10 Useful Tips To Prepare Your Kids for Online Exams

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The online exam is the newest addition to our study system. Rapid development in technology and the Ed-tech industry has helped online exams become the new normal. When it comes to preparing your kids for the online exams, do you also find it a bit challenging to deal with? Well, you are not alone. Many parents are going through the same problem. They have this responsibility to teach their kids as a teacher.

On one hand, you have to manage the household responsibilities, and you are probably working from home too. On the other hand, you have to take care of your kids’ education. It might seem scary at the beginning but you can definitely find a way to manage it with grace. After all, you would not want to let your kids feel left out by the new trend of online education.

10 Useful Tips To Prepare Your Kids for Online Exams

1. Read The Guidelines for Online Exam

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It is always better to be aware of the rules and guidelines of online exams. For younger ones you need to be more attentive while for older ones, you can ask them to read and explain what they could grasp. This way you both will learn and follow the proper instructions beforehand. It is good to be familiar with the exam procedure as it will help you to prepare the study material and revision sheets for your kids. Try and understand the structure of question papers such as MCQ, short answers, and long answers et Cetra.

2. Find a Quiet Place For Your Kid

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Find a quiet place for kids to study without distraction. It is always a struggle to find a quiet place at home. Choose a scheduled spot for online studies and exams. Keep all the necessary stuff such as pen, pencil, eraser, notebook, revision papers, and datasheets handy. Ask the others at home to be quiet and stay away from the study spot so that they can focus only on revision.

3. Motivate Them to Be Organised

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Organizing the study material and important notes in one place will help your kids in a long run. Motivate them to keep things collected. It will save you from searching for things that are very time-consuming. Kids will also learn to be well organized at home while preparing for exams.

4. Be Patient and Flexible

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As you might be struggling to settle down with new things, you need to be patient and flexible. Do not get frustrated and scold your kids for some minor mistakes. It can create more tension. Instead of thinking and trying too much, only plan things one day at a time. Prepare notes while discussing with their class teachers. This will give you a better insight into teaching your kids more efficiently.

5. Have Some Fun

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Even though your kids have their exams on the way, a little bit of fun would not harm anything. As soon as they complete the revision test, let them play for a while or watch TV for 20-30 minutes. You can include drawing or puzzle games, too. This process will help them to be more energetic and cheerful. Otherwise, the nonstop study will become boring and they won’t learn as they should.

6. Make Time for Revision

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Reading and learning cannot be effective if your kids don’t retain them. You need to fix a time and sets of question papers for each subject. This way you can track the kids’ progress as they are completing the practice questions. You will also get to know which area has to be improved.

7. Share Feedback

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As you are their teacher and parent, you must share the feedback with your kids. Even if it is negative, try to tell them in a polite manner so that it will encourage them to do better. Show the assessment report and comfort them with love instead of getting angry. Feedback is important for every student as it will help them to find the scope of development. Remind them not to make the same mistake twice in a particular subject.

8. Lead Your Kids With an Example

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Kids learn from their parents. They try to follow you. So, be the good one. Fix your daily routine. It will motivate them to set up their study time as well. Finish up your household work before the study time so that they can follow a regular pattern.

If they feel anxious about the online exam, show them how positively you deal with the problems. Remaining calm and positive will help your kids to be more confident.

9. Let Your Kids Explore New Horizons

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There are different ways of learning kids like. Ask your kids how they want to study? What routine do they want to follow? Which chapter do they want to cover first and why? Encourage them to have sincere communication. Listen to their ideas for preparing for online exams. This way it will become easier for you to grasp the procedure more effectively. Also, it will build a healthy relationship with your kids.

10. Do Your Homework

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And at last, do your homework. Try to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies. Apart from that do give time and thought to the technical specifications of your computer/laptop.

Keep all things ready to avoid any last-minute glitches. Always be prepared with a backup internet connection in case of any technical issues with the network, like having a mobile date topped up.

All we want to convey is that it is about growing not competing at the end of the day. For all the parents who are facing problems with how to prepare their kids for the online exam, remember it is not as tough as it might seem to you. As you learn one tool at a time you will understand that keeping up with the new trend is fun indeed. Sometimes it is not just about good marks but also good learning which can help your kids grow as disciplined people. Wishing you all best in preparation!

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