11 Things That Affect Your Mood


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things that affect your mood

Various things around the world can change our mood. Our mood really depends upon the kind of situation we go through, and changes in it can alter our well-being. Everybody gets moody. Some days they might feel like they are on top of the world, and sometimes nothing can actually impress them.

11 Things That Affect Your Mood

1. The weather

Changes in the weather can affect mood. When there is nice sunshine, we might feel quite light with no kind of burden, but when there is a gloomy day, we might also feel a bit gloomy, like the weather. Unpleasant weather can ruin outdoor plans if it goes on for a long time. The person may even feel irritated due to it. We generally feel quite fresh due to sunshine weather, but our mood can actually change to sleepy if the weather outside is rainy. Hence, spending more time outside when the weather is pleasant can give a better mood.

2. Social media

There are some things on social media that can easily uplift our moods, like memes, funny content, or even posts of our favorite celebrities, but at the same time, there can be other various things that can make a person feel angry and disgusted. Using too much social media can increase the feeling of isolation, which brings out negative emotions and worsen your depression, anxiety, and stress. Try avoiding social sites as they can lead to serious depression if used in a huge amount.

3. The quality of your sleep

We actually feel quite refreshed after a good sleep, and when we do not get it, it may lead to a feeling of irritation as well as anger. A normal adult actually needs 8 hours of night sleep daily for a better improvement of their mood. When we do work more and get less sleep, it can make us feel tired the whole day. Having problems in sleeping is likely the cause of increased anxiety, depression, and even feeling suicidal.

4. How organized your room is

You can actually feel the change in your mood when your room is unorganized. A messy space can be a sign of depression or other mental health issues. An untidy room can increase anxiety or stress. Try to keep your room organized so that it does not affect your mental health. You can try cleaning your room once a week by putting on some of your favorite music, and soon you will notice a change in your mood. When our room is organized, we tend to stay more productive and also feel happier and healthier.

5. Lack of movement

Lack of movement can affect your mood pretty badly as then you will not be healthy as you were before. In between work, you can try stretching out and keep on moving throughout the day to remain positive, not getting your mind cluttered due to negative thoughts. Movement can change how your brain works. Regular exercise such as cycling, aerobics, flexibility, walking, and jogging can reduce depression symptoms. It can be a natural way to remain healthy so that your mood will be happier.

6. The color of your outfit

Color basically represents who we are. While dressing up, when we choose the color of our outfits, we also choose what we are hoping to feel. The subject is quite broad; for example, red is considered a traditional color to the Hindus; in Western areas, black is worn as a sign of mourning, and in some areas, white is preferred. Different emotions describe different colors. Green and blue are referred to as cool colors, and they represent a sense of calm. Orange and yellow are warm colors that can boost mood. Bolder shades bring out more energy within us. Hence, try to choose the color of the outfit accordingly.

7. The people you spend your day with

The kind of people that we invest our time into affects our mood. If we invest our time with people who are always depressed, we become like them; similarly, spending time with a happy and motivated person can make us feel the same way. Think before investing emotions with someone who actually drains your energy; these are the kind of people that will always take from you and provide you with nothing. Due to that, a person might feel empty from within, but a kind person knows to provide equally, thus making us happy too.

8. Your posture

Your posture affects your mood and mental state too. People who walk or sit in a slouched position often tend to have increased feelings of depression and unhappiness. When you walk and sit straightly, you will feel more confident with your personality and also feel happy. While spending more time in front of the computer at your desk, your posture might change, which can also affect back pain. Sitting straight can boost energy levels, and your mind will work very well. You can try alternatively changing your sitting positions from time to time.

9. Needing to eat

Your mood can also change when you feel the need to eat. It is seen when a person is very hungry; their attitude changes to anger. It can make you feel tired, irritable, and depressed. Choosing the foods that will help in gaining energy is very important. Foods decide what kind of energy a person will show. Unhealthy eating patterns can cause various amount of mood swings. The mind, as well as the body, does not function well without proper food.

10. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes cause a huge amount of mood swings, especially in women. Mood can change a lot due to periods, puberty, menopause, or pregnancy. These things cause a misbalance in the emotional state, causing sometimes good and sometimes bad moods. The development of the body changes; in the same way, the mood also shifts. Serotonin is the brain chemical that is responsible for modulating mood. Hence, if its levels are low, the mood is low.

11. Drugs and alcohol

Intake of drugs and alcohol affects mental health in greater ways. It tends to change a person’s mood a lot. It affects your mental well-being. Many people who take drugs and alcohol tend to take it only as a coping mechanism, but it actually worsens their mental as well as physical health. The effect of alcohol is just temporary, but the damage it does is extremely permanent.

Thus, understanding your moods can help you manage them easily and feel much better. You can try analyzing your mood change by the above few points mentioned and see whether, due to those things, your mood affects you or not. Sometimes, moodiness can be the reason for serious mental illness, so always look out seriously for changes.

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