9 Strange Fears I Bet You Didn’t Know About

Fear is a weird feeling. It can either immobilize you and shock you to the bottom of your core, or it can make you act erratically. Both of the reactions sound like nightmares. Living with strange fears is a nightmare in itself.

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While you may have a fear of heights or clowns, some people have strange fears. These people are not only alone in dealing with them; they are also alone in dealing with the strangeness of it all. These weird fears make them feel that living with them is an actual task. Moving forth, here are some of the weird and strange fears.

9 Strange Fears I Bet You Didn’t Know About


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Imagine being scared of everything. Imagine having to live with the constant fear of what will happen next or later in the near future. Your mind is plagued by thoughts of only what might happen, and you have no control over it. So, if you are scared of everything, you have panophobia. It is a feeling of constant dread, and a general fear of something evil looms over you.


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Ambulophobia, or better known as the fear of walking, is surely a strange fear. Imagine if someone in the stone age had this fear, they would not have been able to get any tasks done and probably have been ridiculed. Hence, if you fear walking, you probably have ambulophobia. But do not confuse it for your laziness because that is just inexcusable.


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Try reading that. Come on, try!

Try again.

It is irritating, is it not?

Long words have always irritated me. This is probably because I cannot read them. But I do not fear them. But some people fear long words. Yes, this unpronounceable word is the name for the strange fears surrounding long words, and ironically, the term is long enough to make you fear long words.


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We all want good news in our lives daily. We keep our ears open for the smallest doses of good news and detest any bad news. But some people are actually afraid of good news. This is as strange as it gets. Why would anyone harbor this fear, and how does one deal with it? I cannot even begin to imagine. If you are scared of good news, well then, I am afraid to tell you that you have euphobia. Surely has to be one of the most strange fears out there.


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Ancraophobia or Anemophobia is the fear of wind. If wind, open environment, open windows, or devices that expel air like a hairdryer or a blower scare you, then you suffer from a case of Ancraophobia or Anemophobia. Imagine fearing strokes of wind, being terrified of breeze on sunny days. Sounds hard.


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All of us are familiar with strings, but imagine being petrified of them. Imagine living a life where you are scared of strings. This fear could be present because of past experiences or some thoughts embedded in your conscience. Well then, our pets are clearly not afraid of strings. But if you are, stay strong.


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If you love dancing as much as I do, you are going to hate this fear. Yes, this is among the various strange fears we have talked about. Some people are afraid of dancing any related activity. How can anyone live without dancing, and the joy it brings is incomprehensible to me? But I guess when you are afraid of dancing, you can be excused.


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Try pronouncing that.

This weird phobia is as odd as its name. If you are scared of peanut butter sticking to your mouth, you have what the world calls arachibutyrophobia. This fear could have serious implications and lead to panic and even heart attacks in the worst cases.

Imagine never getting a taste of the absolute goodness that is peanut butter. Fear truly does a number on us.


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Well, this fear probably tops this list of strange fears. It is truly eye-opening or, well, quite literally the opposite. If you fear opening your eyes, you have this strange fear known as optophobia. Not feeling comfortable to see the marvels and sights that our beautiful planet has to offer sounds truly terrifying.

These are some of the strangest phobias that you may not have come across. On that note, kudos to those who face these strange fears. You are the brave hearts in the truest sense. More power to you!

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