Journal Writing A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide!

With her journal to her heart, she let slip the hand of her friend of 4 years,  depression, and walked onward. It sounds deep, but it is true. No, it is not the beginning of a tragic novel! It is just how drastically writing a journal has bought me close to life. Akin to many others. A beginner can take a hint of the power of journal writing and relish in its healing energy. Let this article enthuse you into writing a journal. 

What is Journal Writing? 

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Sounds like an alien concept? Well, you got to lift your rock and crawl out. Journal writing, mostly referred to as diary writing, is an age-old practice. People scribble down their feelings, experiences, the highs, and the lows of their day, jotting down anything worth remembering. Or maybe not! You can pen down insane incidents, raging emotions, or even people of your own making. I have written a whole segment on Hip-Hop (my turtles) in my blue journal. Do you see now? You are the essence of your journal. Journal writing can also turn into your Me Time or can commemorate the person you are right now. It brings you closer to yourself.

Is Journal Writing a Popular Practice? 

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A popular journal writing myth is that it is for the old or the ancient, like Stefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries. It is not. Celebrities, scientists, writers, and visionaries like Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Seneca Raymond, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga, Emma Watson; all allow their pens to come alive in their journals. Journal writing is a habit of successful people in all walks of life.

Where to Begin?

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Many of you already have this icky feeling about physically writing something down. We can text away lengthy paragraphs but, writing in our exams/school essays has made us dislike writing. Nobody is to blame. You ought to get over all this. Most of the time, the perceptions that we hold are not even ours, to begin with, so muster up the courage to get a diary, a pen, or a pencil and start writing.

What to Write About?

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A first-time journal writer may encounter a feeling of weirdness and formality in the air. I remember feeling the same. It might even feel unsafe to open up and express the deep-seated dilemmas. Stop stressing. Nobody but you will read your journal. Bare your feelings. Strip down to the last emotion, and maybe you’ll be able to find that stress element and eliminate it. Let your imagination run wild on the paper. Begin by asking yourself easy questions like:

  • How was my day?
  • What made me smile today?
  • How was work/school/house?
  • Who was the hero of your day?

These easy questions can be quite reflective. The benefit of journal writing is that the answers in your head on paper for you to decipher. You can conclude and develop a better understanding of life.

Benefits of Journal Writing 

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Despite the compelling arguments, if you are still unconvinced, here are the benefits of journal writing to give a push.

  • Face your true feelings during journal writing.
  • Daily entries in your journal are permanent, documenting your life. If things and incidents are present in your journal, you can look them up and relive all those memories.
  • A beneficial skill of writing gets honed with little effort. It makes you expressive. 
  • Your journal is your private blog. The privacy settings to which should be only me. It is a sanctuary for all your insecurities and fears. I place you can vent out all that feels overwhelming.
  • Regular journal writing gives you a better perspective on things in life.

Write Away Right Away!

Reading this article will fill you with motivational fuel. Use this much-needed intel on journal writing and head straightaway to your writing desk. Find a peaceful cum positive place, and start writing your journal entry. Before procrastination can rise. You may surprise yourself by being a regular journal writer. Journal writing can serve as food for the soul. It helps cure and safeguard me out of some very tragic traumatic times. 

Journal writing can become your closet to Narnia or your Hogwarts Express. Let the journal writing commence! 

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