11 Tips To Keep Your Closet Fresh and New

A fresh season provides a chance to pull out your favorite pieces. To make room, however, you have to put some outfits away. Knowing how to keep clothes fresh in your closet leaves them fit until the next season. Over 2,700,000 posts were published on the benefits of curating a closet full of clothes you adore. Not a single major drawback to capsule wardrobes anywhere is mentioned in the articles.

Do your garments smell sweaty or gross, sometimes after you wash them? If you are having an unpleasant smell right now, you need a quick remedy. You can renew them with just a few minutes to spare, so read on!

11 Tips To Keep Your Closet Fresh and New

1. Try Washing Clothes With Cold Water

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The more you sweat, the more clothes lose out their natural, pleasant fragrance. Don’t put them along with clean clothes, once you have worn them many times. Maintain your clean laundry and the dirty laundry entirely separate. While certain items can only be used once before they are cleaned, some items can be used several times until they begin to smell. Remove the moist and sweaty clothes which you are wearing as soon as possible.

Hot water affects clothing materials quicker, so make sure that you wash your clothes in cold water. Your clothes are just as clean and the fibers of your cloth remain solid. Search for various washing powders or a fluid detergent specifically made for cleaning in cold water.

2. Opt For Scented Detergents

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It is recommended to choose fragrant detergent or natural oils for laundry. Most detergents used in washing have a fresh scent, while others are more aromatic. Look for products that mention on their packaging a certain fragrance. If you want to stop industrial perfumes, during the last rinsing process, you can always apply 10 to 20 drops of essential oil to your washing machine.

3. Take Actions For Stains Immediately 

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Take a thorough inspection of the garments before you dump clothing into the hanger or carry garments back to your wardrobe. You’ll have to face a lot of struggle in case you keep the stains in your clothes for a longer period of time. These stains will take a lot of time to get removed completely and sometimes it does not go away completely, a small spot usually remains. However, washing out the stain immediately will save you a ride to the dry-cleaners.

You can even quickly deodorize the stain with white vinegar if you put clothes on a laundry machine and get mildewed. In a detergent tub, add one cup of white vinegar and rid the clothes of mildew again. It eliminates the unpleasant scent so you might want to replace it with another step if you want your clothes to smell good.

4. Hang Your Clothes Properly To Dry

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It is highly advisable to hang your clothes to dry. Some individuals tend to avoid the dryer and perfumes by placing laundry on an additional rack or drying line. Outdoor dry air helps to keep the clothes new and fresh. Although sunlight can cause some colors of the garments to fade when you dry your clothes outside. So, hang the wet garments in front of an open window while drying them inside. Hang them out in the heat if you have white clothing.

The sun does not only light them, but they will look new and lovely in the open air. Sunlight is, therefore, a really powerful biocide. It destroys stinking bacteria and larvae of bugs and also, retains the freshness of your clothes.

5. Baking Soda To Remove Bad Odour

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Baking soda removes unpleasant odors. At the base of your wardrobe or the corner of your closet, put an open jar of baking soda. If you wish, apply to the baking soda a few drops of your favorite essential oil for an extra fragrance. You can even put the jar of baking soda with an open lid. However, this is not recommended if you have small children or pets in your house. You can even sprinkle some soda in your socks, which will further absorb the smell that it eliminates. But, make sure the next day you take it out of your shoes, otherwise, it will lead to itching in your feet which is not good for your skin.

6. Invest In A Good Closet Freshener

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Investing in a good closet freshener in order to make your closet smell soothing and good. This has been an age-old trick used even by the ancient Egyptians, who then used incense to keep their clothes smelling good. You can always use a potpourri bag or even a cotton cloth on which you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and place them in your closet.

7. Go Through Your Closet And Introspect

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Going through your closet, you will find a lot of clothes you no longer use, or cannot be used by you. Donate them or recycle them and remove the ones you do not need. This will add a little more space in your closet and allow air to pass through well, removing any musty smell that would have been in the closet.

8. Coffee Peeking To Help

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Most of us have coffee at home. The thing about coffee is that not only does it have a strong fragrance, it also has the tendency to absorb odors that are not pleasing. You can always use a small container filled with ground coffee, poke a few holes on the lid, and place it in your closet. Every four weeks, switch the container in order to keep your closet fresh.

9. Vinegar Comes to The Rescue

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If you have no more fresh clothes to wear, all of us have been in that position and tend to wear a dirty pair of laundry for the day. But this is the hack that I recently learned and tested it out, and it worked! Add vinegar and water in a spray bottle in a 1:1 ratio. Turn your pair of dirty laundry inside out and spray this concoction, especially in the areas you tend to sweat. This will not only remove the smell of dirty laundry, but after the concoction dries off, the smell of the vinegar goes as well.

10. Purchase Scented Wooden Hangers

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These hangers are a good find, honestly because they not only help in organizing your closet but also help in keeping your closet smelling fresh and new. Some of them are also insect repellent and can be used to absorb the moisture of your clothes as well.

11. Vodka Is The Answer

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Add vodka and water to a spray jar in a ratio of 1:1. Spray it on the areas which smell musty and stale and hang your clothes in a ventilated area. This will help in eliminating the stale odors in your closet.


One of the easiest ways to ensure your clothes have no lingering aromas is to wash them with a good detergent that has odor-fighting properties. Even the best detergent is not adequate enough to battle the influence of the clothes getting stuck in drawers for days. So that your favorites have little extra support, here are some shortcuts for a better-smelling cabinet.

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