20 Things You Can Add To Your Coffee To Jazz It Up

Most people drink coffee with cream or sugar or plain black. Did you know that you can up the ante of your daily cuppa of coffee and make it less bitter? That’s gonna be a distinguished experience!

So here are some things you can add to your coffee to jazz it up:

1. Butter

Source: healthline

Adding some butter to coffee is a growing trend by Bulletproof coffee. Add some high-quality unsalted butter or ghee to your morning cup of motivation.

2. Salt

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Yes. You heard that right.

Some claim that adding salt to coffee decreases its bitterness and helps to maximize the flavor.

3. Cardamom

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For an exotic coffee, throw in some cardamom. Cardamom is a Middle Eastern spice. It acts as a neutralizer and might just be the spice you’ve been dreaming of.

5 Ways to Raise Your Coffee Game
5 Ways to Raise Your Coffee Game
4. Eggs

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Adding butter isn’t the weirdest now, is it? Egg coffee is a traditional drink in Scandinavia. You need to add a raw egg into the coffee and boil it. Strain it to get an amber-colored coffee. Mind you, it will be a bit bitter. If you are crazy and adventurous like me, the experiment is worth trying.

5. Ice cream

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Ah! Why not?

This is the greatest addition to coffee that ever happened. Looking for a substitute for cream and sugar? Don’t look far. Just drop a dollop or two into that dark, sinful cup of coffee.

6. Oatmeal

Source: thealmondeater

Who knew breakfast and coffee could be mixed?

It can be very feasible for those who wake up late and have to squeeze in breakfast. Just add some oatmeal to your coffee along with honey, cinnamon, and nuts for extra crunch.

7. Lemon

Source: today

Whoever says that “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” never had coffee with lemon.

Now you have a new recipe to brew when life gives you lemons.

The lemon peel helps to get rid of the bitter flavor and prevents coffee breath.

8. Coca-Cola

Source: bonappetit

The ultimate pick-me-up.

Pour some Coca-Cola into your iced coffee and there you go – vanilla coke. The mixture is a fizzy, bubbly, refreshing drink that can keep you alert throughout. To decrease the dilution and counteract the sweetness of the soda, use a medium to dark roast coffee.

9. Vanilla extract

Source: deliciousmadeeasy

Vanilla extract is a great sweetener for coffee. The next time you make coffee, make sure to add a few drops of vanilla extract to your morning cup of sunshine.

10. Peanut butter

Source: presshousecoffee

It can’t get any weirder than this.

Adding peanut butter to coffee will give it a nutty, creamy taste. It will also help to keep you full for longer.

11. Condensed milk

Source: taste

Once you’ve used this, you will not go back to regular milk in your coffee again. It results in a sweeter, creamier coffee. It is much cheaper, tasty, and easy to make than the ones you get at Starbucks.

12. Cinnamon

Source: yummytummyaarthi

If you add sugar to your regular coffee, this one’s for you. Cinnamon has low calories and helps in boosting immunity. It makes for a spicy cup of morning Joe.

13. Mint

Source: delish

As crazy as this sounds, just give it a try? You won’t be disappointed.

Add one or two fresh mint leaves to your cup of coffee for a soft peppermint touch. You could also use peppermint oil.

14. Cocoa powder or melted chocolate

Source: thespruceeats

This is my favorite addition to coffee. Chocolate lovers, where you at?

Add a teaspoon of cocoa powder or melted chocolate to your cuppa for a rich, chocolaty morning fix.

15. Ginger

Source: artandkitchen

This doesn’t really sound like a match made in heaven but stay with me.

Add a few slices of fresh ginger to your coffee and voila! That’s Christmas in a cup.

16. Bailey

Source: acouplecooks

It could be Bailey or Bourbon. Just add a shot of booze to your cup of coffee and enjoy. Though not a healthy option, you can try it on festive occasions. You could also try making an Irish coffee classic whiskey.

17. Coconut milk

Source: paulig

If you are lactose intolerant, this might just be the fix you need. It gives a sweet, rich, low-calorie cup of coffee.

18. Nutmeg

Source: coffeeaffection

Nutmeg has an earthy flavor. Sprinkle some nutmeg powder into your regular coffee and I assure you of its amazing aroma and intriguing flavor.

19. Stevia

Source: thedailymeal

It is an artificial sweetener. Stevia is obtained from Stevia rebaudiana. As it is non-nutritive and has no calories, it is an excellent option for weight-watchers.

20. Star Anise

things you can add to your coffee
Source: helloglow

If you have played the game “My Café,” you sure must have got many orders of coffee with the addition of star anise. It has a sweet, licorice flavor that goes well with coffee. It also helps to fight mild flu.

Enjoyed reading the article? Go get creative with your morning cup of delight and let us know your unique way of spicing up coffee in the comments below.

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