5 Trending Diet Plans for Healthy Lifestyle

Avneet Oberoi

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Let’s be honest with each other for this introduction. The word “dieting” gives you the creeps doesn’t it? It sure sends an eerie sensation down my spine. High fives if you feel the same way ! Dieting as boring as it sounds has evolved as a concept. Thanks to the celebrities. Ugh! They have even made dieting look fashionable. People now take pride in asserting that they are on a so and so diet. Many aspects of dieting have undergone a major revamp and the food item substitutes have tripled in number. Seriously though the names these diet plans get now are a real catch. Hang in with me here as I describe to you your 21st century diet options. 

What is Dieting?

Informally, consider dieting as your mouthwatering up or maybe drooling at the sight of yummy food items in your proximity because you have restricted yourself from eating unhealthy items.

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Diets are followed by maximum people to cut down weight. There are very little people who adopt diets as a lifestyle choice for improved health and better fitness. You see most of us are not that strongly willed! Anytime a doctor finds you overweight or suffering from illness or disease due to bad eating habits, you will be handed a diet chart. The height and weight ratio math dictates if someone is obese or not. You can start a diet anytime you want but it is advisable to consult your doctor or a nutritionist before diving into a diet plan. 

Why Are Diet Plans Trending?

Who thought eating lettuce could look so sexy and appealing? Well, apparently it does. And the celebrities are to be blamed for this. The paparazzi click them eating and well every time. But when it’s about the food on their plates, the greens are a majority. Plus the most asked question in every celebrity/model interview is the secret of their loin-stirringly perfect physique. The answer to this is healthy eating. Duh! People ought to take this at face value though.

Nobody can eat healthy all 365 days. Dieting should be a healthy blend of eating in moderation and working out progression. 

5 Trending Diet Plans for Healthy Lifestyle

Now let’s cut down to the chase, where I finally bring you your diet plan menu. Choose any diet that you think is in accordance with your regular eating habits. A little tweak here and there won’t cause much of a difference. Remember it’s all in the head. 

1. The Ketogenic Diet

The name ‘ketogenic’ has an organic ring to it. A ketogenic diet allows for a healthy fat intake and strictly very minimal carbohydrates. The no carbs scenario will make your body burn fat for fuel when generally it is used to burn carbohydrates. This is a state of ketosis that your burn undergoes. 

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Food high in carbohydrates like starchy bread, pizzas, rice, buns, and some veggies, and fruits are out of bounds. Savor high-fat food like avocados, nuts, fish, seeds, olive/coconut oil, full-fat yogurt, and whole eggs for the ketogenic diet. Although this diet is difficult to stick to for most, the results it gives are amazing. 

2. Atkins Diet

Propounded by physician Dr. Robert C. Atkins, the Atkins diet is similar to the keto diet in some ways. When following Atkins’s diet, you get to eat only foods rich in proteins and fat. This means no carbs, sugar, trans fats, high-carb fruits and veggies, and starches. But all you caffeine addicts get to enjoy coffee and tea. Towards the end of the Atkins diet when your weighing scale shows that needle touching your goal weight, you know it’s time to switch back to healthy carbs gradually. 

3. Paleo Diet

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A fairly new name in the diet plans is the Paleo Diet. The Paleo diet gets its name from the Paleolithic era of human history. Naturally, the food our paleolithic ancestors hunted and gathered is included in this diet plan. You get to eat only natural products like fruits and veggies. Processed food items with synthetic carbohydrates are a big no-no. 

4. Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet
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This diet is very aesthetically appealing to look at. But very difficult to adopt. Based on lean proteins like fish and chicken, along with plant-based foods, the Mediterranean diet takes some work. Those of you who enjoy seafood is at a benefit. You get to munch on dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, fish, chicken, peppers, nuts, and fruits. Keep your hands off of butter, red meat, and added sugars though. The Mediterranean diet has proven benefits for your eyes, heart health, and brain functioning. 

5. Whole30 Diet

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The idea behind this diet is to consume only vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meat. You eat all this for whole 30 days, hence the name. No snacking on sugar, oats, dairy, grains, yogurt, or starch. The Whole30 diet plan has an exhaustive list of foods to avoid. Only stick to fruits, seeds, avocados, meats, seafood, and olive oil. Obviously, junk food and fast food are totally banned from the Whole 30 diet plan. With this diet plan having entirely nature produce products promote thicker hair, minimum bloating, sound sleep, and overall improved skin health. Following the Whole30 diet as you can see will evidently assist in weight loss. 


We advise you to pick a diet plan from the above only after consulting your doctor or a nutritionist.