7 Easy Tips For the Art of Writing for Beginners

It’s easy as breaking eggs for some of us while others think of it as a monstrosity. No its not the floss dance move being referred to but instead the monster in question is writing. Sure there are some people who literally cringe at the thought of writing while others are just lazy enough not to do it. At hintsoflife.com we take writing quite seriously. Obviously, writing is our bread and butter and we’ll give back to you readers some useful insight on how to go about writing. 

Why Write?

Writing is a romantic art. People used to write all the time. From journal to letters to pamphlets to many kinds of other writing that go about. Now we all run away from the thought of writing. Writing is a soulful art. Something that comes from within. You have to feel it and the world will flow through your pen. When you are putting so much though into writing, that’s when you are thinking from the head. But when you write from the heart, it’s just the magic of the fingers and your inner feelings flowing. 

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Keep your words in place and let them intertwine with the way you feel. This is flowery writing. It comes from your very essence.

7 Tips For Beginners

But we cant write flowery all the time. The world is not our journal. The following are some things to keep in mind when doing any kind of writing

1. Restore Your Grammar Knowledge

Just like before driving a car you are familiarized with its basic parts and their uses. In writing too, make it a priority to to go through all the grammar lessons learnt in your life. The more you know of those punctuation, figure of speeches, simple and compound sentence formation, your chances of being a good writer increases. 

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2. Research

Most of us tend to skip this step (cos we are such pros). This is first and the most crucial stepping stone to any writing. If you don’t research, don’t read, don’t skim through multiple sources, the writing is going to be all over the place. A well researched person knows his subject and his material. 

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Just like you cannot begin reading a book before knowing the alphabets, writing is similar too. Research is key. 

3. Cultivate Your Own Writing Style 

Besides the point that reading gives us material and research is key. There is an aspect that we adopt when reading someone else’s work. This is the writing habit and flow of the writer we pick up of the research, articles, books or blogs we have read. After a read, our mind runs the same words and sentences over and over. To avoid being too close (in terms of writing) to your research a main points

4. Chalk It Out Virtually 

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Make it a point, before writing to create a mental documentation of what the final write up would look like. What things you want to include in it and in what order? When having a virtual map, you get a clear-cut content you want and do not. There should a flow in your writing. Your readers must be able to connect the dots. Plan all this in accordance with the number of 

5. Write, Write and Write

The actual process of writing is the real deal. There are not enough words to describe how indeed physically writing down words be it on paper or PC will help.

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Of course mistakes are a part of the process, but you take something back each time and most importantly you learn something with every new writing. 

6. Ask the Experts

Taking writing classes, or asking the experience writers for a few tricks when writing would do no harm. There are meetups, book signings, events, work shops where you get to meet such prolific writers and also get a chance to take a peek into their writing secrets (only if they are willing to share, of course). If you attend a seminar or workshop on writing, you would be amazed with the different kinds of writings that are around us and the depth of impact they have on the readers.

7. Develop a Love For It

This might be the last bullet in here but it is the crux of your writing. You have to fall in love with writing. We all know it is bound to get prosaic at some point of time but it will be your love for writing that will help you recover from it. Falling in love with what you write, write what you love and make your readers fall in love with the written word. 

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