10 Superb Ways To Handle PCOS

PCOS isn’t something that can’t be cured. It has many remedies and steps that, if followed, can guarantee an exit door, or rather, an easier way to live with it.

Why is PCOS so common?

It may be shocking to many that PCOS in the present times is one of the most common health problems in females these days. One primary reason for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is the faulty food habits that prevail in the present times. Increased levels of insulin also contribute significantly. Fluctuations in hormonal levels result in increased chances as well.

So here we have Compiled 10 Ways to Handle PCOS

1. Exercise

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One step that can help you to handle PCOS is exercise. Regular exercise not only keeps the body in shape but also fit.

2. Maintaining A Healthy Weight

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It is well known that obesity and being overweight aren’t good for the body. People who are obese are at a greater risk of PCOS. Thus, maintaining a healthy weight is essential and can help you beat this syndrome that plagues you.

3. Staying Active

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Being physically active can be a significant step towards being healthy. Several doctors recommend physical productivity as a critical tool to kick PCOS. Avoiding laziness and doing small physical tasks each day can be of great help.

4. Avoiding Sugar

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Taking minimal sugar in your food intake is a healthy step to take. Checking on your insulin levels can be of great help because high sugar intake can be one of the reasons for Polycystic ovary syndrome. Patients can be more prone to diabetes.

5. Right Food

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Eating the right food can be a significant step in treating PCOS. Avoiding several things in your diet, like limiting the carbohydrate intake, can be helpful. Saying complete no to processed and canned foods should be practiced. You can include legumes, green vegetables, and fruits in your diet.

6. Increase Iron Intake

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Taking iron-rich foods into your diets, such as spinach and eggs, is a great way to boost your iron levels. Sometimes PCOS is caused by shifts in iron levels, and women generally suffer from iron deficiency, so monitoring your iron intake can help you with treatment.


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Avoiding coffee and going for green tea is the best option to treat your PCOS. Green tea is known for its beneficial properties. Taking too much coffee can change your insulin levels and also bring a shift in hormonal levels.

8. Monitoring Sleep Cycle

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Getting a good night’s sleep is quite essential in treating PCOS. Disturbances in sleep cycles make changes in hormones which isn’t a good sign if you’re diagnosed. Going for 7-8 hours of sleep daily and establishing a regular bedtime routine can help to treat it.

9. Managing Stress Levels

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Taking too much stress and uncontrollable overthinking can be hazardous to your mental health and be the reason for your PCOS. Managing stress and positively catering to your needs can be vital elements in handling PCOS.

10. Vitamin D

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Patients diagnosed with PCOS have one major thing in common: the deficiency of vitamin D. Checking up on your vitamin D levels can help you ovulate quickly; it helps your chances of fertility. Sunlight is an excellent source of this vital vitamin. Some foods rich in vitamin D are soy milk, orange juice, and cereals.

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