.

8 Veggies You Can Regrow at Home

1. Carrot

Regrow carrot tops

As it comes under the category of root vegetables, it can be easily regrown indoors. Cut the carrot top and put in water. Wait for the leaves to grow. They taste a lot like parsley and can be used for preparing some exotic dishes. You can replant it in your kitchen garden to get full-grown carrots!

2. Beetroot

Beet greens are comparably as rich as spinach in terms of iron. Many Dieticians recommend including them in your daily diet.  Cut the top of the beetroot and place it in a shallow tray of water (preferably something broken and reusable). Enjoy the beet greens as toppings on your favorite salads.

3. Scallions (Spring Onions)

They are one of the most satisfactory vegetables to regrow. This one, in particular, requires less maintenance. While cutting them, leave about 2 inches of stem above the root and place them in an old pot filled with water. In less than a month, you can expect to have fresh new greens to chop off and enjoy!

Regrowing plants | 9 plants that yo...
Regrowing plants | 9 plants that you can regrow from kitchen scraps
4. Onions

onion bulbs regrowing in cups of water

Watching an onion bulb regrow can be fun. To get started with, cut a thick portion off the end of the bulb and place it in soil or shallow water. Make sure the top is above the surface of the water. In due time, you will have onion greens and seeds that you can sow in your kitchen garden!

5. Rosemary

As aromatic and evergreen this shrub is, it is a bit tricky to regrow. Rosemary cuttings are propagated very carefully. A deep container with shallow water will be required. The rosemary has to be dipped by a few centimeters, keeping the rest away from the water. The stems will take roots in some time, given the environment is warm and healthy. Afterward, they have to be shifted to soil pots so that they can grow leaves and stems.

6. Garlic

Did you know that a single clove of garlic can potentially turn into a whole new garlic head? Plant the garlic cloves close to each other in soil pots to get garlic and delicious-looking greens. Just a few simple steps!

7. Basil

Rosemary Herb in pots

This tender plant is used in a lot of culinary dishes worldwide. With the added benefits of using them, it deserves a place on your windowsill!  After you are done plucking the leaves, leave two of them at the top along with the stem and place it in a vase with water. When the roots grow, plant them in the soil to get fresh basil plants!

Basil's top two leaves and stem replanted

8. Patatoes

Regrow potatoes in soil pots

Potatoes fit everywhere, be it Indian bread, curries, burger patties, or even French fries! Time to cut back trips to the grocery store as this essential root vegetable can be easily re-grown in these simple steps: One single potato is capable of multiplying into a lot of potatoes. Trim the tiny sprouts coming out of the eyes of the potatoes and plant them in medium-sized pots with nutrient-rich soil. Enjoy your favorite regrown vegetable for a month! You can repeat the same with sweet potatoes and artichokes.

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