9 Magical Steps to Master The Art Of Persuasion

This article is coming from the best of the best sources. One of my co-founders has a pretty neat hand at what is called persuasion. Quite a commonly used term, but a very impact one to be honest. This topic is also highly trending in Google as folks are hyped about how to go about persuading people to get their heart’s desire and why not! This is not rocket science. Just psychology at its best. These 9 quick fixes are definitely worth giving a try.

What is Persuasion? 

Persuasion in pretty solid terms is “how powerful an influence” that you have on the other person. The more potent your persuasion power, the more better you will be able to play around and get people to do what you want. It is no black magic or hypnosis. It is the way you say, what say. Not only is persuasion executed via words, but also through spoken words, objects, visuals, tools, reasoning, feelings, or a cocktail of all of these. 

Persuasion isn’t an instinct and is definitely not something to inherit. It is acquired and learned over the years. 

It is crucial that persuasion isn’t confused with manipulation. To pursue means to influence. Manipulation is adding and subtracting information and facts to mind-boggle a person falsely. This latter is pretentious and can have terrible consequences. The former is a soft skill, a technique to know how to get work done. It is a personality trait, to be honest. And in today’s time and age, to pursue is to win at things you need to get done.

There are many books, influencers, and blog posts (ours is the best. Duh!) that have flooded the market because everyone wanted to persuade someone or the other. Get the art of persuasion right with these slick techniques. 

9 Steps to Persuade Anybody

1. Know Your Target 

This isn’t a goose hunt. Take it easy there. A target is your potential person with whom you are trying to work your magic. It can be a teacher, fellow colleagues, parents, siblings, gatekeeper, bartender, maid, or anyone. You have to know what your target person would like to hear. What kind of a tone will work and how it bring about a subject of his/her liking in the process? Sometimes, the presence of an added incentive is what will do most of the persuasion. Also, you ought to reflect on what kind of persuasion tool would work efficiently. Bring in proof or statistical data if needed. This will only make your case strong.

The vital element here is to be acquainted or at least aware of the person you are going to pursue.

2. Chosen Ones 

After knowing your target audience, there is more sorting that needs to be done. Rethink over and see if you need to persuade XYZ for the short or long term. If it’s short term, choose the easily influenced ones. The goal is long-term and can bring in all those people who are a bit level-headed and firm. Making amends in their principal or work way will need time and for sure your powerful persuasion punch.

3. Condition and Timing 

You cannot execute persuasion anywhere and everywhere. Yes, the art of persuasion isn’t area specific. But there is a certain mood or a background that needs to be created. Randomly walking up to a person and persuading them to do what you want will never fetch you the results that you want. Instead will make you look a bit desperate. 

Get your chosen person in a mood or a backdrop. Start a conversation about a related topic. Rushing in won’t cut it. Go up the ‘yes ladder’. We’ll learn more about this technique down below. 

4. Be Persistent 

A persistent attitude in work and otherwise is a highly regarded trait. This works well in this task to persuade too. If you find that such and such person is unbelievably strong-headed and unbreakable, a persistent attitude is what will break through. Anything done with persistence will reap benefits sometime or the other.

5. Persuasion With Compliments

Who doesn’t like to be complimented and praised? It is a human tendency that any place where a compliment is followed by, the mind and the personality of the other person becomes more indulged in what you have to say further. This way when you want to pursue someone, it is best if you throw in a handful of fatter here and there. It’s all in the presentation someone said only yesterday. Present your persuasion in such a way, that it will be attractive and your target person will walk in willingly. 

6. Be Truthful

Since we know by now that persuasion isn’t deception, it is a clear-cut rule to be truthful in your approach. If you build up a total hoax case and are able to pursue someone to do something, then it will be called a con. Be genuine about what you ask the other person after you have successfully pursued them. It’s obvious, that such a powerful tool can prove destructive in the hands of some notorious people. But be true to your persuasion motive and appeal. A con concealed in a persuasive act will only bring short-term benefits. 

7. Bring in Those Graphics

The power of words, apparently cannot be denied in any case. The pen is mightier than the sword any day. But a picture speaks a thousand words. We will not leave these phrases to fend for themselves! 

It is cool to be slick with words and mold them in such a way that they can bring a voodoo like an effect. But in some cases, like in a meeting, or when presenting an elaborate idea, it is necessary to pull in some images too. Pictures will have a lasting effect. But when words and pictures come together, this duo becomes unbeatable.

8. Build and Transfer a Positive Energy 

You can just speak or show a detailed graphic presentation and expect the other person to be pursued. It takes more than that. There is a certain aura you need to create. You should reflect the emotion you want to transfer. Your words, your body language, and your energy should come together in complete alignment and speak. This will for sure create a huge impact. 

As a beginner, building this positive energy and weaving it with words is quite a task in itself. The mirror is your friend. Try talking to it and see if you can pursue yourself for doing the task that you most dread.

9. Adopt a Confident Approach 

Even if you have the right words, images to accompany, the perfect background, with positive energy too, what is essential is that confidence. if you have the power and peace to say everything with confidence, even the most impractical of things will feel doable. confidence is key. the art of confidence is something else to learn altogether.

Phrases That Help to Persuade

Be your most charismatic and confident self by bringing to use these everyday use phrases which will in turn bring people to actually listen and execute what you want. These are no hypnotic words but just some phrases, that are psychologically baked up to create a lasting effect on the brain. 

Image Credit- Pinterest
Image Credit- Pinterest

Adopt this one to gain entry into some places. For example, say this to gatekeepers and bartenders.

This validates the other person. Take your target person’s side and show that you feel for them. 

Add the person’s name.

throwing in your target person’s name will create a more powerful impact and moreover, is potent to grab attention.

The Yes Ladder

Try to ask a lot of questions to which the answers are probably ‘yes’. Take for example’ when you ask anybody out on a date. coming right to the point will make you look like a novice. Make the other person to agree to a lot of questions initially and then come to your actual point. This is a very commonly used sales technique.

Walk people by the yes ladder and it will seen much smoother and create a good impression


This word is equally powerful as whatever comes after ‘because’ is justifying and people are more likely to trust it.

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