12 Things Suffering From Anxiety Can Teach You


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things suffering from anxiety can teach you:

You are suffering from anxiety if your worrying is uncontrollable and causes distress. You are not able to let go of your worries, and you also worry about all sorts of things. People with anxiety disorders frequently have intense fear about everyday situations. So, when things become negative, you can actually learn how to make them positive by changing your mindset.

12 Things Suffering From Anxiety Can Teach You

1. What’s good and what’s bad for you.

Suffering from anxiety can teach you about what is good and what is bad for you. It helps in noticing dangerous situations and helps to focus on how to make them better. A person having anxiety thinks too much about all the possibilities of the situation, and due to that, the person actually gets the awareness of the good and the bad. It gives some kind of intuition about any situation, thus revealing the truth.

2. Makes you wise.

A person with anxiety is wise as they are picky about who they make a part of their lives. They are choosy about who they tell things to and who to let closer to them. They always think many times before speaking about anything. They are not rude about particular situations and in putting up the wall in front of those with whom they don’t want to be close. So if you are friends with such people, feel lucky to be part of their lives. They only pick the best ones.

3. You don’t need to believe everything you think.

It’s true that you experience each of your thoughts, but it does not represent everything true about the world. Your thoughts are just basic interpretations of the world around you. Not every possible thought that you will have about a particular situation will come true. You don’t have to stay alone with your thoughts and think about every possible situation related to you. Negative thoughts lead to stress, and thus anxiety teaches us not to believe in whatever thoughts we have.

4. The importance of self care.

Anxiety helps us to look into ourselves more about what kind of changes we are going through. Anxiety can change the way of behaving of someone, and a person may not care much about themselves. But at the same time, it can teach how self care is very important for one’s self. It helps to adapt to changes, build strong relationships, and recover from difficult situations. It teaches you to take time to improve both your physical as well as mental health. When you take self care seriously, it will help you in managing your stress level and lowers the risk of any type of illness.

5. How to look after your mental health.

Anxiety can teach you how to really look after your mental health in various ways. You learn how to value yourself and treat yourself with kindness and respect, thus avoiding self-criticism. You start to make time for your own interests. Your care for your body increases, and you start eating more nutritious meals and staying hydrated. You may even get into lots of exercises to take care of your health. You try to give in more to yourself rather than only thinking about yourself, thus making good relationships with others. You actually learn how to deal with your stress by practicing good coping skills in order to decrease it.

6. Who your true friends are.

When you have anxiety, it gives you the knowledge to get to know about what exactly people’s intentions are towards you. It is said that during our lowest times, we really get to know about the true self of our close friends, who are our real friends and who are not.

Everyone might come during your happy times, but what matters is who stays with you the most during your hard times. You get clearer about who are your true friends when a friend is keen on asking how he can help you in your hard times rather than making everything about them. Such a person can be genuinely interested in supporting you if he tries his level best to make you feel calm about particular situations.

7. It can be a powerful motivator for you.

Anxiety can be a powerful motivator if you change your way of interpreting what’s happening. There’s not much difference between a person having anxiety and an excited person. Motivation may come to you if you know how to channel your emotions into things beneficial for you. You can try by helping people, writing about your thoughts, and working on your self-awareness. Situations change when our mindset about that thing changes. Learning how to change your negative thinking into positive thinking can really bring a great impact on yourself which anxiety teaches you.

8. To balance work and life.

A person getting too caught up in work may feel burnt out, and there can be a misbalance of work and life in greater ways. Anxiety teaches one to maintain a healthy balance between work and life by forcing a person to do the self care that they genuinely need. While doing any form of self care, the person feels better and does not feel any kind of anxiety.

9. Provides the energy necessary for taking action.

During anxiety, the person may feel uninspired to do any work. Anxiety makes you lazy, and hence you are unable to do any kind of action. The good news in this is that it actually tells what exactly you need to change in your life. The anxious thoughts help a person to realize the kind of actions that they need to do so that they may get unstuck.

10. Longevity

It is seen that an anxious person lives longer than a normal person as anxiety drives a person to take the needed checkup and take care of their health. An anxious person has great levels of consciousness, and thus having a conscious mind helps a person to see through things a lot, thereby living a longer life. People do tend to underestimate the risks and die early, but people having anxiety do not tend to ignore the signs.

11. Empathy

Suffering makes us more empathetic towards situations and people. It makes us more human, especially when a person suffers from anxiety. An anxious person may feel the pain of situations and others. They are more sensitive and loving towards people; they got more acceptance towards people in general who are facing personal traumas.

12. Good leadership

Leaders are supposed to run multiple scenarios at once and to be prepared with the outcomes, which an anxious person is really good at. They are able to go through several scenarios at once and find the best measure to solve the crisis when it comes. An effective leader has these qualities. Anxious people use their different thought processes to take responsible actions.

Thus, anxiety can be seen as a positive thing if you really think about it and try to change your perspective on it. It can help to discover your full potential, as when you are stuck with anxiety, you don’t value yourself much. But if you try to think about it in a positive way, you might get to know that it might help you to push yourself to your limit, thus leading you towards your achievement. You just have to learn how to discover your fullest potential, and it may really help you in wondrous ways.

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