17 Things That Can Worsen Anxiety


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things that can worsen anxiety:

People having anxiety can suffer from various issues, such as the intense and excessive amount of worry about what will happen in everyday situations. It is a sudden fear that can reach its peak within minutes, and if not controlled properly, it can lead to dangerous trauma. Feelings of anxiety can interfere with daily activities, thus lasting for a really long time. Knowing what things that can worsen your anxiety will help in recovering from it.

17 Things That Can Worsen Anxiety

1. Watching negative news

Lots of negative news can bring a negative impact on our brains. The person might actually feel the negativity, and this can lead to serious anxiety issues. Exposure to bad news can make a person worry to an extreme level. It can affect mental health in a bad way. Even if the news could be quite ordinary, it can still cause greater stress and anxiety to a person.

2. Drinking too much caffeine

Drinking too much caffeine can make the body functioning quite worse. Caffeine makes a person feel more nervous if its intake is in a huge amount. It can even trigger an anxiety attack. It also decreases happiness, making a person feel quite depressed. It can be more harmful than good to the body. In lower amounts, caffeine can actually be good but definitely not in a larger amount.

3. Too much alone time

Too much loneliness can make a person feel depressed and filled with anxiety. It is a tendency of someone when they are going through terrible situations to cope with lonely times. Sometimes alone time can be okay to feel things deeply but not too much of it. This can cause severe anxiety issues. It can be one of the most incorrect ways of handling anxiety, as it can generally be the main cause of it.

4. Not enough sleep

Not taking enough sleep can make a person mentally as well as physically ill. A person going through insomnia can be a serious cause of anxiety issues as when in a person’s mind, several things are going on at the same time that leads to anxiety which could be the reason the person is not able to sleep properly. When a person suffers from anxiety, he tends to be filled with negative thoughts. At that time, not taking enough sleep can actually worsen the symptoms.

5. Over-committing

When a person is over-committing to things, it can make him feel burnt out and can cause anxiety. It makes a person stay away from getting the things that they actually want because they give too much of themselves to other people instead of just focusing on their own improvement. This can also lead to an energy drain because of over-committing as the person is just trying to do way too much for others.

6. Medical issues

Anxiety can also be caused due to various types of underlying medical issues in a person. Some of them are heart disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, respiratory disorders, drug misuse, withdrawal from alcohol, and rare tumors. These medical conditions may cause greater panic and fear in a person. Sometimes, due to the side effects of medicines, a person can be filled with anxiety.

7. Trauma

Trauma from the past is such a thing that can be the cause of anxiety issues. A person who has dealt with severe traumas generally is not able to cope normally in the present stage as sometimes the past may trigger some emotions in them. Experiencing any traumatic event is very hard to forget, and due to that, a certain fear of it repeating again, especially in much worse ways, may be very hard to deal with.

8. A messy home environment

Generally, medical conditions can worsen if the environment is messy. It is seen that a messy home is an indication of a person’s messy mind. When everything is cluttered in one place, the mind of a person living in such an environment gets cluttered as well, and it can cause severe anxiety issues too. It can also result in insomnia, increased stress, and reduced ability to focus.

9. Finances

Financial anxiety is the obsessive fear of things related to money which, in this modern world, many people are suffering from. Everyone has a fear of loss of money, or the stress of earning more of it triggers anxiety in the person. Those who suffer from financial anxiety continually worry about paying bills and are sometimes afraid to even check their bank balance.

10. Social gatherings

People who are anti-social tend to be afraid of interacting with too many people in public. It causes greater anxiety to them, which feels quite bad as it could lead to a greater amount of stress and a lack of words forming. Self-consciousness and fear of embarrassment or getting judged can be the main cause of it.

11. Not staying active

Not being active enough throughout the day can trigger anxiety within us. A person should keep on moving throughout the day, not just lie around on their bed. You can try working out once every day. This will also help you to release all the pent-up emotions caused due to anxiety. It is basically an antidote to recovery from anxiety and stress.

12. Self-neglect

Anxiety can be caused when you self-neglect. You do not care much about how you live and ignore the obvious signs that something is going wrong. Anxiety literally means there is something that we need to change about our own lifestyle. So when you self-neglect, the anxiety rises more because of not doing anything about the problems or even due to not taking enough proper self care.

13. Work environment

The environment of work can sometimes be filled with so much negative energy that it can increase our anxiety. It actually depends on the productivity of an employee as well. There are aspects of a job that can cause anxiety, such as having tight deadlines, trying to maintain a work-life balance, and dealing with office gossip and politics.

14. Conflicts

Conflicts with anyone, especially our loved ones, can be a huge cause for the rise of anxiety. Conflicts with our family members hurt us a lot which can lead to a huge amount of stress build-up. This can cause worry about saying something that others might disagree with or general fears about doing things that will make them angry or bother them.

15. Negative thinking

When we think negatively about many things at the same time, it causes greater anxiety in our minds. When we are anxious, we tend to think of the worst possible situations that might happen, and due to that, we feel a constant amount of fear and stress about the situation, which is likely to never even happen.

16. Public events or performances

Anxious people tend to be afraid of public events or a performance which is due to the fear of the public or the fear of being publicly humiliated. A person might feel self-conscious in front of large groups. It can be the fear of looking nervous or not prepared enough that can trigger anxiety emotions.

17. Worries about loved ones

A person who feels deeply towards their loved ones always worries about whether they are doing okay or not. It can be a constant stress sometimes for an anxious person because they think a lot about the possible consequences of situations. They find themselves constantly panicking or worrying excessively about who else they could lose in the future.

Thus, the above main points are the greater cause of anxiety in people. If anxiety issues are not taken seriously, it can be the growth of new medical problems, which can be quite harmful to a person’s mental as well as physical health. The person just needs to maintain calm and composure if filled with anxiety and just try to think positively and feel through it.

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