25 Things You Don’t Need To Justify


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There are some things that you do not need to justify and explain to other people. There can be some things that are okay for you to do, but it is not okay for others. It does not even matter how others perceive things; what matters is you do whatever you like to do in your life without giving any kind of justification to others.

25 Things You Don’t Need To Justify

1. Who you love, or why you love them

Love is something that just naturally happens, and it can be with anyone. A person does not think before falling in love with someone. If someone has to think before he loves, he is not actually in love with the person. There are no boundaries or any kind of limits when you are in love, so you do not have to justify to anyone why you love a certain person.

2. Changing your career or direction in life

There can be a point in our lives when we have to change our career path. It absolutely hurts at first because, after all, at some point, that career was your whole dream, but sometimes we have to look out for only the best, or maybe sometimes our interest may shift to another direction as well. A person can love several things and can want to do them all, which he absolutely does not need to justify to other people.

3. The way you spend your free time

It totally depends upon the kind of person as some people like to socialize with other people and that is how they spend their free time while some people like to remain all by themselves in a peaceful manner and spend their free time like that. Both persons should not be judged as both of them are doing exactly what they like to do in life.

4. What you choose to prioritize

A person prioritizes his things according to his own likeness or needs, and he should not be judged on that. Some people prioritize money over love, while some may choose love over money. If we look into this matter deeply, it is literally just a matter of priority. Every person may think and perceive things differently than us, and thus we are no one to judge them.

5. When or how often you take breaks

We all require a break at times after constant hours of putting in work. It is not something that we need to justify when or how often we take breaks. It is actually according to a person’s need on how long he wants to take a break. Sometimes people need more breaks to get through things on their own, which is totally okay.

6. Ending a toxic friendship or relationship

Toxic people drain your energy to the core, and you should cut them off immediately. You literally do not have to justify why you had to cut such people out of your life. It is possible to end a toxic friendship or relationship by not creating any kind of chaos and drama. If anyone is trying to harm your mental health, he needs to be removed from your life.

7. Don’t apologize for how you cope with your emotions

You do not have to make other people explain how you deal with your emotions, as it is only felt by you and no one else. You are free to feel your own emotions, and how you choose to cope with them is totally your decision. Whatever you do in life, people are going to judge you, so do whatever you feel like doing; just do it after thinking about all the possible circumstances.

8. If you don’t accept other people’s beliefs

It is absolutely a necessity to respect other people’s beliefs, but it is totally okay if you do not accept them. No one can actually force you into believing in something you do not want to. Everyone has their own way of thinking, and if someone’s thinking does not match with yours, you have the right to disagree with them even if it hurts their sentiments.

9. Why you’re putting yourself first

It actually gets important sometimes to put yourself first in life as there are many selfish people around who would take advantage of you if you do not. It is not at all selfish to be putting yourself first, even if others don’t like it. If we really think in a practical manner, then we will realize that as time comes, it is more important to put your needs first in life.

10. The need to express your emotions

You should never apologize for how you express your emotions. Being sensitive or emotional is totally okay, and your emotions will definitely be valued by the right people if you give them a chance. There should not be any shame in showing people who you actually are, and you do not have to justify others on how you react.

11. Your weirdness

Honestly, the weirdest people are the most genuine people to exist in this world. It’s totally okay to do weird and silly things. You only live once, and when you look over your past, you need foolish memories to laugh at. You must celebrate your uniqueness and should never be embarrassed by being who you are.

12. Not taking things personally

We get too much into the serious stuff that we forget to live for a while, and this time will never come back. You do not have to justify anyone if you do not wish to take things too much personally, and literally, no one actually should take everything personally. Leave the serious stuff for later. You learn how to defend yourself in a better manner if you do not take things personally.

13. Deciding to forgive

Holding grudges can literally mean that you give power to other people over you. A person who knows how to forgive people even if they did not get the apology that they deserved is confident enough to move on from things that were meant to break them. You do not have to continually feel the things that happened in the past; it’s okay to just simply accept reality and move forward in life.

14. Who you choose to spend your time with

Time is a precious thing for each one of us, and whom we desire to spend it with should be our decision which we do not have to explain to others. We only have limited time on earth, so it should be invested in such people who mean the world to us rather than people who are only meant to be just a chapter in our lives. In the future, only the people that have stayed with you till the end will matter and nothing else.

15. Foolish things that you once did

Yes, you will regret most of the foolish things that you did in your past, but actually, when you look through them, they have made you who you are now. You would never be this strong if you had never made those foolish choices in your life. The lessons that you learned along the way make you stronger than before, and now you know what exactly you do not have to do.

16. Working extra on your dreams

The people who wish to dream big things in life never get afraid of doing everything that they can to achieve them. They are willing to do the possible work to have it all, and if you put in constant work, you actually can have it all. Sometimes people only dream and do not actually put in the work, so you should not just dream but rather try harder to make it your reality.

17. Choosing to smile through your struggles

Not every time you have all of it figured out. Some days are harder than other days, and it is totally okay to feel the pain. Every day might not be good; nonetheless, there can be something good in everything. Look through the positive perspective and eliminate the negative thoughts. Try to ignore the negativity of your life and learn how to smile through the pain.

18. Your relationship status

You do not have to explain to other people why you choose to remain single or date someone. It is clearly up to you if you want to remain single or if you want to be settled in life. Your relationship status will be judged by the people of this world either way, and you will be called names even for that, but you do not have to bother with their go signal and simply do whatever you feel like doing. Whether you choose to tie the knot or not is totally your call.

19. Not having a baby or having them

Having a child with someone is a big thing, and you should think of all the possible scenarios of your life after kids, and then only you should try having a kid or kids. If you do not have the energy or time to have babies in your life, it should literally be your decision. You do not need to justify your decision to the world as, after all, you are the one who is going to take care of the child.

20. Your lifestyle

We all choose our own lifestyle, and whatever we choose is because of what we desire in life. It actually differs from person to person. You should never feel guilty about choosing how you live your life. You do things that make you happy and not others; you should never try to live according to others’ terms.

21. Why you’ve failed and why you’re not scared to fail again

When you do not try for something again and again, even if you go through failures, you will not achieve success in it. Sometimes we have to go through constant failures to finally get to a successful life which you definitely do not have to justify to anyone. You should never be scared to fail again, as one day, your efforts will get you the best results.

22. Your healthy eating habits

Your healthy eating habits will be made fun of by people who literally do not take care of their unhealthy eating habits, which are soon going to get them to the hospital. Everyone should have a good diet and do regular exercise in order to remain fit and healthy all the time. You do not have to have some crazy diet schedule; just eat a proper diet regularly.

23. The things you hope for

Hope is something we look forward to happening keenly. It is hope only which makes us look forward to things in an exciting manner. If there is no hope, what are we living for on this earth? Whatever makes you feel hopeful, you should stay connected to it but make sure it does not eat you from within. Hope makes us happy and gives us some kind of purpose to live for. Without hope, we’re just dead souls on this planet waiting for our death. So, be hopeful for things that actually matter and do not justify them to anyone.

24. Your emotions

Your emotions are felt by only you, and you should never have to justify them to any other person. They would never understand what kind of emotions you are feeling towards anything unless they have gone through the exact same situations as you. Do not ever try to neglect your emotions and keep them bottled up just for the sake of others.

25. Your decisions

Your decisions are supposed to be taken by only you, and no other person should try to interfere in them. No one should be able to control you unless you let them. If you are grown enough, you will know what decisions you have to take for your own benefit and be ready for all the possible outcomes through those decisions.

Thus, these are some of the things that you don’t need to justify to others as you are going to be judged no matter what you do in life, so do not be bothered by others’ opinions and try to ignore them as much as you can.

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