11 Things That Drain Your Social Battery


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things that drain your social battery:

Sometimes our social battery gets drained when we try to pretend to be something we are not. There are many other things, and by doing such things, we eventually drain our social batteries. Extroverts tend to gain more energy through social interactions, while it is the complete opposite for introverts.

11 Things That Drain Your Social Battery

1. Friends only taking, not giving

It just completely drains your energy when you only give and give and get nothing in return. Friends who only know how to take from you and give you nothing in return should be cut off immediately as soon they will suck off your whole energy leaving you with nothing. Those are the people you need to stay as far as possible from.

2. Toxic and harmful gossip

Gossips only bring chaos into your life, thereby draining your social battery quickly. The quality of socialization matters more than the quantity of socialization. You need to be very much aware of what kind of talks you are having with your closest people, whether such kinds of talks give you energy or drain it.

3. Being left out by other people

Being left out by other people hurts the most, especially if you are left out by your closest people. It takes away all your energy, leaving you with completely nothing. Feeling left out is a natural response to social exclusion. It can make you feel like you do not matter to the people around you. You may feel quite isolated as well as lonely.

4. Boundaries being crossed

Boundaries being crossed can make you not want to socialize with people anymore. It feels very uncomfortable, leaving you frustrated. It can be quite difficult at first to confront your boundary issue, but this can continue to grow if left unchecked, thereby draining your social battery. You may feel overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out due to boundaries being crossed.

5. Excessive emotional dumping by others

It is okay to listen to the emotional baggage of our close people, but sometimes it gets really heavy if their baggage gets too much. We all got our own lives to figure out first, and in between that, if someone comes up to us with their own emotional baggage, it can get pretty draining, which may run out our social battery.

6. Pretending to be something/someone

When you pretend to be what you are not and fake your way throughout your life, it can get pretty draining. Sometimes pretending to be okay even when you actually are not can bring more chaos into your life. Stop pretending to be something you are not, and try to figure out your past traumas first, as it is really important to first face your issues instead of running away from them.

7. People hurting our feelings

When people whom we once loved with all our hearts hurt our feelings, our whole energy feels drained out, and we feel depressed. It is really hard to even get up from bed and go on about your day. Literally, everyone around you seems to be okay except you, which is a really hurtful and pathetic feeling. Sometimes our close people hurt our feelings even when we have always been nice to them.

8. Struggling to live up to expectations

When you are struggling to live up to expectations that you might have from yourself or others, it can drain your social battery. Not living up to expectations can disappoint you in pretty drastic ways. Remember that you have no control over other people’s expectations. They will always change according to their needs, and it is definitely not your duty to always live up to them.

9. Wanting to be alone instead

There’s nothing more draining than the feeling of needing to be alone arises while you are socializing. Anytime your social battery may run due to continuous social interactions. When you are a person who enjoys most of his time being alone, socializing can be quite difficult for you.

10. Two-faced people

Two-faced people are the most selfish people you can ever come across. They know how to pretend to be nice to your face and behind your back; they will only talk bad things about you to other people. They only take from you and give you nothing in return, leaving your energy completely drained. So stay away from such people, and do not let them manipulate you into liking them.

11. Power imbalances

Instances of racism, sexism, and classism may make a person feel marginalized and ridiculed. These experiences make them uncomfortable, thus draining their social battery.

You may feel weary and burnt out when your social battery is draining out. You tend to start to focus more on the imaginary world rather than the real world as the imaginary world seems to feel more peaceful. You can take several steps to regain your social battery by talking it out to someone for whom you matter a lot.

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