10 Types of Drawing styles you can’t miss out on


Types of Drawing styles you can't miss out on

How many out there know that there are 13 types of drawing styles that exist? Very few. If you have stopped by, you are surely going to leave with the best and complete knowledge about the different styles of drawing.

If you are a beginner in the field of drawing or you are exploring more, then you are in the right place! In this article, you will know everything unknown to you and the ways to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field.

Now we would like to enlighten you about what the drawings are all about. A drawing is a soulful way of expressing oneself. It is seen as a communication tool and a creative way of expressing one’s thoughts and feelings. And you need to understand one thing, the expression of art through art doesn’t signify the same thing for everyone.

10 Types of Drawing styles you can’t miss out on

1. Technical drawing

This type of drawing requires professional knowledge. The technical drawing is also referred to as an industrial drawing, which involves designing drafts mainly based on engineering concepts. This drawing is done by applying the concepts, protocols and the required technique to develop and design the basis of the drawings.

Some examples of technical drawings include Architectural projects, electronics design, industrial products like automotive, aeronautics design, etc.

2. Cartoon drawing

If you are more inclined towards the animated world and things related to it, cartoon drawing can be your go to pick. This is a type of drawing that interests the younger section of the society. It can also be used to create a mockery against any current affairs or news along with a caption to support the drawing. You tend to find such types of drawings either in books or pictures that are for children or newspapers and magazines when they are meant to grasp the attention of the readers towards the current affairs and news.

3. Illustration drawing

An illustration drawing is a work of art that merely explains, illuminates, clarifies, represents, or decorates a written text that is commercial in nature. This drawing includes basic details like size, color, character, style, purpose, and effect in it.

4. Perception drawing

In this type of drawing, the artist draws a visible reality and tries to depict faithfully what he sees. He also senses how he experiences reality at that moment or what he sees in it, and from his perception, he gives life to the drawing.  

This drawing can be completely unimaginative or be a representation of an idea, memory, or perception. If you want to do perception drawing, then you must have good analyzing skills to portray what you see and observe.

5. Gesture drawing

Gesture drawing is a simple, quick sketch done by an artist. It is neither abstract nor realistic form of expression. This drawing just captures the basic form of the subject and suggests the essential feeling of the subject. It takes about 10 seconds to 5 minutes to complete this drawing. 

6. Line drawing

The most fundamental element of this drawing is the line. This drawing is drawn only using curved or straight lines along with providing differences through variations in width and density. It can represent both two dimensional and three-dimensional form indicated by contour lines.

It is also called as contour drawing. Although line drawings are monochromatic, you can use different colors while drawing this type. You might think that this type is very simple, but it can also be tricky.

7. Sketch drawing

A sketch is also a type of drawing where the artist put the basic idea on a paper. The sketch drawing is taken as a rough work ,or a base design, or an idea, about a product or something, based on which it is developed. There are different types of sketches present, namely courtroom sketch, multi-sketch, doodle, croquis, and scribble.

8. Portrait drawing

A good portrait drawing will not just present you with a visual representation of a person or animal or anything you draw, but it will try to reveal something about the essence, mood, or likeness of that particular person or anything you draw.

If you draw someone accurately, then this type of drawing is called portrait drawing. 

9. Figure drawing

This type of drawing is considered a highly difficult one, where the artist draws the human form in various shapes and postures using different drawing media. This drawing is mostly anatomically correct and highly detailed.

10. Fashion drawing

Fashion illustration is a kind of drawing that is mainly used by fashion designers to illustrate their ideas either on paper or on digital form. It plays a significant role in designing to preview and visualize designs before sewing the actual clothing.

Wrapping Up

If you are a beginner then start practicing with a simple type of drawing. Later try working on the other types of drawings given in the article.

So this was all about the different types of drawings. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and tell me which type of drawing you find very interesting in the comment section.

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