13 Things to Do in India

Yashvee Narielwala

Things to Do in India

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Everywhere you turn in India, there is something to do or to see that you would have never experienced. you could never get enough of unexpected memories of India and though one post on India could never do the country justice.

13 Things to Do in India

1. The sea of stars in Bangaram beach

  • This Indian destination beach that glows in the dark
  • you may feel like you are in the avatar world, where the beach is lit up with a luminescent blue.
  • you don’t have to travel to a Country far away to experience it. it is right here in India at Lakshadweep Island.
  • the beach at Lakshwadeep is full of algae which glow with a bluish tinge in the dark.

2. Go cycling amid Tea gardens in Munnar.

  • Munnar is a region in the hills of Kerala, famous for having some of the most elevated tea plantations in the world.
  • in Munnar, you can relax while enjoying stunning scenery over the valleys and tea plantations, while enjoying cool weather and escaping the dian heat.

3. Rafting in Rishikesh

  • Rishikesh river rafting or white water rafting in Rishikesh is the most popular adventure activity and lures several tourists from far and wide. the thrill of rafting on the turbulent rapids of the Ganga river is enjoyed throughout the year except during the peak monsoon.

4. Scuba diving in Andaman

  • Havelock and Neil are the most popular and rewarding places to dive, with hard and soft coral, smaller ‘macro’ marine life as well as manta rays and sharks.
  • On Havelock, there are 25 dive sites alone.

5. Ride the famous toy train in Darjeeling

  • This train runs from NJP station to the township of Darjeeling and covers a distance of 88 km.
  • A visit to Darjeeling is never complete without experiencing a joyride on the toy train.
  • The diesel engines could easily be 100 years old and although the ride is not as as fast as your usual car ride, there is a certain sense of nostalgia and pride in riding this age-old compartment.

6. skiing in Gulmarg

Skiing is one of the attractions that is basically done in snow slopes of various tourism destinations around the world. Gulmarg in Kashmir is an all season destination providing various attractions and scenic views throughout the year.

7. Camping in Thar desert

  • A night under the stars of Jaisalmer
  • the Thar desert is the world’s 18th largest desert and the biggest in India.
  • it is a fun ride and the terrain changes dramatically as you enter the hot deserted area.

8. Chadar Trek

  • Ladakh’s famous Chadar trek, a rare adventure sport involving a 15-day trek to cover 105 km mostly over the frozen Zanskar river.
  • the lower sections of this gorge are extremely popular in summers with trooping in for river rafting expeditions.

9. lions in Gir national park

  • Gujarat prides itself on hosting Asiatic lions exclusively and their numbers have now risen to an estimated 674 in the Gir forest region and other revenue areas of coastal saurashtra.

10. Backpack across Spiti Valley.

  • In the far off corners of himachal, lies spiti a middle land between India and Tibet. It’s snow peaked mountains cobalt blue skies isolated villages and pristine lakes are pure magic.
  • A journey through spiti valley is one of a kind.
  • Everything about spiti from the landscapes to the people to the culture is bound to leave the traveler in you reeling with joy.

11. Walk on root bridges in Cherrapunji

  • Centuries old bridges grown from tangled roots.
  • the root bridges of southern Meghalaya come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.
  • they have been known to grow as long as 170 feet and soar 80 feet above the steams they cross.

12. Watching the movie Raj Mandir Cinema 

  • It’s one of the best-known cinemas in India.
  • Having opened in 1976, it has a large art-deco-style
  • the pastel-colored interior, the spacious theatre with its comfortable seats.
  • C-16 bhagwant das Road,, +91 141-237-4694, therajmandir.com. Ticket prices range from 100-400 INR depending on where you want to sit. 

13. Jolly Music House

  • not every traveler loves the intensity and roughness of Varanasi.
  • Apart from the usual nights and experiences, however there is one tiny room located down a lane in the Bengali tola area of the old city.
  • this music house is run by, always- friendly jolly, a Middle aged men and talented musician who offers courses and offers lessons on all types of traditional Indian instruments.
  • but if you ask, he’ll conduct a concert in the evening.

From desert stargazing to snow leopard spotting, to mountain trekking in Himalayas- these activities will take you to the heart and hidden corners of India.

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