10 Things That Make India Incredible

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India is a beautiful realm of incredibility. Hard work, simplicity, and plain livelihood are the charm and allure of the Indian lifestyle. India is the seventh-largest country in the world according to its geographical area and is located in South Asia.

Ancient India was called a Golden Sparrow (Sone ki Chidiya), because it was opulent, prosperous, buoyant, and had well established socio-economic system.

10 Things That Make India Incredible

1. Unity In Diversity

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It is the first and foremost culture and ethical value of India. It is a country of 28 states and 9 union territories. All the states are different in respect of culture, language, caste, religion but amalgamated with love, heart, and brotherhood.

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Indian National flag “Tiranga or Tri-colour” beautifully emblematize the message of “Unity in Diversity”, as saffron color shows “Hindu religion”, green color shows “Muslim religion” and white color unites them with peace, harmony, and love.

2. Indian Culture

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Our country has a gigantic culture like its geographical area. Indeed, all the states of India have different festivals, languages, dresses, but people are of the same temper and disposition. All the religions celebrate another religion’s festival full of zeal and enthusiasm. We can say that festivals here are not confined to the family or people of the same religion, but are widely celebrated everywhere.

The culture of ‘Namaste’ (Greeting with both hands joining together) is followed by all the religions. If we think about this culture, it has a very superabundant meaning as it is a form of “contactless greeting.” At present, during COVID times this ‘Namaste’ culture is being followed by many other countries, which shows the richness of the historic values of India in contemporary times.

3. The Richness of Indian Values

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The central values and ethics of Indian culture are diversity, harmony, modesty, innovativeness, and so on. Indian ‘Vedas’, which is the etymology of all Dharmas, defined each and every aspect of religions, morality, righteousness. Apart from this, there is Bhagavadgita which tells about the inner self of an individual. Manusmriti covers ample topics like the creation of the world, and these old documents are followed even in modern times.

4. Language

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Sanskrit is one of the bountiful languages and is believed to have been the general dialect of the greater Indian Subcontinent in ancient times. Many words of the English language is derived from ‘Sanskrit’ idioms, which shows the striking impact of the country on the world since ancient times. For instance, the word ‘mother’ is derived from the Sanskrit word “matar”.

5. Indian Food and Eating Habits

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Every state here has its own special food which is customized according to its region and weather conditions. As the southern part is very hot and dry, so people prefer food made up of rice, like idli, dosa, and so on, whereas in North, people prefer wheat flour and green vegetables because the northern region is colder.

Indians generally eat food by sitting on the ground and the logical reason behind it is, sitting down makes our posture correct and food gets digest easily. Also, we eat from our hands because it is more hygienic than eating with aluminum or steel spoons. All this tradition is made by our forefathers, keeping all the important things in mind.

6. Resources

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India is the only country in the world which have all the resources like coal, diamond, gold, solar power, thermal power, manpower. Also, it has all 4 seasons i.e. summer, rainy, winter, spring, and autumn which promotes the growth of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Apart from that, country has ports, deserts, mountains, and all kinds of landforms stretching from North to South, and East to West. All these things make India incredible and unique from the rest of the countries.

7. Science and Technology

Ancient Science and Technology have been developed right from the time of Ramayana when people did not even know what actually science was. Here are some instances of medical science and technical science from Ramayana:-

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  1. The first and foremost is Ayurveda, derived from Sanskrit words ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge. It is also known as Sanjeevani which has an advert in Ramayana, as Lord Hanuman brings for Rama to cure his disease.
  2. Also, there was an advert for surgeries in Ayurveda like Suruta (Cosmetic surgery). All these we can find in Ancient Indian texts and even the modern world is using such effective Indian Ayurvedic teachings, which makes India incredible from ancient times itself.
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that aeroplanes were invented by the Wright brothers (Wilbur and Orville Wright) on 17 December 1903, but if we go through the Indian epic text Ramanyana, we will get to know that there was an instance where we find ‘Uran Khatola’ (flying bedstead) which was used by Ravana and during that time it was termed as ‘Pushpaka Vimana of Ravana’. So, we can claim that before the Wright Brothers, The epics gave the hint to us that there can be some flying machine which we can use to travel from one place to another.

8. Yoga

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Yoga is also one of the best ancient remedies for the healthy mind and soul which was originated in our country 5,000 years ago. Today, each and every country of the world celebrate World Yoga Day on 21 June.

9. Great Mathematicians

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India is a country that is not only successful in the field of Science, Literature, History but also in Mathematics, as it was Arayabhatta who invented the digit ‘0’ after which he became immortal. Whatever it may be, but it is true that because of the invention of zero we all are able to measure distance. The world was able to reach the moon and able to measure the distance of the moon and earth all because of the invention of zero by Indian scholar and Mathematician Aryabhatta.

10. Indian Artefacts

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All the Indian artifacts are very unique in themself as each and every artifact depicts some story in it. If you go to temples, they will show you a story that has a rich history. India also has many unique paintings and sculptures which are very distinguished from other countries. India was the first country where civilization was established. Indian artifacts include stones, paintings, pottery, silk, manuscripts, jewelry, arms, and armour etc.

To conclude, we can say that India is the one and only country in the world with the richest culture and values. There is no comparison of India with today’s world. Even in contemporary times Indian resources, artifacts, culture, ethics, and values are prosperous and immortal.

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