5 Types of Tea and its Benefits

Ninarika Rajendra

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Tea is pretty mainstream. You are either a tea person or a coffee person. There is no in-between. Tea is a favorite beverage for anybody would prefer having.
A cup of tea with snacks is all you can ask for after a long tiring day.
So does your day start with tea? If yes, this article is your good read for the day.
If you are a tea enthusiast should know all the major fun facts that we have listed out for you. Grab a cup of tea and begin right into it.

5 Types of Tea and its Benefits

There are basically 5 types of teas that you should know about. take a look at all these and discover all the various teas that you can add to your day along with the benefit they have.

1. Black Tea

black tea

The name itself suggests its aroma, it is a very strong one indeed.
Black tea has blacken leaves that forms caffeine and tannin.
It has the highest amount of caffeine but very low antioxidants. But it is not short of benefits.
So one could probably have black tea because it is good for health. It lowers bad cholesterol, reduces risk of stroke, risk of cancer, improves heart health, reduces the risk of chronic disease, greatly reduces diastolic and systolic blood pressure and also lowers blood sugar levels. so drink black tea, but mind the taste and enjoy a healthy life.

2. Green Tea

Green tea emerged from China. It has many health benefits that we all are very well aware of because green tea is the most popular member of the tea family. Green tea has the medical capacity of healing wounds, controlling bleeding, improving heart issues and mental health. Plus it helps to regulate the body temperature.

green tea

Green tea also has positive effects and greatly helps in losing weight, curing liver diseases, diabetes and largely beneficial for Alzheimer patients. its benefits seem never-ending!
Green tea has also been known to aid treatment of cancer and is proved positive for them.
That’s why consuming green tea on a daily basis is super good for health.

Green tea has the minimum amount of oxidation, as it is formed by steaming the leaves.
there is a popular question regarding its bitter taste. Green tea tastes that bad because it has the maximum amount of tannin, which is a type of antioxidant that is obviously good for you.

handpicked tea leaves

It also helps to control your cholesterol levels.
Have a cup of green tea, if your food comprises of high cholesterol foods, especially that has more oil.

3. White Tea

As the name suggests, the color of this tea is obviously white, that is because this tea is processed in minimum amount and is not oxidized. It contains natural antioxidants and has no flavor unlike caffeine.

white tea

White tea reverses the signs of skin aging effectively.
It benefits your teeth and prevents them from getting any sort of bacterial infection.
Additionally, white tea serves as a good source of fluoride, catechizes and tannin which are in basic terms called as antioxidants. This combination of molecules helps make your teeth strong and also prevents them from dental cavities.
If you are scared of a dentist, then having a cup of white tea everyday would definitely help to keep the dentist away.

4. Oolong Tea

Hearing the name of the tea for the first time?
as weird as this sounds, there are many benefits that come along with it.
Oolong tea is a type of tea that could either be in dark green color or extremely black.
Darker or black oolong tea has a smoked or buttery taste to it, while the other lighter-colored ones have a smoother taste.
Darker oolongs have more amount of caffeine and fewer antioxidants than green tea.

oolong tea

Oolong tea is made from a plant called camellia sinensis.
This tea is found in Darjeeling and Taiwan after it originally originated n China.
Chinese call it as wūlóng chà.
The most amount of caffeine will be found in oolong tea.
Consuming it will be equal to consuming a drug.
Drinking oolong tea can increase your metabolism and oxidation.
They come in two shapes, open and rolled.

5. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a popular beverage that has a variety of health benefits. It comes from a herb that’s like daisy flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. its been considered a natural remedy for several health conditions. Chamomile tea is made by drying up the flowers and then infused in hot water. Its caffeine free, and also has a sweet taste. It is also beneficial for lowering your risk for diseases such as heart attack and cancer.

Consuming chamomile tea also helps in digestion. It contains apigenin, an antioxidant that benefits the quality of your sleep. There was a case study that found out that, women who drank chamomile tea had better sleep than another group of people who didn’t consume chamomile tea.

There was another study that found out that people who consumed 270 mg of chamomile extract twice a day for 28 weeks fell asleep 15 minutes faster than a group of people who didn’t consume the extract. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, consuming chamomile tea is beneficial for you. Drinking chamomile tea has also the possibility of lowering sugar levels. There was a study that found out that 64 diabetic patients, who consumed chamomile tea had low sugar levels than people who drank only water.


Had a blast with all those tea facts, didn’t you? So after reading the above facts and the benefits of various teas, try to incorporate them into your daily life and tell us in the comments below if you are a tea or a coffee person.