10 Tips For More Organized Life

A few things make us human beings different from most animals. We have opposable thumbs, can properly use our limbs to accomplish a multitude of things, and have a conscience which we as Netflix-bingeing mouth breathers rarely use anymore. However, one of the most important distinctions that we have is the ability to organize. In an attempt to strengthen this aspect of the human mind, we bring to you a few tips to help you proceed to a more organized life.

10 Tips For More Organized Life

1. Know Your Priorities

Know your priorities
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Why would someone navigate to an article related to ‘organization’? One of two reasons, is that they’re messy or they might’ve figured that they are unable to pay heed to the things that need their attention, which in turn makes them a mess (so essentially one reason). Usage of tools like the Eisenhower matrix is an efficient way to actually help to prioritize tasks in your daily life.

2. Declutter Your Workspace

Declutter your workspace
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How simple our lives would be if we were to have only the things that we needed during work at our workspace? Very, evidently. But do we actually care about that? No, we care more about the Rubik’s cube that we haven’t touched in months. Clearing your workspace and ridding it of useless articles directly impacts the ability to have a more organized life. Try it, and see the results for yourself.

3. Cut Out The Distractions

Cut out the distractions
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The endgame of being organized is to boost your productivity. Productivity is a function of the focus and effort put into the task and the number of distractions encountered during the task. And we are constantly inundated with distractions, with smaller ones like email to more time-consuming ones like social media. Cutting out distractions, when imbibed during our daily lives, gives a huge boost to our ability to stay organized and hence more productive.

4. Return Things To Their Right Place After Use

Return things to their right place after use
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This is a rather superficial looking tip, but this brings an immense impact in leading to a better-organized life. How many times have we been blindly looking for our keys or wallets? If everything that is of your daily use has a proper place, it makes it easier for us to determine where they would be found in times of need. Keep your keys in a keyholder and your wallet in a drawer.

5. Have Deadlines For Your Tasks

Have deadlines for your tasks
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As much as these deadlines cause immense headaches to us, they are important, because the sense of urgency that they generate in our minds is an assistant for us to complete everything that we have at hand. If we did not have deadlines, we would end up pushing everything to tomorrow, till the day that we have no tomorrow left. And that’s not a very happy visual.

6. Don’t Trust Your Memory Too Much

Don’t trust your memory too much
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How many class notes have you skipped writing, thinking, “Oh, I’ll remember this.” No, you won’t. Write that thing down! Because if you don’t, you’re going to be that annoying class fellow borrowing the first bencher’s notebook for notes 3 hours before the exam, where you’ll meet more such annoying class fellows crowding the Xerox shop and giving the unwell shopkeeper more stress than you have, before your exam.

7. Plan Every Day Except Weekends

Plan Every Day Except Weekends
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Having a concrete plan as to the things to be accomplished every day gives us control over the day and more of an organized life feel. Except for the weekends, I don’t want to be a snob now. Let your hair down on the weekend to recharge for the upcoming week and do what you like! Enjoyment is just as important as the ability to be organized. What? Yes, I have fun!

8. Have A Grip On Your Finances

Have A Grip On Your Finances
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Organizing is not only in terms of the things that you need to accomplish. It’s about having a completely organized life! Keep a check on the bucks you spend while you let your hair down. And people asking, yes, this is how I have fun. By putting a damper on people’s fun! Who’s laughing now, huh?

9. Plan Your Outfit For The Next Day

Plan Your Outfit For The Next Day
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This is yet another apparently superficial tip, but it saves a bunch of time for you while giving you more room to go creative with your outfit. When you decide on your outfit the night prior, you’re less vulnerable to wearing the same stained jeans and a black T-shirt every day for a week straight without realizing that you own too many black T-shirts. What? Is it just me? Okay, then.

10. Conserve Your Energy

Conserve Your Energy
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How many times did you say? “Screw it, I need to enjoy for a while. I’ll see what needs to be done tomorrow.” This is why you need to conserve your energy because burnout is one of the most prominent causes of being unorganized. It becomes imperative that you reach the “Screw it” phase as seldom as possible.

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