The Art of Journal Writing

With her journal to her heart she let slip the hand of her friend of 4 years named “depression” and walked onward. This sounds deep but it is true. No it is not the beginning to a tragic novel! This is just how drastically writing a journal has bought me and many others back to life. You beginner can take a hint and savor the yumminess of writing for yourself, to yourself and from your very TRUE self. 

What is Journal Writing? 

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What is up with you if you think journal writing is a totally alien concept? Well you got to lift up your rock and crawl outta it. Journal writing mostly referred to as diary writing is an age old practice. People scribble down their feelings, experiences, the highs and lows of their day etc. You just jot down anything random that’s worth writing down. Or maybe not! You can pen down any insane incidents too. Like when in my journal I write where I used to bathe my turtles everyday (obviously until I saw the irony in it). There is a whole segment on Hip-Hop (my turtles) in that blue journal I have. 

Do you see now? You are the essence of your journal. It is vous that gets the tiring practice of writing some oxygen. Journal writing can also turn into your ‘Me Time’.

Who Does That? 

A common belief that circulates is that journal writing is for the old or for the very ancient like Stefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries. This is not it though.

Famous celebrities, scientists, writers (obviously) and ultra influential ones like Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Seneca Raymond, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Emma Watson all turn to nerdy writers at some point of the day. 

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For many of us those stashed up hidden piles of journals are a major turn on. 

Where to Begin With Journal Writing?

Many of you already have this icky feeling about physically writing something down. We have the capacity to text away lengths and lengths of paragraph but we can do not better than just vomiting words in our exams or for school essays. One can say schools have made the art of writing just as distasteful as the broccoli I am about to get served for dinner! Nobody is blaming you. Whoever put the ‘W’ in LSRW towards the end is the culprit. 

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You ought to get over all this. Most of the times the perceptions that we hold are not even ours to begin with. Muster up the courage to get a diary, a pen or a pencil and write. 

What am I To Write About?

A first time journal writer may encounter a feeling of weirdness and formality in the air. I know this because I felt the same. You might even feel its unsafe to open up and use words to explore your deep dilemmas. But who cares? Nobody is going to read your journal but you ! Be bare with your feelings. Strip down to every last piece of emotion you can think of. Maybe you’ll be able to find that stress element and eliminate it.

All you beginners can begin by asking yourself easy questions like 

● How was my day?

● What made me smile today?

● How was work/school/house?

●Who was the hero of your day?

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These are simple easy questions that one contemplates on a daily basis. The difference here is that in journal writing you use the real answers in your head and decipher it on a piece of paper.

Later on when you reach your pro zone, dig deeper and dismantle your true self piece by piece in written words.

Write Away Right Away !

Reading this article will fill your launchers with motivational fuel and supply you with much needed intel on journal writing. But after completing your read, head straightaway to your writing desk. Find that peaceful, positive place and start writing your journal entry for today. Procrastination will get you nowhere.

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Benefits of Journal writing 

After presenting such a compelling case as above all in favor of journal writing and writing for yourself, a much needed list coming right up on the benefits of daily journal writing.

  • You get to face your true feelings when writing a journal
  • Writing makes you more expressive 
  • With daily entries in your journal things become more permanent 
  • If things and incidents are present in your journal you can look them up and relive all those memories 
  • Unlike others you get into the habit of writing
  • Your journal is your private blog. The privacy settings to which should be ‘only me’. Your journal is the most personal thing after your dainties. Keep it to yourself.
  • Last but not the least you can boast of being a regular journal writer. This will automatically make you fall in fellow aristocratic writer circles. 
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Who knows you might surprise yourself by being a regular journal writer. For many people like myself journal writing is food for the soul. It has helped, cured and pulled me out of some very tragic traumatic times. Journal writing can become your closet to Narnia too. Now go let the writing commence! 

What do you think?


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