8 Underrated Food Places in Lucknow

Lucknow, the land of Awadhi cuisine, also known as Nawabo ka Sheher, is a land of dreams for food lovers. Lucknowi food culture has a down-to-earth and loving quality. The taste of the food takes you back to the era of Nawabs. No matter which street you are at, you can always smell the aroma of the food cooked here. From the world-famous ‘Lucknowi kebabs’ to mouth-watering sweet delicacies, the city has a lot more to offer you.

8 Underrated Food Places in Lucknow

1. Tunday Kababi

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When you are talking about lucknowi food, Tunday kababi has to be on your list. The authentic taste of the spices mixed in the kebabs takes you from the modern era to the old time of the Nawabs. The kebabs melt in your mouth, unlike many other kebabs. 

2. Rahim’s Kulcha Nahari

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If you are a non-veg lover, you have to visit Rahim ki nihari at the chowk. Small, tender pieces of gosht, yes that’s the word, cooked overnight and stuffed in freshly baked kulcha paratha, oh! the taste is just fascinating.

3. Prakash ki Kulfi

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What would you expect from a shop running for over 100 years? It does not matter if you are a sweet lover or not: Lucknow never fails to astonish you. Prakash ki kulfi at aminabad stands high at par with the different spicy dishes. The taste is wow! The sweetness balances perfectly with the cold flavour.

4. Jain Chat

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As the name suggests, the place is purely vegetarian in a city known for its meat. This place is the one spot to try the pure, authentic flavour of chat. Chat is something every fast food lover craves. this place is bound to give street food lovers an experience to remember.

5. Raja Thandai

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In this modern time, when teenagers go for beers and vodka, Lucknowites prefer Raja thandai. The soothing and refreshing flavors take you to a different zone of peace. The healthy refreshing drink can stave the Lucknow heat off your body.

6. Malai Makkhan at Chowk

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A beautiful morning at chowk chauraha accompanied with overnight dewed Malai Makhan is a blessing to the tastebuds. The soft and light texture makes it melt in the mouth, and the extra topping of khoya by the vendors makes it irresistible.

7. Idris Biryani

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In a city like Lucknow, where biryanis are so usual, ‘Idris ki Biryani’ has managed to make a special place in the heart of its customers. One cannot compare the flavors of this place to any other restaurant’s biryani.

8. Narayan Veg

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Among all the other non-veg kebabs, this place has made its place with its veg kebabs. The flavours here can make any vegetarian fall in love with kebabs and make any non-veg lover want to become a vegan. The fragrance and the mouthwatering taste, both are creme-de-la-creme.

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