8 Steps to Help Bring Back Lost Positive Vibes

Contemplating what to write next, I found my inner diva sitting with her head dug deep in her knees and feeling all kinds of freaked out. Yeah, I’m freaked out (if you can relate to what I mean). Finding yourself in a fix, with things going perfectly fine is very normal. Sometimes it’s not the aura around you but that inside self that is drained out of all possible positive vibes. Personally, being a writer, losing positivity reflects in these articles. Obviously, all of your lack of positive feelings will reflect in your workspace and personality too. Being able to have found my zen after trying and testing all or some of these suggestions from down below has been of great help. Keep it together, Hints of Life has got some of it figured out. 

Positivity is not some switch that can be just randomly turned on and off. You can picture it as a sensitive little layer that envelops you. This is your aura. Your aura is something that decides the vibe you give off. It is greatly affected by the company and because of being sensitive, it is vulnerable. Fear not we have some aura cleaning techniques in stock for you too. 

Moving on, it is this aura that dictates whether you feel positive or not. Sometimes it is your own deep subconsciousness responsible for making you feel low. Whatever the reason be, either inner dilemma or external factors, the ultimate power lies with YOU. Channel your energies and you will be on the path to healing. The few steps down below can nudge you in the right direction.

8 Steps to Help Bring Back Lost Positive Vibes

1. Make the Most Out of Music

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Nobody and I repeats nobody can deny the power and impact of music. Many have found solace and console in music. When your mind is treading about in every possible territory, turn on the music. It gets much better when you grab those noise-canceling headphones to the jazz. Any genre you fancy, feel free to play it full blast.

For me, traps and trance work best when I am in my loony state. Music allows you to hear nothing but your own thoughts and cancel all other background noise.

2. The Power of a Sound Sleep

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This is the most uncanny solution to go with that hasn’t worked for me but has helped one of my friends. She legit claims that a sound sleep when you feel stuff around you is going haywire, and is the most powerful reboot you can opt for.

Definitely, sleep recharges all those tired brain cells and helps you get a bigger and better grasp of things.

3. Talk to Yourself 

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People find it extremely difficult to comprehend that I have conversations, (deep ones to be precise) with myself. Even psychologists claim that talking to self is healthy and a resolve for many matters. By talking to self, you get a peep into the intricacies of problems and entangle knots. This will in turn release positivity. A person who talks to self is not a maniac but someone who is trying to resolve issues from the root and get some clarity.

Try talking to yourself and reach a conclusion if you are at a disadvantage due to your inner enigma. Some positive energy is sure to spring out from this.

4. Try to Sweat It Out

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Another way for some is to work out. Not to state the obvious, it will be a bit challenging to get your body into beast mode when your mind is not aligned in line with positive feelings. However, there are people who make a great case for the benefits of working out when those positive vibes are a far-fetched reality. Maybe it is due to the fact that working out releases endorphins, widely known as happy hormones.

My personal take on this is that, if in a space with a lack of positivity, one is still able to master their body movements in a routine manner and is surely bound to monitor back discipline and positive emotions.

5. Discuss It Out With Someone 

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Many times all the help you want cannot be supplied from within. This is when you should not resist for even a millisecond and knock on that confidant’s door or ring up their phones. Sitting in a place scarce of positive vibes can make your mind dawdle in very dingy domains.

Make arrangements for a meeting if possible because the impact of physical contact in such times is much needed and effective as compared to phone calls. Very often we burden ourselves with the responsibility to tackle situations on our own, not knowing that help is just a ping away. 

6. Step Out of Your Spot

Sometimes it is not you, but the place that has locked out positive vibes. You can try getting up and stepping out to your favorite spot. If you feel this working, then smudging that said negative spot with sage can prove really effective later on.

Getting out in the sun also makes you a bit awake and lively from the inside. Maybe it’s just a pinch of vitamin D that you need!

7. Journal It Out

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Putting your thoughts on paper can give you some clarity. Be true to yourself if you are about to try this. Ask probing questions to figure out if this absence of positivity is an inner creation. Make a note of events and try to conclude who or what or when was it that your positivity-loving ass was busted. We have an in-depth read on the art of journal writing if you are about to adopt this practice.

8. Talk to Your Pawsome Friends

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These pawsome friends are none other than your furry big or small friends. They say dogs are the best therapy anybody could ask for. But when positivity is shunned, any kind of a pet can help. I have found myself on countless occasions, finding solace in my Guinea pigs (Dooby & Koko) and turtles (Hip & Hop). If you have a pet or a stray that might cheer you up, then don’t hesitate to share their company. 

Hit any or all when in need of some positive energy and ask your chi for much-needed assistance. Trust yourself and find the zest of positive emotions in the bleakest situations.

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