50 Things Women Should Carry While Traveling


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things women should carry while traveling:

Traveling can become hectic if it is done in an unplanned manner. And women need to make sure things are in place when calamity (red alert!) arises. While traveling, some essential things that women must have that would help them to travel freely.

50 Things Women Should Carry While Traveling

1. A traveling backpack

Having a traveling backpack while going on trips is necessary as you can keep your various accessories in it. You can keep something lightweight and clothes to protect from light rain or snow. A backpack is easy to carry, so make sure you carry the perfect traveling bag that will help you on your daily basis trips.

2. Sanitary pads and pills

Periods come uninvited and have no respect for your traveling plans, and thus, any woman can have a sudden emergency while traveling. It is a must to keep yourself clean and healthy. You should always keep extra sanitary pads. Carrying pills can be helpful at times when you get periods of cramps.

3. Travel documents

No matter where you’re traveling, you should never forget your travel documents. While going abroad, you need to have certain items like ID, driver’s license, travel insurance, visa, and passport. Forgetting any of these documents can ruin your plans for traveling, so it is important to keep your documents organized while at home.

4. Bring extra clothes

You will require a lot of clothes when you are traveling. On certain days and in certain places, a woman feels the need to wear different clothes and dress up beautifully on all occasions. What if it starts raining? Extra clothes will come in handy.

5. Versatile footwear

Versatile footwear can help you to walk freely through places having any kind of bumps or through trekking areas where your feet get sore while walking in shoes or heels. Wearing heels or shoes for a long time might cause pain to your feet if you are walking or even standing at a place, so carry extra footwear so that you can slip it in any time when you feel like walking comfortably.

6. Pepper spray and a small knife

Safety is most important for a woman. There are many such places where you would find some notorious people that may trouble you. It’s better to be well-equipped for safety purposes by our own selves, and hence you must carry pepper spray and maybe a small knife too while traveling anywhere.

7. First aid kit

In case of an emergency, carrying a first aid kit should be a must. This will help you to prepare yourselves when things might go wrong and whenever you are feeling sick; hence you are recommended to carry it with you everywhere.

8. Hand sanitizer and toiletries

There are many places that may be filled with dirt and dust. Even after going to the washroom, you may need to wash your hands; at that time, hand sanitizer and toiletries come in handy to keep your hands clean. You should carry them with you as it would help you to remain germ-free.

9. Towels and handkerchief

After washing hands, you will feel the need to dry them; towels would be quite helpful for that. At times when a sneeze or cough arises, a handkerchief might come in handy, as you should not sneeze or cough in the open. Therefore carry a clean towel as well as a handkerchief with you.

10. Reusable water bottle

While traveling to various places, you may feel thirsty as traveling can be quite hectic, so always keep a reusable water bottle that you can use to quench your thirst, and a reusable water bottle can be filled again as well.

11. Power Bank

While clicking lots of pictures and using smartphones and also using it to navigate places will drain down your battery fast. You will find yourself completely lost without your phone. A woman might feel the need to contact certain people during an emergency, so in that case, you should always carry a power bank to charge your phone whenever and wherever freely.

12. Multi-pouch makeup bag

We all know that makeup means a lot for a woman while going somewhere. After all, you need to always look pretty if you are traveling to some famous places and get the sudden urge to click pictures and would like to post them. You can also keep certain items for your safety too. Therefore you are suggested to carry a multi-pouch makeup bag to keep your items

13. Moisturizer and sunscreen

It is a healthy habit to keep the skin moisturized all the time. You are recommended to keep a moisturizing cream and sunscreen with you and apply it whenever required.

14. Lip balm

Your lips may feel dry while going to various places, and you may feel the need to keep your lips moisturized. Keep a lip balm and apply it from time to time to keep your lips soft.

15. Perfumes

Women love to smell pleasant while going somewhere. After bathing, you would want to feel as well as smell fresh, so keep small perfumes in your carry bag so that you may use them on you anytime.

16. Dry shampoo

A woman’s need to wash their hair while traveling is mandatory as we all know how much they loathe sticky and dry hair. There are many such places carrying dust that can ruin your hair, and for that reason, having dry shampoo will be quite useful and effective on those bad hair days. So we recommend you always carry dry shampoo to keep your tresses shiny throughout the day.

17. Hairstyling straightener and curler

After washing with dry shampoo and drying it with a towel, a woman decides how she is going to style her hair on various occasions, so at that time, a straightener and a curler are two such items that are useful. Whether you feel like keeping your straight or curly, both of these items are a must. Keep these items, as we all know that a good hair day can make a woman very happy.

18. Snacks

Having something to snack on while traveling is important to keep so that it may bring your energy up and hunger down. Passengers are given only small food items; hence keep some foodstuffs with you in your bag while going somewhere.

19. Books

You might get the feeling of boredom while going on a long journey to places. You’ll be tired of using your phone too, and hence you can devote your time to reading books. Reading books can help you to pass your time very easily, and it is quite entertaining as well. So we recommend you carry your all-time favorite books during your journey.

20. Headphones

Whether to keep your mind busy or to pass your free time, headphones can help you to keep yourselves entertained. It can be the most essential item, as noise-canceling headphones during a long journey can bring you peace and quiet. You can listen to your favorite music!

21. Umbrella

Suppose you go somewhere and it starts raining; you simply will not ruin your plans by staying at home. You would use an umbrella to protect yourself from rain. Hence an umbrella will be a savior, so carry it while traveling.

22. Glasses and sunglasses

Glasses are a must, and to protect your eyes from sunlight, you would like to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses also look very stylish, and hence you can match them with your everyday outfit. Hence, we recommend you carry them.

23. Contact lens

Although sometimes glasses look stylish in some places, you cannot keep wearing them as sometimes they don’t match certain outfits, so at that time, you can wear contact lenses to make yourself look presentable anytime. It is such a small item but still very useful.

24. Travel pillow

To get a comfortable sleep while traveling, a pillow might be of great help. Not everyone prefers to sleep without one, so keep a traveling pillow with you and use it to get your comfy sleep.

25. Nail cutter

Cleanliness is very important, and therefore you should always keep your nails cut. The nail cutter also has a sharp knife-like thingy that may help you to use it for your own safety purpose. Even if it is a small item, it still can be very useful.

26. Notebook and pen

Suppose you travel through the museum to visit various ancient monuments; at that time, while touring, the travel guide might explain all the wonders of the place, so you might feel the need to note important things down. Thus, for that purpose, you should always carry a notebook as well as a pen for writing important stuff.

27. Wristwatch

To know the time while going somewhere is necessary as you need to be punctual to reach your destination. You can’t look at your phone all the while as you won’t be holding it in your hand all the time. A wristwatch will help you to check the time for the arrival as well as the departure of your train or flight journey.

28. Mouth freshener

To keep your mouth fresh and smell-free, you can use a mouth freshener. It comes in small packets, so it won’t take much of your space. Hence you can carry it with you during your journey.

29. WiFi and SIM card

Getting access to the internet during traveling to certain areas is like finding gold in the middle of nowhere. During the traveling period, we need to contact friends and family and also post good pictures and videos of the view. Even for navigating certain areas and places, you require a fast internet connection, so in that case, you should carry a high-speed network SIM card to help you with it.

30. Earbuds and mask

Sometimes, there are places full of dust and dirt, due to which your face would be covered of it. Always wear a mask while traveling to protect yourself from dust, and try to clean your ears with the help of earbuds too. It will help you to remain healthy too.

31. Skin care products

To get that beautiful glow, you should always keep skincare products while traveling. Your skin may not glow enough after spending lots of time traveling, so to make sure that your skin stays healthy, keep on doing a skincare routine.

32. Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a great help during the packing and traveling process. They help you to contain clothes in a more compact space. Not everywhere can you take a big load of bags and heavy suitcases, so in that case, packing cubes are an essential travel item to keep.  

33. Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are obviously an essential item while traveling anywhere as you need to brush your teeth every day. You cannot go around without brushing your teeth, so it is actually a must. Pack a new one so that way, even if you lose it in case, you will still have one to use when you get home. Pack it in your purse or backpack.

34. Travel wallet

Always keep a traveling wallet with you that has extra chains and space where you can keep your debit/credit card. You might even require your passport-size photo anywhere, so you can keep that in it safely too. A good travel wallet is more functional than an everyday wallet.

35. Laundry bag

You will definitely need another bag where you can keep your dirty clothes. In this case, laundry bags are quite helpful and should be kept with you while traveling. Your dirty clothes will not smell too if you keep them in it. While traveling, you can face any kind of weather, and your clothes will definitely get dirty, so a laundry bag is essential.

36. Shawl and wrap

A shawl or anything to wrap is a must while traveling, as you might feel cold if you are traveling on AC flights or trains. These will help you to feel warm and will also give you that cozy feeling. It can be utilized as a security blanket, neck pillow, and even as an accessory. They make you feel soft, and since they are not bulky, even if you remove them, you will not feel a thing.

37. Compression socks

Compression socks help you not to feel pain in your legs due to traveling. You can even wear them while trekking. Compression socks can help to prevent blood clots which can be a worry if you are traveling by air. When you’re sitting in one place for a long time, these are helpful for you.

38. Mini torch

A mini torch should always be kept with you during travel as it will be really helpful for you at places where there is no light. Especially when you are trekking, you need this little item always with you or while camping in a forest to look over the areas with the help of it. You will also feel quite safe because of this item which is really important in times of danger.

39. Tripod with wireless remote

You might want to record your own self when you are traveling alone, and this can happen if you keep a tripod with a wireless remote always with you when you travel. Tripods are really helpful when you feel like taking pictures and videos of yourself in full body and not just selfies. It does the work as if someone else has taken your photos and videos.

40. Gloves/Hat/Scarf

When you travel to a place where it’s extremely cold, you will definitely need these items with you. Gloves keep your hands warm, and a hat or scarf keeps your ears warm and stay protected from the wind if there is any. These three items look quite stylish too!

41. Toothpaste

How can you forget to keep toothpaste with you? This is really a must. It’s obvious that with the help of toothpaste, you can brush your teeth daily.

42. Trekking poles

Trekking poles are important if you choose to go on trekking. These help a lot when you go above the hilly areas. They act as another set of limbs to give you more stability when walking on tricky terrain. They can assist you in keeping your balance when crossing through water easily, moving through snowfields and ice patches, and trekking along narrow ridgelines.

43. Swim gear

It comes in handy while swimming without any kind of difficulty. It will help you to swim safely as it contains swimming caps, goggles, kickboards, paddles, earplugs, and swimwear. Even if you’re not a good swimmer, these will help you with that too.

44. Camera

To capture the beauty of the world, you definitely will need a camera with you. You need a picture that can be the most memorable with the help of a camera. Keep it always with you while traveling, as you also would not know when you might feel the need for it.

45. Padlock

A padlock is one of the most important items that you should keep while traveling anywhere. It prevents anyone from tampering or stealing things from inside. It prevents your luggage from opening by accident, and a little security is definitely needed while traveling. You might keep jewelry, money, identification, or electronics, so you’ll have to prevent them from getting stolen.

46. Disposable/polythene bags

Carrying disposable/polythene bags while traveling is good to keep as you might feel the need to keep your dirty clothes or any food waste in them. You cannot just litter them anywhere, so in that case, polythene bags are quite helpful. It is quite useful in protecting your electronic items from water. It also protects your items from dust, light, and odor.

47. Trekking shoes

Trekking shoes are a must if you are going to any hilly areas. While trekking, you need comfortable trekking shoes to trek easily. Trekking shoes offer good protection against harsh conditions. It protects your feet against bruising from rough terrain and for you to walk easily through rough, steep, slippery, wet, and muddy areas.

48. Grooming kit

While on a long journey, a girl definitely needs her grooming kit with her always in order to always look good wherever she goes. A grooming kit is a must during traveling as it will help you to remain clean and fresh throughout your journey.

49. Fancy handbags

A fancy handbag looks really amazing with your overall outfit. You can keep any essential item in it, plus they can be matched to your outfits. You can also style them in a fancy way which will make you look beautiful. It adds more charm to the female’s personality; thus, while going anywhere, it will absolutely look beautiful.

50. Party wear

Party wear should always be kept just in case you go somewhere really fancy. It helps you to look bolder and more beautiful and is definitely a good way to feel confident and simply have fun.

The above-mentioned are the 50 important things that women should never forget while traveling. Do consider these. Thank you!

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