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When we do not look into things in a serious way, we get to know that certain things are totally okay and the person need not feel ashamed of them. Nothing in this world will matter after many years of our lives as we all are going to die. If we hold on to certain things that we did that might have embarrassed us; we will never be able to grow.

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52 Things That Are Totally Okay

1. Changing your mind

Anytime whenever you feel like changing your mind about any of the decisions of your life, you should not feel bad about it because change is good sometimes. It actually means that you are growing up, and that is for the better. Sometimes we choose the wrong path and feel like changing the path; it is totally okay to make that decision for the better.

2. Taking a break

It is a tendency of a person to get really tired after working for constant hours without any good amount of break. Taking a break is totally okay many of the times when you have the pressure build up a lot due to your work. You must know when to take a break so that your work does not get caught up in your actual personal life. So do not feel bad about it.

3. To be scared of the unknown

Many times we are afraid of the unknown happenings of life. It is totally normal to be scared of the unknown. A person can get anxious because of the consequences that have not happened yet. But you should know one thing being scared in a normal amount of the unknown is totally okay, but the fear should not always be constantly in the back of your head.

4. To fail

Sometimes things do not work out in our own way or the way we have planned it through. It is totally okay to fail sometimes, as this failure can actually be led to a huge amount of success. Failure does not mean that your life has ended now. You can always restart your life ahead and learn through the lessons. Failure can actually be a stepping stone toward success.

5. Not wanting the same things as other people, even your family

Not wanting the same things as other people, even with your family, is not really a crime, but we all feel guilty about it many times. We do not like the hurt and those angry emotions that follow afterward. When we want different things in life which others do not agree with, we must totally address it politely to them, and if they love us enough, they will definitely try to understand our situation.

6. To make a mistake

Everybody can make mistakes, and it is totally okay. Not everyone is perfect, and perfection should definitely not be a thing as, after all, we all are human beings who cannot always be saints. But when we make mistakes, it should be our tendency to try to make things right as sometimes there are people’s feelings involved, and we simply cannot ignore them however we want.

7. To disagree

Disagreeing with people is totally okay as we are different people who can have different opinions about things. Even if another person disagrees with us, we should totally be okay with that as well. We do not always have to play nice and simply agree with whatever others are saying, as sometimes others can be wrong too, and we can totally have an opinion on that.

8. Being sad, happy, unsure (and sometimes all at the same time)

A person’s emotions can vary at times, and it is totally normal to happen. Sometimes we might feel sad, sometimes happy, and might even feel unsure about certain things or these all at the same time. Feeling through these three emotions at the same time can feel really heavy at times, but we just need to learn to go through these emotions.

9. Taking your time

Taking your own time is actually good, and it is totally okay. Sometimes things come in such a way that we need to process it out, and to process these things, we need time. Every person has his own way of dealing with things. Some may take longer than others to get out of things, but it simply means that the person feels through things a lot which is totally fine.

10. Not knowing all the answers or any answers

Sometimes, we might know the actual answer or solutions to a certain situation which is totally okay. It is not a weakness or something to be ashamed of, not knowing all the answers. This vulnerability needs to be embraced by us as this can actually make us better leaders. Everything cannot be upfront, or where everything has happened according to the plan.

11. No idea who you are

It’s totally okay if you have no idea who you are yet. Not many of us know who we are, actually. We all are figuring things out in the best possible way. So, if you are able to know exactly who you are today, you should not worry about it too much, as eventually, when the timing is right, you will understand things.

12. No idea what you wanna do with your life

Having no idea of what you want to do in life is completely normal, even if it feels not okay. Sometimes our career path can change all of a sudden; in that case, we might not know what path to choose next. If you have dreamt enough to change your path, you have the potential to get out of that comfort zone and figure things out eventually in your life.

13. Don’t have a plan

It is a possibility that not everything can go according to our plans and the way we want them to go. It’s totally fine if you don’t yet have a plan. You don’t have to be worried if you don’t have a life plan. Sometimes people don’t have their whole life planned out yet, but they still live a pretty good life.

14. If you aren’t who the people around you want to be

Other people may have too many expectations from us, and we can’t always fulfill their expectations. It’s okay if you haven’t become the person you were desired by other people to become. This is your own life, and it is you need to choose what you want to do with it. Others are just a chapter in our lives; till the end, it is we who will be there with ourselves forever.

15. Couldn’t please everyone

You simply cannot please every other person throughout your life. You live for yourself, not for them. You cannot make everybody happy at the same time, so it’s totally okay to disappoint a few people in this life. You should not feel guilty about such small things as others might disappoint you too, which you cannot complain about.

16. Slept in late

Sometimes we get tired in life and want to sleep till late and not get any work done. You don’t always have to be a goody two shoes. Even if you went to bed at 2 a.m. and woke up at 9 a.m., it is totally fine. On a long-term basis, sleeping in late is not good for your mental health, but from time to time, we all feel the need to take a break from our fixed schedule, which is totally okay.

17. All you did was get out of bed

Life is already hard as it seems, so in that case, if all you did was just get out of your bed, today is a totally normal thing. It can be a huge struggle to even get out of your own bed sometimes due to poor mental stability, so it’s really appreciable if you just got out of your bed today.

18. Spent the weekend in pajamas

What better way to have a low-key weekend plan than just staying in your pajamas the whole day? Not all the time; you have to go out and look like you are fun. It is totally okay to just stay inside only in your pajamas and do your me time with a little bit of dancing and singing and just enjoying yourself.

19. All you did was just survive

Survival can be hard at times when your mental health is not well. Surviving can sometimes be a huge task, and it is totally okay if all you did was just survive. Things can get difficult in life, and due to that, we might feel like giving up, but we just have to hold on to the good things in life and know that these are just the phases in life that will pass someday.

20. Took a week to text back

Sometimes taking a break from others, even if they are our loved ones, is okay. You should not feel bad about not reaching out to them first all the time. If they care enough about you, there will be times when they will feel the need to reach out to you first. Even if you did not respond to them quickly and took at least a week to respond back, it’s okay.

21. Needed to cry

Letting your emotions all out is the best way to handle difficult situations in life. Needing to cry your heart out is really a normal thing, even if you are not generally an emotional person. Crying can actually be good for you as all your pent-up emotions will be released through tears. Crying is a good way to feel through things and sometimes a big need.

22. Wanting to be alone

We all like our me time sometimes. Wanting to be alone can be a positive thing. Other people might think that the need to be alone is always related to mental health issues, but a person can actually like to be alone just to feel that peace. Spending your time alone can lead to good creativity, self-insight, self-development, and a huge amount of relaxation.

23. Did absolutely nothing

You do not have to do many things during the day; you can take breaks in between and do absolutely nothing. There’s nothing wrong with you if you do not feel like doing anything sometimes. There are actually benefits to doing absolutely nothing. It gives you a space for your creativity building, and you may be able to solve your problems quickly.

24. Spoke out about anything

Speaking out about things is totally okay, even if others would judge you for that. You should always speak your mind loudly and often. You may think that just because you are silent, you will avoid conflicts. But if you don’t speak out on things where you should not keep quiet, you may be judged as an easy person.

25. Feeling burnt out

You may feel absolutely burnt out when you constantly try to pretend for a really long time by just putting on a smile throughout your life. Constant stress due to work may get pretty hectic sometimes, which may make you feel quite tired. But no matter these things that you are feeling, it’s pretty normal to feel such things sometimes.

26. Love life didn’t turn out right

It is definitely not the end of life if your love life doesn’t turn out right. Sometimes, people we love don’t love us back, and it’s totally alright to feel the pain if, no matter how hard you tried, it just did not work out in the end. Two people may go different ways as something better has been written for both of them. Sometimes people be there in our life for just a small period of time.

27. Spent the day procrastinating

It is okay to go at your own pace in life, and you do not actually have to rush through things. Sometimes you might not feel like completing all your work on time, and a little bit of procrastination does not hurt anyone. However, procrastination has its own benefits. That last-minute creativity is better than the constant hours of putting in work.

28. Day/Week/Month/Year didn’t go the way you wanted

Things do not always go the way we want them to, and it’s not really our fault. Unexpected things can also be the best thing happening in our lives. Sometimes things have to go the wrong way in order to get it right the next time and also in a much better way. It’s totally natural to feel disappointed when your day/week/month/year did not go the way you wanted.

29. Felt lonely

We all feel lonely sometimes, even when we are in a place full of people. Sometimes we do not feel wanted or included, and that is totally okay. Not everyone is born to fit in everywhere. Humans feel the need to connect with other people, and when that need is not met, it is completely normal to feel lonely.

30. Didn’t have shit together even if felt like others had theirs

This is what life is. You got to sail through it even if you have not yet had your shit together. We do not really know what situations others are facing and how they are coping with them. We only look towards them from the outside but from the inside, we all are the same human being, sometimes struggling through our lives. We all got problems, so it’s totally okay if you feel like everyone had their shit together except you.

31. Struggling to cut toxic people

Sometimes the way people that we love so much turn out to become toxic, and we do not understand their toxicity. Due to that, we struggle to keep them out of our lives since we are so attached to them. No matter who it is, if your relationship with someone is harming your mental health, the best decision you can make is to cut them out of your life.

32. Broke down

We cannot be happy at all times. We all are human with real emotions inside us, and it is totally okay to break down when things go really heavy. Crying your emotions out can be a good thing that you do for yourself. Sometimes you can be doing everything right in your life and still break down.

33. Not happy all the time

A person will be called as mad if he is happy all the time. We as human beings go through all kinds of emotions throughout our life, and we simply cannot always remain happy. We cannot always feel positive about everything, and we absolutely do not have to fake our true emotions. It is not embarrassing if you do not feel happy sometimes.

34. Finding it hard to move on

Sometimes it can be really hard for us to move on from the people who we once loved with all our hearts. It is totally okay to feel those feelings, but eventually, when things do not seem like they are meant to turn out right, we have to let them go and move forward in our life. It can be really hard to move on at first, but as the days go by, it will get easier.

35. Wanting to talk about your feelings

We all feel like letting our feelings out to someone. It is really natural to want to talk about your feelings. No matter who you are, your feelings are valid, and they are worth listening to. You just only have to find the right people who would actually love to listen to your feelings. It will definitely be valued around the right people.

36. Asking for help

You cannot do everything by your own self. At times you might need help from others. That time you should not hesitate to ask for your help. You do not always have to be independent, as there are people who might be ready to provide you with help whenever you need it; all you have to do is just ask. Do not be afraid of getting judged, as we all need help sometimes.

37. Didn’t do laundry

There can be perfect days as well as messy days. While on messy days, you might feel like simply just relax the whole day and procrastinating your pending work for a while. It is totally okay if you do not feel like doing your laundry someday. From time to time, we all need relaxation and to take a break from our daily work.

38. Didn’t make the bed

Apparently, it is totally okay if you do not make your bed. If you make your bed right when you wake up, you trap the moisture in the sheets allowing dust mites to arrive. Leaving the bed unmade allows the moisture to dry up well, reducing the dust mites in the bed. Not everything needs to be tidied up soon as you wake up.

39. Felt rejected by someone

It is okay if you feel rejected by someone. Not everyone can be accepting of us. If we are liked by everyone, we won’t be seen as unique. It simply means that we are rare and can only be seen by other rare people. You should never feel sad about someone rejecting you, as sometimes people cannot see your real worth, which is totally fine.

40. Being betrayed by someone

Betrayal can probably be one of the worst feelings someone could ever feel, and it is really hurtful as we put all our trust in them. But sometimes bad things happen to us, and we think that we are important to people, but it turns out that we are actually not. It truly shows their personality as they made that choice to deceive us, and they will live with that guilt throughout their lives.

41. Wanting to slow down

You do not have to rush through things all the time. Sometimes we have to take things slow in order to get them right in the first place. Due to constant hours of putting in a huge amount of work, you might feel burnt out quickly, which is a sign for you to slow things out. Just remember that life is not a race.

42. Finding yourself questioning several things

Sometimes things do not seem to add up together, and you might feel very confused with everything happening around you all at once. You might find yourself questioning several things at that time. Questioning everything only means that we only want to learn more and grow. To make good life decisions, we need to question some things first.

43. If life isn’t perfect

No person’s life is perfect all the time. We all go through various difficult situations that get extremely difficult to handle sometimes. The bad phases of our life will eventually go, and there is a saying that after a hurricane, the sunshine always comes. We just have to be patient enough to wait for the good times.

44. To still be healing

It is totally okay if you are still learning how to heal after a bad phase of your life. During your healing stage, you will go through all kinds of grief. Sometimes you will feel energized, but the very next day, you might also feel drained, and it is totally normal to feel that way. Just know that time will heal you in all the right ways.

45. To not wanting commitment

Sometimes we are not ready to face something serious in our life. We are just simply not in that stage of our life to give a long-term commitment to people, and it is totally okay. We need to first learn how to be okay alone and to love ourselves before falling in love with the other person. A person who is happy within himself will only be happy with others.

46. To be selfish sometimes

We all can be selfish at times when it comes to our own needs, and it is not something to be ashamed of. It is actually good to put our own needs first because if we will not think about ourselves, then who will? Everyone in this world only thinks about their needs first, so why not you? You do not have to sacrifice your needs to make others happy.

47. Skipping a party

Skipping a party can actually be good for your mental peace at times. Not all the time you should be indulged in a noisy environment. Sometimes silence can be better. Simply just relax and living within your own moment can be such a good way to spend time away from the world. Parties get messy sometimes and may give you discomfort too.

48. Doing things at your own pace

Doing things at your own pace might actually be great for you as when you take your own time in doing things, it turns out to be better rather than when you do it in rush mode. At your own pace, your energy will not get drained, and you tend to feel more energetic as well as happy.

49. Doing things less than perfectly

The need for perfection all the time is not only unhealthy, but you are also trying to reach a standard that you can never achieve, which might only lead to a huge amount of disappointment. So, in that case, getting something done is always better than perfect. Despite the flaws, you should still feel happy about getting it done.

50. To have stretch marks

Having stretch marks on your body is a totally normal thing, and you should never feel insecure about it. Stretch marks are not harmful to your health, and it is definitely not abnormal to have them. It is quite common to have them, and due to body changes, it is completely normal to have them.

51. To not be skinny

It is totally okay if you are not skinny. You should not be intended to change your body the way it is through unhealthy ways such as skipping meals. You should learn to love your body the way it is. It is your body, and you need to learn to accept it. You do not have to have a perfectly skinny model-like body to be known as beautiful.

52. Flawed skin

Not everyone can have that flawless-looking skin, and it is totally okay. Flawed skin is still beautiful. It is quite common to have skin issues like acne, breakouts, oily skin, and blackheads. You should never try to use more chemical products to remove these; you might make your skin way worse. Natural skin care can be more helpful.

Hence, we got to know that things that nobody will even remember what exactly happened to us in detail, and these are actually the things that do not really matter even if they remember it. It is totally a normal human tendency that we do things and regret them later on. But it does not mean that those things did not matter at that time.

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