15 Tips For Long Distance Relationships

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Long-distance relationships are quite uncommon these days. People have marked relationships with tags of physical closeness and intimacy. Well, for some people that may qualify as a true relationship, a real relationship is a lot more than intimacy and physical closeness. If you truly love someone from the bottom of your heart, you can stay away from them for miles without even having a lag in your feelings.

While distance can make or break a relationship, efforts and the energy you give into your relationship for it to succeed are what matters, and distance would not even stand a chance. The trust and faith you have in your partner are key to maintaining an everlasting relationship.

15 Tips For Long Distance Relationships

1. Frequent/Regular Video Calls

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When you love someone, you can’t stay without having a glance at them at least once a day. So try to have a video call whenever you can and as regularly as you can. Discuss how your day went, ask your partner how his/her day went, and share problems with each other. If video calls do not work for you, you can always talk to each other on voice calls.

While this would not help a lot, as in, you would still miss your partner, but it will definitely help in lessening the restlessness you would feel if you did not see your partner’s face and have a chat with them. Video calls help in lessening the distance you feel in the relationship.

2. Surprise Visits

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Taking a week off from work is may be difficult, but having a Sunday off is quite easy.
Take a flight on Saturday night and come back on Monday early morning.
Giving a surprise visit to your partner would be the highlight of the week for them, and it will also make one of the most special moments in your relationship.

It will fill him/her with immense happiness. Just spend a lovely day together at home keeping all the stress aside. It will let them feel that they are not alone, you are just a stone’s throw away in case they need you at any time. Apart from this, the surprise visits also help in making such moments special and meaningful, and could even be one of the special bookmarks in your relationship.

3. Unexpected Gifts

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If you find your partner is struggling with any issue, send them a special gift as a surprise gift. If they are unable to buy a few things due to lack of time, gift them.
Helping and taking care of little things even at a far distance strengthens your bond and shows your concern for them. These gifts do not have to be something too expensive or extravagant, they could be small and thoughtful and still hold a place in your partner’s heart, and not only that they would even make your partner’s day.

4. Watch Movies Together

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Try to watch movies, web series, albums, and documentaries together at the same time. That way you have similar topics and different perspectives to talk about.
It will make you feel close to them. You can always have video calls and plug in the latest and trending movies and web series together, and just be there to enjoy the moment and watch the movie. This not only helps in making the relationships much stronger but it also helps in reducing the distance you both feel.

5. Remain Updated

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Both of you should be aware of each other’s daily schedule, people that matter in your life, and hurdles that are giving stress to them. This would make both of you connected with every detail and there would be no place for doubts. While it is not necessary to be a helicopter partner, there is no harm in taking the initiative and the extra efforts to just enquire how their day went or how did their latest work project go.

6. Make It An Opportunity

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LDR is not a punishment for couples, instead, it is a beautiful link to your relationship. Living apart helps to realize each other’s value, their little efforts. You gain time to explore yourself and the reason you want them in your life. So it’s a good opportunity to strengthen the bond.

7. Avoid Being Overly Possessive

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Always have faith and trust in your partner, and never doubt them at any cost.
Having an immense belief helps to avoid any possessiveness and misunderstandings.
Let them stay free and enjoy their self-being. A long-distance relationship requires a lot of trust, maturity, and effort from both sides to function and remain healthy. If there is no trust in the relationship, especially in the long-distance one, it can cause the bond to be a toxic one where one of you could be overly possessive and suffocating.

8. Funny Self-Recorded Songs

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Not everyone is a good singer but everyone has a sense of humour. Record songs in your voice sitting at any place you want them to be. Spreading a smile on a loved one’s face is a treasure of your own.

9. Stay Positive

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Don’t let yourself down by considering the distance you are facing, just believe that one day everything would be fine, and both of you would be together forever. Discuss your plans and desires to keep the spirit up. Stop overthinking every situation and problem that arises, and take baby steps at a time. Be positive and stop stressing over things that have to happen or may not happen at all. Think positively and stop overthinking and overanalyzing the behavioural patterns of your partner.

10. Set Important Ground Rules

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You need to learn to respect the boundaries of your partner as well. You have to learn how to communicate well with your partner and know exactly what is expected of each other. You cannot take the risk of assuming when it comes to a long-distance relationship because to clear out confusion or misunderstanding, you can’t meet at a cafe nearby and sort it out. Ensure that both of you do not cross the boundaries of each other and if there is a problem, make sure that you resolve it by communicating rather than choosing a passive-aggressive approach and not speaking out about what troubles you.

11. Learn To Handle Situations Wisely

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If you know for a fact that something or some situation is going to piss your partner off, and you want to do it regardless, then you have two options, to do it and not tell them and risk the fact that they may come to know about it later on, and the second being that tell them beforehand, and convince them somehow. There is another option where you do not get into a situation at all. Think before you do anything and try not to do anything impulsively. Every action comes at a cost, and you do not want the cost of a thoughtless action being your relationship.

12. Learn To Spend Quality Time By Yourself And Give Each Other Some Space

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While it is important to be connected to your partner and it is equally important to spend time by yourself and give time for your own hobbies and do whatever you would like to do by yourself. This helps in growing and helping yourself to improve as an individual. While spending time together is important, you must give each other space and me time to just be yourselves and retain your individuality. This would help in ensuring the relationship is healthy and a safe place rather than toxic and suffocating.

13. Honesty Is The Best Policy

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To be honest with each other helps in improving the trust levels between the both of you and also lessens the insecurities that the both of you may have. To be able to communicate how you feel, be it jealousy or even anger is very important, especially when it comes to long-distance relationships. To be honest, even the ugliest fights may come at a high price but it is the route you will have to take because at some point in time the truth will come out, and at that time, it could be at the cost of your relationship.

14. Go On Virtual Dates Together

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While it may be difficult to go on dates together physically, that does not stop you from going on dates together virtually. You can discover new cafes and restaurants in the neighbourhood, find a cute spot, and video call your partner. To find new ways to go on dates, especially virtual ones could be daunting and tiring. But to just visit and try out a new cafe together through a video call or just visiting the park with your partner by your side virtually will help you feel the presence of your partner by your side.

15. Deal With All Your Fights Maturely

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Fighting with your partner, especially while being in a long-distance relationship is not uncommon and it is not the end of the world or the relationship. Act like mature adults and resolve the problem instead of storming off or not communicating at all. There can be times when you would just feel to let it all go, to let all that effort you put into this relationship go down the drain, but you have to remember that sometimes it is up to you to be the bigger person and put in more efforts than the other. That is how distanced relationships work.


Long-distance relationships are a beautiful aspect of life. They teach us the importance and show the little efforts of our loved ones. They realize the missing power and strong feelings we have.

No one can deny that meeting someone after a long time, makes your meeting even more special and energetic. Just be loyal, faithful, trustworthy, and honest to your partner. Let the beautiful relationship nurture your bond and love forever!

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