10 Things Men Are Tired of Hearing

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10 Things Men are Tired of Hearing

We live in a male dominated society. Women have to work hard for what men get in their hands. But patriarchy has given a fair share of hardships to men too. From the way they walk or what they speak, they are in constant surveillance. At every point, they have to keep up with the double standards of toxic masculinity to prove themselves as men.

Though there are countless things that men get to hear every day, here is a list of 10 most annoying stereotypical clichés that men are tired of listening.

10 Things Men Are Tired of Hearing

1. The “like a women” tag

Men are always expected to act strong. They have to be in a certain way all the time to prove themselves worthy. If on the other hand they lack some ‘manly’ skills, they are compared to women. For example if a man couldn’t run fast or is sensitive towards sun, he is ‘acting like a women’.

 2. “Why do you need skincare?”

Apparently, men cannot and should not be conscious about their skin as it’s too girly. Basic products like face wash and moisturizer are too feminine to me found at a men’s bathroom.

This reflects the mentality that women do nothing but dress-up and it’s a necessity for women to be presentable all the time. Men on the other hand are too strong to be affected by dry and damaged skin.

3. Men don’t cry

According to the society, empathy and sorrow are not something a man should feel. They are expected to be rock-solid and should remain that way, no matter what. What society fails to notice is that men just like women are capable of emotions. Crying is not a sign of weakness. It is how humans function and it helps them maintain their sanity.

4. Pink is for girls

The color pink has been associated with women since ages for no concrete reason. So if a man wears pink cloths or other bright colored cloths he is not manly enough for the society. He should wear dark colors to keep up with the intimidating personality. This is actually funny how a color can make someone question their gender.  

5. “it’s always easy for you guys”

 Men do get some things easy like right to education, less work place harassment, night outs, etc. Yet it would be unfair to say that they don’t have to struggle for anything. Everyone has their own journey and someone’s gender should not determine whether they did hard work or not.

Ratio of crime against women is more than crime against men. But this does not mean that men do not face crime at all. Also sometimes the family feels so ashamed to report certain crimes when it’s done to a men.

6. “All men are womanizer”

It is considered that men have no respect for women and they associate themselves with women only to fulfill their physical needs. What society fails to register is men are humans too and they too are capable of feelings like love and care. Just like not all men are rapist, not all men are womanizer. It’s unfair to put all the men under the same scale. They are equally capable of building relations just like women.

7. You can drive, right?

The hoax that women are not a good driver has being all over the places since centuries. Also men are treated as if they have learnt driving in the womb itself. So if a man cannot drive it is a shame because men are supposed to know and do all the so called manly things. Also stereotypes like men are not good at artistic things like drawing and dancing could also be easily heard.

8. Drink like a men

Men are entitled to consume alcohol as much as they want and they should overdo it as a sign that they cannot be affected by anything, not even alcohol. If a man does not drink, he is weak. Not only alcohol, men are also subjected to comments like “eat like a man”. As if man work harder than a woman and hence should eat more food. On the other hand, a woman should not consume alcohol according to some cultures.

Alcohol when consumed in excess is harmful for both men and women. Each and every human body has its own capacity to digest a certain amount of product and should not be associated with gender. Also it’s a personal choice to consume alcohol and must not be forced on anyone.

9. “You need to be more muscular”

If a man is thin, it’s a matter of shame. They are constantly pushed to join gyms to look a certain manly way. They are body shamed at every point for their appearance. They are given names and bullied. As long as a person is healthy, their appearance should not matter. One should always be given the choice to look a certain way they feel comfortable in.

10. “save for your family”

The stereotype that men have to be the provider in the family has created a line between the two genders. On one hand, man is forced to provide for wife and children. On the other hand, if wife earns more than the husband it is a matter of shame. Men and women both should be given the independence to spend their hard earned money on their own terms. Also in a relationship, it should not matter who earns more. Partners should always push each other to work hard and grow.

There comments are not only mean but are also influential. They are subconsciously and consciously drilling it into the people’s psyche that women are weaker than men and both genders are not equal. Comparing a man to woman as a metaphor for weakness is making the root of sexism even deeper. Hence, it has to be stopped first at personal leave and then at societal leave too.

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