10 Unique Dishes From Northeast India You Must Try

Northeast India is renowned for its evergreen forests, nice atmosphere, snow peaks, and lush varieties, which are sampled by the countless common delicacies of the region. Composed of seven nations, visitors visit the whole area during the year. When it’s the first time, you won’t be frustrated to take advantage of special Northeast packages to further discover. Along with the naturistic sightseeings, dishes from Northeast India will make you swoon with its tasty and aromatic textures.

10 Unique Dishes From Northeast India You Must Try

1. Sanpiau


A popular snack, Sanpiau is made with rice porridge, mixed with coriander paste, crushed black pepper, sauce with fish and finely powdered rice, and is available throughout the streets. Such ingredients are built to render the snack famous on the streets of Mizoram.

2. Jadoh


‘Ja’ stands for rice in Khasi language, and ‘Doh’ means beef. ‘Ja’ stands for poultry. It’s ideally produced with savory meat and pasta. When you’re fried in the fat, (of course pork or chicken), the local people want to eat this dish and can also be referred to as the jadoh snam. But it must be sufficiently adventurous, and if not, the dish cooked with pork fat and minimal oil can still be tasted.

3. Laksa


Rice is also a staple in Assam, as in many other sections of the world. Laksa is a tasty broth of noodles made from rice. The rice noodles are combined with chicken, cream, or fish and combine with chocolate, tamarind, and spices to make a soul-friendly dish. The very flavor of this great food awakens and stimulates the taste buds. In parts of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia a common soup with more south-east Asian tastes is often eaten.

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4. Smoked Pork

Smoked Pork

Smoked Pork is one of the most popular Nagaland dishes. A piece of smoked pork will tingle your taste buds with the juicy parts, not just rendering them crispy, but also transforming them into a curry mingled with different flavors. It does not use several spices, in fact, the only way to complete the dish is with the use of Raja Mirchi.

5. Chakhwi


As unique as its name, Chakhwi is regarded also as the Bamboo Curry Shot, and it is one of two dishes that vegan and non-vegetarian lovers can enjoy owing to its two variants. For veg chakhwi, it includes green papaya, bamboo shoot, and varieties of lentils. For the non-veg part, it is crafted from the pork and the bamboo shoot and is served with coconut, black papaya, and lentil.

6. Vawska Rep

Vawska Rep

A meal made with fresh herbs and finely seasoned grilled pork, Vawska Rep would make you drool at a glance. Every state of the Northeast can cook pork differently, but you can lick your fingers on these Mizo dishes. It is made with chilies, local herbs, and cool leafy greens that bring earthy tastes to the pork.

7. Iromba


It is a balanced mix of vegetables and meat originated from Manipur. With rice, flatbread, or like the main dish you can have it. The meal is a dessert as well. There are two ways to cook the dish – garnished in Mayang Maton or Tokningkok. The ingredients used include chopped vegetables, red chilly fish, and fermented fish, which make it an utter favorite of the culture.

8. Masor Tenga

Masor Tenga

Masor Tenga is a wonderful tangy flavored curry shrimp. The fish is slowly cooked with a tangy broth made from tomatoes, lemons, and Outenga (Elephant apple) and gives a smooth and fascinating taste to the fish when mixed. The sauce is even more lip-sweetened and delicious due to a brush of fresh spices.

9. Khuri


In Sikkim, Khuri belongs to Lepcha, the first to settle in the Himalayan province, and is a good plant caste. Part of what was said about Khuri is that if anyone is in love with spring rolls, then Khuri is always meant to be cherished, and not only because Khuri is made from buckwheat, he always has plenty of nutrients.

10. Kappa


On the streets and alleys of Shillong, visitors enjoy relishing kappa. It is a great snack to keep Meghalaya’s dewy environment dry. The freshness of this soup can be due to the fresh garden spices applied to it, utilizing chicken intestines and certain sections of the inner body.

Book a trip to the lovely north-east of India, however, you’re going to seek some unique delicacies. The platters you will find here are so diverse in flavor, product usage, and in cooking design, that you can be confident that you have everything sampled after a few visits. Street markets are also perfect places to experience local people’s eating behaviors. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and give your taste buds a super unique experience of relish.

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