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types of sarees

A traditional Indian garment, a saree is normally made from cotton, silk, or linen and has a long length. It is usually worn with a blouse. It can also be worn with a drape over the shoulders or as a shawl around the waist. Sarees come in many different colors and patterns and have been considered a symbol of Indian culture for centuries. The most popular color for sarees is orange, which was used for wedding ceremonies because it symbolizes good luck and prosperity.

A variety of sarees have a border around the entire edge. It can be worn in two ways: by itself (with no blouse underneath) or over a blouse or kurta (the traditional Indian shirt).

Top 40 Types Of Sarees

1. Tant Saree

Tant is only found in Bengal. It is closely and intricately embroidered sarees made by a handful of workers living in Bengal.

2. Pashmina Saree

Pashmina is known for its softness and beauty. The material is only found in Kashmir. The Pashmina sarees are known to be very comfortable and warm.

3. Jamdani Saree

Another gem from Bengal, Jamdani sarees are beautifully embroidered with a subtle elegance to them.

4. Kanjivaram

Kanjivarams are made in South India. They are known for their beauty and grace. This saree is worn by women who wish to exude elegance and grace no matter where they go.

5. Bomkai

This is made in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It’s known to be one of the most comfortable sarees to wear. It is very lightweight and pretty beyond its years.

6. Gadwal

It is a variety of saree made in Telangana. It is a gorgeous variety of saree, and it is heavily exported.

7. Tussar

These are made mostly in Bhagalpur and Bengal. The material is beautiful, and it looks heavenly. Tussar sarees are pieces of art.

8. Benarasi

As the name suggests, it is indigenous to Benaras. It is a saree most brides in India wear during their wedding. It is gorgeous and beautiful.

9. Chiffon

Chiffon sarees are made out of chiffon. They’re easy to manage and mostly worn by the juvenile.

10. Georgette

Georgette is also a saree made mostly in Surat, Gujarat. It is also a very easily manageable saree with a lot of handy prints.

11. Kantha stitch

The only place that makes these heavenly sarees is Bengal. It is beautiful and breathtaking, and the embroidery is mind-blowing.

12. Kota Saree

Kota is another traditional dress from Rajasthan that is worn by women during weddings and other ceremonies in India. It consists of two pieces: a long tunic top and a short petticoat skirt that can be worn separately or together, depending on your preference! This type of saree has a waistband that goes around the waist and back. It is usually made out of cotton or polyester and can be worn with either a blouse or a kurta underneath.

13. Bandhani Saree

This type of saree is made with threads of different colors, such as pink, blue, yellow, green, and orange colors, among others. These threads are woven into different patterns so that it gives a unique look to the wearer wherever she goes. In addition to this, this type comes with a border around it which makes it more attractive for wearing purposes too!

14. Paithani

The Paithani saree is made from heavy silk fabric with a distinct pattern of red, green, and maroon strips sewn together. The neckline and sleeves are also decorated with gold or silver thread.

15. Rajasthani Saree

They were worn by the royal ladies in Rajasthan; they were usually made of silk with gold or silver threads woven into them. The sari was usually decorated with brocade or beading, but if it was not decorated, then it was known as a plain Rajasthani Saree. Rajasthani sarees have intricate embroidery and vibrant colors. They are often decorated with sequins or beads to create an appealing display.

16. Bihar Saree

Bihar sarees are made from cotton and silk and are a typical Indian woman’s dress, and there are many different types. They have a distinct pattern on them which is embroidered by hand. These saris were also popular among the royalty during British rule in India as well as in other parts of the world. There was a positive influence from Indian cultures, such as in Europe and America. However, nowadays, these types of saris are not so popular due to their costliness compared to other types available in India today.

17. Dhakai

It is a well-known saree from Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is beautifully woven and is known for its beauty.

18. Chanderi

Chanderi sarees are made in Madhya Pradesh. They are known for their grandiose embroidery work.

19. Kalamkari

Kalamkari saree is made in Andhra Pradesh and Iran. They are known for their comfortable material.

20. Chikankari

Chikankari sarees are mostly made in Lucknow. They are made of intricate artwork and master craftsmanship.

21. Sambalpuri saree

Sambalpuri sarees are made mostly in Sambalpur, Odisha, and West Bengal. They are also called ikat. They are very well-made and known for their comfort.

22. Kasavu saree

Heritage of Kerala, the Kasavu saree is known for its unique patterns. They are breathtakingly beautiful and sober.

23. Baluchari saree

Another gem of Bengal. It originated in Bishnupur. It is a gorgeous saree with a traditional touch as it depicts scenes of myths on it. How epic is that?!

24. Konrad saree

It is another piece of art from Tamil Nadu. It is worn by women to go for temple visits and is known for its sacred characteristics.

25. Muga saree

The muga silk is one of the most known sarees in India. It is made in Assam.

26. Byloom

Bylooms are made in Kolkata and are known for their elegance and grace. It is a piece of art, to say the least.

27. Mangalgiri saree

Mangalgiri sarees are known for their smooth texture and are made mainly in Andhra Pradesh.

28. Mysore pure silk

This silk saree is made in Kanchipuram. It is known to be exuberant in elegance.

29. Linen sarees

Linen is a fabric specially made from a certain type of insect. It is made in West Bengal and is known for its uniqueness and elegance.

30. Khadi sarees

Bhagalpur, Jharkhand, and Bihar make these outstanding sarees. These sarees are known for their different embroidery and beauty.

31. Organza

Originally made in China, the organza sarees are now made in Bengaluru in large amounts. These sarees are known for their simplistic charm, which exudes grace.

32. Crepe saree

Crepe sarees are made in Karnataka. The sarees are beautiful and pretty.

33. Tangail saree

It is made in Tangail, Bangladesh. It is a melody for the embroiderers. It is beautiful, to say the least.

34. Bandhej saree

These sarees originate from Jaipur and have spread throughout Rajasthan. Known for its vibrant colors, this saree is a league on its own.

35. Batik saree

Batik sarees are also found in Bengal and are known for their comfort and simplicity. It is worn on a daily basis.

36. Maheswari saree

Maheswari is a district in MP, and this saree is made there. It is known for its breathable material and breezy look.

37. Satin saree

Satin sarees are made of satin. They are basically found everywhere in India. They can pull off easy looks quite well.

38. Net saree

The net sarees might be one of the most underrated sarees ever. They are beautiful and gorgeous. They accentuate one’s figure.

39. Kosa-kosa

Kosa-kosa is a saree made in Chattisgarh. They are very comfortable sarees and are mostly worn by the youth.

40. Madhubani saree

Madhubani is a type of art that originated in Mithila, Bihar. This type of saree is no less than any art, either!


There are also different types of sarees—some are loose-fitting, and others are fitted. And then there’s the variety in colors—from bright yellow to deep purple to pink! The best part about buying a new or used saree is that you can handpick the color and pattern that speaks to you. If you’re looking for a vibrant accessory for an event where everyone else is wearing black, then go ahead and show up in red!

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