100 Useful Tips for SkinCare


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100 Useful Tips for Skin Care

Skincare is really important for everyone. You need to have a great amount of knowledge to protect your skin from various kinds of dirt that may cause acne breakouts on the skin. So here are some skin care tips that is going to help your skin look really good for a long period of time-

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100 Useful Tips for SkinCare

1. Protect yourself from the sun

Sun heat can cause severe damage to your skin when left in the open without applying any kind of lotion to protect from it. Sun exposure can make your skin tanned and cause wrinkles, age spots, and many other skin problems. If your skin is left in the sunlight for too long, you may even get skin cancer. Hence, apply sunscreen to your skin while going out. Try avoiding the sun’s rays when they are the strongest or protect yourself by wearing clothing to protect your skin.

2. Treat your skin gently

Daily shaving your skin may make it rough. Avoid using general soaps on your face for washing. Use a good face wash to cleanse your face. Limit your bath time as hot waters or long baths can remove oils from your skin making it look dry. Use warm water rather than hot water. Do not exfoliate your skin every day. Exfoliate your skin twice a week. Do not rub your skin with a harsh brush; rather use soft loofas to clean it. Pat dry after bathing, don’t just rub all over your body harshly with the towel. Shave carefully without causing any cuts to the skin.

3. Moisturize your skin

Keep moisturizing your skin whenever you feel it’s going rough and especially after shaving your skin and bathing, quickly use the after-shave cream to soothe it. Moisturizers can make your skin look soft and young. If you have a dry skin type, apply it twice or thrice a day to make your skin go soft. During winter, skin gets dry way too often so apply a good moisturizer that contains SPF. Moisturizing reduces skin problems- it can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness.

4. Eat a healthy diet    

A good healthy diet can cause your skin glow and make your skin look way beautiful and young. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding too much oily foods can make the skin look very healthy. It can reduce your acne problems if you are having any. While staying on a healthy diet, also stay hydrated as water helps your skin look young and in no time you will see the changes in your skin. So, to have a healthy and glowing skin, you need to consume a wide variety of nutritious food.

5. Get your Vitamin C

We need Vitamin C for proper immune system, radiant skin and help blemishes on the skin. Vitamin C helps the body to supply blood that nourishes our skin. The best sources that provide Vitamin C are black currants, blueberries, broccoli, guava, kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya, strawberries and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C helps skin to hydrate and brightens it. It helps to reduce redness and even out your skin tone. It even reduces the dark circles under your eyes. You can even use face wash in which Vitamin C is present as it can help your skin to protect from sun and lightens the dark spots.

6. Do not smoke

 Smoking can cause skin to look aged and it may even cause skin cancer. Nicotine present in the cigarette causes blood vessels to narrow, reducing oxygen flow and nutrients to skin cells. It damages the skin tissues making your skin look wrinkly. It causes the lines around the mouth and eyes. Smoking even makes your lips go darker in color. Thus, quitting smoking can improve your appearance as blood flow gets better; your skin receives more oxygen and nutrients.

7. Manage stress

Taking too much stress can be the cause of dark circles under your eyes which can make your face look really old. When you take stress, you do not take proper sleep so it is recommended not to take too much stress as it can be harmful to your health as well as your skin. Uncontrolled stress can break out acne too. Take healthy steps to manage your stress level that is do exercise daily, meditation and yoga also helps a lot during stress times. Get enough sleep and manage your proper sleep schedule and try to stay as happy as you can.

8. Wash your face at least once or twice a day

 Washing your face daily once or twice can help your skin get rid of all the possible dirt and may help you to keep your skin acne and dark spots free. According to the dermatologist, daily face washing prevents you from developing a mile yeast infection on your skin. Do not wash your skin too much as too much washing can cause more acne to your face. Avoid using hot water when washing your face, instead use warm water to rinse it and pat dry gently after washing. Always remove your makeup before sleeping as leaving your makeup without washing can close your skin pores.

9. Use a gentle facial cleanser meant for your skin type

Different skin types have different cleansing face wash. Try to identify your skin type before using any facial product. If you have dry skin type, use a moisturizer cleanser, oily skin then an oil-free cleanser and for acne use a deep cleanser. While choosing a cleanser, avoid heavily perfumed or colored as it may irritate your skin. To identify your skin type, wash your face then pat it dry. After 30 minutes if your skin appears shiny, you likely have an oily skin and if it feels tight and scaly, you likely have a dry skin.

10. Choose foundation for your skin type

Foundation can make your skin look worse after you take it off. It’s the way you put on makeup than make a difference. Use foundations according to your skin type. Also, try using a face primer before applying foundation. Primers help the skin appear smooth. If you have an oily skin type, use oil-free, mineral-based makeup. If you are having a dry skin, avoid using powder foundation as it can make your skin look flaky. Try using liquid-based or cream-based foundation for such skin type.

11. Try not to touch your face too often

Dirt and bacteria can get into your skin if you touch your face too much especially when your hands are not washed properly. If you are having acne, it might breakout even more. The act of touching can also clog your pores. What’s even worse than touching your face? Popping your pimples. If you pop your pimples every time it appears, you are likely to have even more pimples on your skin. So avoid popping them. Touch your face only when your hands are properly washed.

12. Apply face scrub

 Face scrub helps to exfoliate dead skin cells. It improves the overall texture preventing it from breakouts. It also fades away marks present on your skin and helps with ingrown hairs. Face scrubbing even allows better absorption of other skincare products making your skin look young. You can exfoliate your skin daily if you are using a cellulose-based scrub since the scrub particles in it are gentle. If you are using a walnut/apricot-based scrub, then use just once a week. Facial scrub removes the dead skin cells of your face.

13. Use a facial toner 

Toners help re-balance your skin’s pH and tighten pores. It removes any last trace of dirt and impurities stuck in your pores after you wash your face. When added to daily skincare routine and used regularly, it can have major impact on your skin in a positive way making your skin look young and glowy. Use a toner in the morning and in the evening after cleansing. Apply in the morning to help remove oils that might have built up on the face overnight. In the evening, the toner will help to remove any left makeup and impurities.

14. Apply face mask

Apply face mask after exfoliating your face. It helps the skin in hydrating and moisturizing it. It removes extra oils present in the skin present and thus improving your skin cells pulling out all the impurities and helping any signs of aging. Face masks are one of the trendiest ways to take care of your skin. If used correctly, it can improve the look of your skin in a really good way. It even prevents acne or pimples from breaking out on your skin. Apply a banana face mask for oily skin and a Greek yogurt mask for dry skin.

15. Clean your makeup brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes after applying makeup is very important. Don’t ever use the dirty brush again for next time makeup. Dirty brushes can spread bacteria to your face and this may lead to breaking of acne and pimples. It can even clog your pores and make your skin look dull. So clean your brush with proper soap and water after using it. Clean bristles can assure a smooth looking makeup. For brushes used frequently with liquid foundation and concealer, brushes should be cleaned once a week.

16. Avoid dairy, carbs and sugar

Such foods may lead to acne, sagging and premature ageing. Milk in particular can be connected to acne. You can have a totally healthy diet without dairy. Refined grains and sugars spike your insulin levels creating breaking of acne. Avoid alcohol if you want your skin to look healthy as consumption of too much alcohol can make your face look dull and wrinkly. Eliminating dairy from your diet can improve your skin texture.

17. Daily exercise

 Exercise increases the blood flow making your skin look young and healthy. When you look good, you feel good as feeling good can make your skin glow. Exercise reduces the stress helping you to look and feel happy. Try going to the gym whenever you are free and burn some good amount of calories from your body. You can even join yoga or dance class as that may help too. Daily walk or jogging if you do not have time to join gym or any class can be beneficial too.

18. Use facial massage

Facial massage helps the skin to look smooth and clean. Its benefits are anti-aging and wrinkle free, acne free, makes skin glow and manages scar tissues. Massage helps you to relieve tension and makes you stress free too. Skin care expert advices to do facial massage at home 2-3 times a week. Gentle massaging every day for 5-10 minutes does no harm to your skin. It helps in promoting blood circulation and fading fine lines over time. It slows down the aging process.

19. Use serum and toner to apply

Toner balances the skin’s pH, while serums help support specific skin concerns such as dry patches or fine lines. Toner helps the skin to exfoliate and reduces tan on your skin. While using a toner and a serum individually on their own will give you good results, we recommend using them together. One must use toner on a daily basis. It should be applied twice a day that is once in the morning and second during night time.

20. Apply face oils

 Applying face oils can minimize wrinkles if there is any and it makes your skin look soft evening out your complexions. It brightens your skin and leaves your skin look fresh and glow. It cleans your face from all the dark spots and thus moisturizing it. It can also help to lift oily residues left due to makeup. If acne breaks out on your face, using face oils can has anti-inflammatory properties that can remove it from your face. Some oils that are good for your skin are coconut oil, argan oil, rosehip seed oil, marula oil and jojoba oil.

21. Treat your lips

It is very important to treat your lips properly as lips tend to get dry very soon. Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on it time to time to keep your lips stay moisturized and healthy. The cracks tend to appear on lips when not treated properly.

22. Check your skin regularly

Keep on checking your skin regularly, whether or not any side effects are happening on it after using any new chemical product. Go to your dermatologist time to time and ask him how to treat your skin in a better way without using too much of the chemical products that tend to increase acne and make the skin look dull.

23. Drink water, and lots of it

Keep on being hydrated throughout the day. There are many positive results on skin if you stay hydrated. It has many benefits such as it makes your skin look really glow and your skin does not feel dry at all. There are no pimples and acne breakouts in your skin too.

24. Don’t forget your neck

People tend to only apply creams and stuff on the face meanwhile their neck does not get any proper treatment because of which it tends to look tanned a lot. Do not forget to apply on your neck as well whatever you apply on your face. The color of the neck and the face should always match.

25) Avoid hot water

Kindly avoid showering in the hot water as it tends to damage the cells that are located on the outer layer of the skin. It makes the skin look really dry and prevents the skin from staying moisturized. Your skin conditions may also look worse.

26. Use retinol at night

Use retinol only at night as during night it actually works way better. Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight if you put it on during the daytime. Instead, use a sunscreen on your body that is of SPF 30 or more than that during the daylight.

27. Clean your pillowcase

Keep your pillowcase clean and dry always as your face tends to rest on it so if your pillowcase is actually dirty, the dirt of it can pass to your skin making your skin to cause acne breakouts which are really hard to get rid of. Silk pillow sheets are healthy for your skin as it prevents it from wrinkle appearance.

28. Try back sleeping

Sleeping on your back has its many benefits. If you are having pain in the back, sleeping on your back can be really good for you and your face also stays away from your pillowcase in case they are a bit dirty. It reduces tension headaches and helps the skin to avoid creases, wrinkles and irritated facial skin.

29. Actually sleep

Taking proper amount of sleep is also very important for a healthy skin. Lack of sleep can make the skin appear really dull and gloomy whereas when you take proper sleep, you would feel fresh and your skin starts to glow in a healthy way. It prevents the skin from getting huge dark circles even.

30. Keep your space clean

Keeping your space clean is also necessary as anything dirty and if the skin comes in contact with it, it may make the skin looks worse. Keep your sheets clean in which you are about to sleep otherwise the rashes might start to appear on your whole body which would make you feel quite irritated.

31. Add humidity

Especially in the Indian summer, adding humidity to your skin care routine is the most important thing which you can do for yourself. Use light layers of cream, do not put excessive amount of it. Do not ever skin sunscreen if you want your skin to look ravishing.

32. Stay armed

Keep every important skin care routine always with yourself whenever you go out. It is important to do touchup to your face every few hours or so. Keep the important items such as sunscreen, lotion, moisturizer, lip balm, etc.

33. Add extra protection

Adding extra protection to your skin means to simply protect yourself pollutants and dust particles with a moisturizer. Moisturizer helps the skin to stay hydrated and protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Cover your body and face with a cloth whenever you go out.

34. Wash your mask

Keep your mask clean always if you are using it on a regular basis. Dirty masks can cause acne breakouts very soon on the face which would be really hard to get rid of. Dispose of the mask if it has gotten too old, you can wear a new one in replace of that.

35. Mole check

There should be a mole check if you see any kind of changes. Generally moles are not supposed to be harmful but any changes in it should be checked properly by the dermatologist for skin cancer. Moles should never hurt, itch or bleed.

36. Target stretch marks

There are many good stretch mark creams which will help to make them vanish quickly. Controlling your weight can be an appropriate thing to do. Stay hydrated and eat good nutrient foods. Good food diet will help you to remain healthy and beautiful.

37. Try a lighter gel if you have oily skin

Lighter gels tend to get absorbed by the skin quickly if you have an oily skin. In gel moisturizer, absence of oil in them is quite compatible with an oily skin. They do not add extra oil to the skin making it look young and pretty.

38. Niacinamide serums can help you to reduce oil

Niacinamide serums are such type of a skin care ingredient that helps your skin care routine to work better and efficiently. It has its greater benefits especially with sensitive skin. It is a face serum which helps in clear skin containing Vitamin B3.

39. Reduce caffeine and salt

More caffeine and salt intake can increase hypertension in a person. It increases the blood pressure and heart rate. Instead of using too much salt, you can replace it with drinking more water and eating potassium-rich foods. Make sure you check your food items properly before eating it.

40. Hydrate with a face mask once per week

Face masks are really beneficial for your skin to stay hydrated. Charcoal and clay masks make the skin look really soft and young. If you are having sensitive skin, you should take extra care in using skin care products. Dry skinned people should use masks meant to hydrate skin.

41. Opt for gentle products

Always opt for gentle products which suits according to your skin type and does not try to cause any type of acne breakouts. The products should not be harsh to your skin causing redness or pimples soon as you use it. Try using natural remedies most of the time.

42. Don’t get carried away with new skin products

Do not be quick to change your skin care products way too often. Check clearly if you have bought a new product which you have never tried and has heard of it only. Stick to your old skin care routine if it has shown great results to you.

43. Use an SPF 30 or higher if you have darker skin

Sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher should be used on darker skin to remove the tanning and protecting the skin from the sunlight. SPF 30 or higher tends to make the skin look really glow if you start using it regularly and will prevent your skin from the harmful UV rays.

44. Tackle hyper pigmentation

Skin showing sun damages in the form of big brown patches and dark spots should be treated as soon as possible. Evening the skin tone is so beneficial. Skin can be influenced both by genetic as well as environmental factors. It can be many signs so use good skin care treatments to reduce hyper pigmentation.

45. Keep your razor sharp and clean

Keep your razor sharp and clean for a better shave always without getting any kind of bumps or cuts. Dirty razors can spread various kinds of germs causing the skin to look really bad. Before and after shave, always rinse with hot water to prevent the residue on the blade.

46. Try shaving in the direction of hair growth

Shave in the direction of hair growth to prevent the skin from getting any kind of cut or hair left. Do not ever shave against the grain. It will cause bumps on your skin. Skin irritation can also happen if you shave towards the opposite direction.

47. Take your time to adjust with new products

First of all, you should always get a skin patch test before using regularly any new skin product. Take proper time to adjust with it rather than trusting it blindly. Start slow at first making your skin to adjust with the product.

48. Switch it up

If any product is not showing results according to your expectations, you can switch it up. Plant-based skincare has always been way better to the skin. It helps the skin to repair the dull and dry skin and makes the skin to look healthy and beautiful.

49. Prevent mouth wrinkles

First of all, stop taking cigarettes. They are really bad for your health as well as for your skin. You skin starts to look really dull if you continue to take it. The mouth wrinkles that form is the cause of taking it regularly. Some home remedies will help in the treatment.

50. Eat your water

Drinking plenty of water is never enough, you have to eat your water as well. Eating your water basically means to eat such items which has good amount of water present in it in order for a human to stay hydrated. Try eating more and more water-rich fruits.

51. Use coconut oil to reduce dryness on hands and body

Coconut oil acts as the best moisturizer for our skin to reduce the dryness immediately and making the skin look soft and hydrated. Add coconut oil to your palms and rub together to warm it up. Then, spread a thin layer of oil to your skin and keep rubbing slowly in a circular motion.

52. Layer products from thinnest to thickest

The reason for layering the products from thinnest to thickest is basically about the order of the products from high water content to those with higher oil content. Oil and water does not max properly so it is recommended to layer the thinnest one first.

53. Stimulate blood flow

Stimulating blood flow throughout the whole body is quite necessary. Good blood flow circulation makes the skin look young and healthy. Increase the cardiovascular exercises. If you smoke, try to quit it. Drink black or green tea, not the regular one.

54. Maximize your sheet mask’s fit

Maximize your sheet mask’s fit to gain more benefits of its usage. You have to utilize it to the greater extent. Use your sheet mask at the optimal time in your skin care routine. The best time to apply it after your regular toner and serum steps, not before it.

55. Implement more greens

Try to implement more greens into your diet. It tends to help in making the skin look fresh and glow. Make it in the form of shake or juice if you do not like eating it. Stuff them into sandwich; it is a delicious food so you will enjoy eating veggies in it as well due to its taste.

56. Try micro-needling

Micro- needling treatment is one of the best ways to make vast improvement on the appearance of acne scars. It is a cosmetic procedure that uses a device with thin, sharp needle tips to make punctures on the skin. Once the needles touches the skin, it heals the skin.

57. Wash your body with care

Always wash your body with care. Have a quick rinse at first before putting on soap everywhere. Use a loofah or just your hands to apply bar soap or body wash to your body. Rub your body gently with care if you are using loofah to get away the dirt on the skin.

58. Find the right spot treatments

There are various ways to treat acne these days. One of the best ways is to buy an over the counter spot treatment to target the removal of acne to prevent from future breakouts. Specific ingredients should be present if you are opting for any treatment.

59. Increase the circulation in your skin

Increase the circulation in your skin. Get your iron levels checked regularly and drink lots and lots of amount of water. Dry brush your skin to exfoliate the dead skin cells of it and try massaging your face time to time. This will keep on the blood flow on the skin.

60. Start getting facials

It is a suggestion that the time to start taking care of the skin with facials is around 14 as it is the time a girl would see changes in her skin more than required. Blackheads, bumps and acne suddenly start to appear which gets hard to rid of.

61. Take chamomile and rosemary baths

Rosemary chamomile baths is a good detox which is very healthy for your skin. Fill the tub with hot water and add chamomile detox bath salts then soak in it for 20-30 minutes. Try enjoying the bath by putting in some good music and scented candles.

62. To save time, don’t try mixing a serum into your moisturizer

In order to save the time, do not try to mix a serum in your moisturizer. It will not do the work properly. Use both of it separately to get maximum benefits. It is best to apply serum first, let it dry for a few seconds then apply the thin layer of moisturizer on top.

63. Not all serums are applied with same frequency

Every type of serum is applied with different frequency. Serum is a good form cleanser or moisturizer. It is good to nourish and protect your skin. Best way to use it is to apply under heavy products like moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup.

64. Use eye cream for under eye bags

Treat your under eye bags as the puffiness might increase sometimes due to lack of sleep or less hydration. Ice has shown the best results to cure puffiness under eyes. You can also use a good eye cream for the treatment of under eye bags.

65. Use makeup products designed to protect your skin

Do not ever use such makeup products that are only going to ruin your skin more after its usage. Use such makeup products which are only designed to protect the layers of your skin. Always check the chemical parts in it carefully as such products tend to make skin look worse.

66. If you have to pick between affordability and quality, go for quality

Always go for the quality of the product if you really want your skin to be bright and young. If you cannot afford, you can choose many natural treatments as well but there are some products you have to pay for. Skin care treatments are never cheap and the quality products can always go beyond the budget.

67. Keep your hair clean and away from your face

Always keep your hair clean and away from your face as dirty hair might cause the acne to breakout. Gathering your hair together in a simple hairstyle will prevent the hair from becoming frizzy or damaged, especially if you have a long hair.

68. If you want flawless skin, wash your face after going outside

To make your skin look flawless always, wash your face immediately after coming from outside. If you will not do so, several dirt and pollutants might stick to the skin causing acne breakouts. After coming from the outside, wash your face with a good face wash.

69. Avoid drying your face with a towel

Try avoiding your face with a towel as the towel might contain several dirty elements which might cause the damage to the skin. Rather let your face dry by itself in the air present. Keep your towel clean if you still want to pat your face dry with it.

70. All those makeup products lying around gathering dust, remove them

Such makeup products that have been lying around the dust quickly remove as well as replace them with better products. Do not use the product which has been opened for more than 6 months. Makeup products tend to expire sooner than you might think.

71. Less makeup is always best

Always try to go for the less makeup look with not too much of makeup items on your face. When you put too much of makeup on your face, there can be many side effects of it such as acne and pimple breakouts. You can also go for the no makeup, makeup look sometimes.

72. Keep wet wipes and hand sanitizers with you always

Your hands should remain clean always so always keep wet wipes and hand sanitizer with you whenever you go out. When dirty hands would come in contact with the face, the face tends to start looking really dull causing pimples hard to get rid of.

73. Beauty and skin care treatments are most effective when left overnight

It is seen that beauty and skin care treatments are very much effective when left overnight rather than usage of it during the daytime. During nighttime, the skin tends to absorb the treatment in the most effective manner thereby showing the best results sooner than the daytime.

74. Stop touching, squeezing or rubbing your acne

You should never touch, squeeze or rub your acne as if you continue to do so, it will spread even more and you will not be able to get rid of it easily. Squeezing can also cause the infection which could cause huge damage to your skin.

75. Once a week scrubbing is enough

Every once a week, you can scrub your face to exfoliate the dead skin cells of it. More than a week can be quite harmful to your skin as it can cause side effects on it such as showing rashes on the skin. The skin may get dry if there is too much of scrubbing.

76. Research before buying skincare products

Research thoroughly before buying any type of skincare products. You should have the knowledge of its usage and cause or results by it. Check whether it does have any type of side effect on the sensitive skin. If it has then kindly do not use it or first get a skin patch test.

77. Keep an eye on your hairline and wash it when necessary

Always keep an eye on your hairline whether it is clean enough so that your hair remains healthy. Wash it whenever you see it starting to get dirty. Washing the hair less often helps the scalp to remain healthy and prevents it from itching.

78. Check with your doctor if your acne gets worse during your periods

It is quite normal for a woman to get acne breakouts during her periods. But there is a huge problem if your acne gets worse during this time. You should immediately seek doctor’s help and check with them on it. A normal amount of acne is fine but it should not start to get worse.

79. If you really need to use towel to dry your face, keep them clean

If there is an emergency and you have to use towel to dry your face, always wash them regularly with good detergent that would clean all the possible dirt in it. Always pat dry your face instead of scrubbing it with the towel. Rashes might appear on your skin if you rub it too hard.

80. Apply moisturizer after exfoliating your face

Always apply a moisturizer after exfoliating your face. Even if the skin gets dry after exfoliation, moisturizer will heal the skin making it hydrated. Use a super-hydrating facial moisturizer so that your face does not look dry after its usage.

81. Don’t wear makeup on the beach

Do yourself a favor and do not wear any kind of makeup on the beach. Your face will start to look really dull and unhealthy. It will tan even more. Only put the sunscreen on your skin as the sunlight is too much on beach areas.

82. Either clean or throw away your neglected makeup sponges

Try to clean makeup sponges after every usage. If the sponge has been used way too much times than needed then simply throw it away as the dirt present in the sponge can spread some kind of infection to the skin causing acne breakouts.

83. Replace your makeup products after six months

After every six months, replace your makeup products even if it still looks usable.  Almost every makeup product tend to expire after 6 months thereby not showing the best results on the skin and might even cause certain side effects.

84. Keep a moisturizer in handy

Always keep a moisturizer in handy just in case your skin starts to feel dry. Moisturizer helps the skin to look softer and younger. After every 2-3 hours, it tends to start losing its results so it is best to reapply it on the skin to get more effective results.

85. Before applying a skin care product, make sure your face is dry

Before applying any kind of a skin care product, always look whether your face is dry or not otherwise the product will not be absorbed properly on the skin. When your skin remains dry with no water present on it, the product tends to show positive results soon.

86. If you don’t want a tan, avoid wearing skin care products in the sun

There are some skin care products perhaps which do not suit to the skin under the sunlight. It makes the skin look tanner and if you do not want your skin to tan much, then I would suggest you to avoid wearing such products in the sun.

87. Keep your smart phone clean and away from your face

Keep your smart phone clean always and definitely away from your face. The dirt present on the skin can be quite harmful to the skin and also the constant radiations coming from the smart phone can be a hazard to the human so if they keep it directly to the face, it may cause harm to the skin.

88. Avoid showering with hard water

Do avoid showering with hard water as it may cause great damage to your skin. Hard water tends to make the rest of your skin feel really dry and itchy. The soap residue clogs the pores on the skin and also the minerals in the hard water sucks all the moisture out of your skin leaving it dry.

89. The more colorful a product is, the worse for your skin

It is said that the more colorful a product is, the worse it is for your skin as many artificial colors are being used all around in the name of skin care these days. Even in the food and beverages, colors are put to make it look more ravishing but indeed the more the color, the unhealthier it is.

90. Avoid wearing hats and other headwear or keep them clean

Avoid wearing any kind of hats or other headwear or if you feel like wearing them, try to keep them real clean so that it does not cause any kind of damage to your hair. Store your hats in such a place with safety that it does not catch any kind of dust on it.

91. When it comes to products, read the instructions and follow them

When it comes to the usage of the products, read the instructions written on it properly and follow the steps in the same sequence written. Do not misinterpret the instructions and try to read thoroughly before even buying the product otherwise your money can go to waste.

92. Always consult with your doctor and dermatologist before taking medications or supplements

Consult properly with your doctor and dermatologist before taking any medications or supplements for your good skin care. Health matters to the body a lot so it is really important for a person to take inside the body whatever is beneficial for their health.

93. Aloe Vera is nature’s best beauty tip for flawless skin

Aloe Vera is known as the best nature’s beauty tip for an extraordinary skin with no acne or any kind of blemishes. It will keep the skin hydrated and away from any kind of unwanted pimples. Apply it daily on your skin to get that young and glow skin.

94. Be gentle with your skin

Be very gentle with your skin as your body is actually your temple which you should honor always. Do not be harsh towards the skin by using some harsh skin care products on it that would definitely cause acne breakouts. Even while cleansing your skin, rub softly.

95. Be very careful with exfoliating products

Exfoliating products if used immediately can have a harsh effect on the skin and may cause some great amount of irritation and redness on the skin. Exfoliate your whole body once or twice a week to have an effective effect on the skin.

96. Honey is another natural product that can help you get beautiful skin

Honey is such natural product that provides great skin care and helps the skin to remove any kind of acne or blemishes. It helps the skin to clear out the tanning and make the skin glow and young. You can apply it on a regular basis.

97. If you are out of honey, give yourself a clay mask

When you are out of honey, although honey has its own greater benefits, you can still use an alternative method which is clay mask. They tend to hydrate the skin in a well manner thereby making it look fresh and remove any kind of uneven tanning also.

98. Avoid rubbing your skin too much

If you rub your skin too much, it may make your skin sting or burn and you might also develop a mild, red rash. Even if your skin feels irritable, do not start rubbing it too hard. Wear loose fitting clothing that may pass the air and does not touch that part of skin.

99. Reduce swelling by applying ice on affected areas

Ice is the best technique for applying on the affected areas. You can reduce your eye swelling which actually happens most often and is very common. Ice on face also tends to regulate a good blood flow on the face making your skin look really fresh.

100. Putting on too much cleanser is bad for your skin

Too much cleanser on the skin is also bad. Over cleansing takes away the necessary oil from the face and it destroys the skin even. It allows the bacteria to enter the skin causing some kind of redness and irritation. Many cleansers can be really harsh on the skin.

Thus, we can conclude that the above tips can help your skin to look really beautiful without causing any kind of difficulty on the skin. However, it is still advised to take on precautions such as going to the dermatologist on a regular basis for more proper guidance.

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