7 Songs to Add It to your Playlist

Armed with a playlist, we’re usually a tad bit better equipped to face the grind. We’ve all faced gloomy days full of despair yet what works on all of us as a charm has always been music. So, when it’s difficult to turn on the happy you, turn to these songs in this specially curated playlist to make you feel alive.

7 Songs to Add It to your Playlist

1. It all feels right by WASHED OUT

it all feels right

You know the feeling when it’s sweet and tangy and you’re caught between flavors but you feel as if it will work out? This song gives me that. It’s like a cool breeze on a hot summer day giving respite from the scorching heat of the sun. You can drive down the lane to this song while the wind flutters through your hair. It will give you all kinds of right tingles. It sweeps you off your feet but also levels you. I don’t know how to describe it but when you listen to this, it does feel alright. And I guess that’s what most of us are looking for.

2. Dissolve by ABSOFACTO

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Have you ever laid down under a tree in your garden? It’s a warm morning in winter but you lie down because the sun finally felt like it would grace us, earthlings, with its presence. And you look at the branches. Sunlight glimmers through them and you feel at peace. This song reminds me of the branches quite like us, intermingling, intertwining and evolving. It talks about being dissolved in love and our expectations which more often than not disappoint us but this song in some strange way does not. It builds on to give you just one thing – peace.

3. Coming over by JAMES HERSEY

coming over
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The word has an intensity incomparable to any other. And this song in the playlist perfectly describes the intense juxtaposition that we all face whenever matters of the heart confront us. Love truly blinds us. And decisions about love would probably always be a bit crazy, part moronic and part sane. But I think that’s the beauty of love in all its forms- carnal, platonic and so many more.

4. Don’t let her by WALKER HAYES

don't let her
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Another great song to introduce to your playlist. It’s a love letter in itself. It makes you realize that you may not be a part of the forever of someone you love dearly. But it makes it okay because it brings down the ’till death do us part’ down from the high pedestal that we place it on.

It talks about letting go. It does not force upon you the realization but gently makes you come to terms with falling in love again and again.

Reminds me of a verse from my piece ‘Falling’:

5. Last Summer by THE SHADOWBOXERS

last summer
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This song taught me about transition and attachment. Change is something that can be painful in so many ways and there are times when adaptability becomes difficult. But once we do, everything goes back to normal.

Attachment in any shape or form is heart-breaking and looking back at fond memories does induce joy but it also holds you back. 

And the master of this game is someone who evolves yet stays grounded, flows yet stays rooted. You figure this out with time; to be honest, time makes you figure it out by hook or crook.

6. Best Part by DANIEL CAESER

best part
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The best Part lulls you into this enchanted state where you can only hear this song. It’s like coffee; wakes you up like no other, calms you but hypes you up too. Ideal morning playlist material!

The best part of this song is the essence of comfort and belonging that comes through. It makes you feel alive and happy. But it also makes you want. But more importantly, it brings a sense of warmth that we all feel many times in life, never realizing the importance of said warmth at the moment but always remembering it in retrospect.

 The memories that this song will unfold will make you want to call your loved one and thank them. Because no matter how much we choose to believe otherwise, the best parts of life are those spent with people we love and feel alive with.


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Rare is so important in this era of self-love. When we live in a world where the internet and social media do not let you embrace your flaws or at least normalize them, then every waking moment of your life ends up being dedicated to hiding them.

But this song brightens you up from the very inside. It makes you recognize this very important and crucial lesson that yes, we all are rare. Make this self-love anthem a part of your playlist.

We have all taken different trajectories, faced so much, yet we stand strong and bold.

When you listen to this song, you know it’s you asking your own self, “Why don’t you recognize? I’m so rare.” It makes you want to believe in your uniqueness. 

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