9 Skincare Habits For A Healthy Glowing Skin

Having discussed building a skincare routine in a previous post, this post aims at informing people about good skincare habits for glowing skin that will bring out the best in the products you’re using. The additional and important benefit is that your skin remains happy. Happy skin always equals a happy you. All the products you use will exhibit their best if you start incorporating these steps.

Some of the advice is repeated – meaning, I cannot stress enough how important these steps can be for your skincare.

9 Skincare Habits For A Healthy Glowing Skin

1. Drink Water

Drink Water
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You’ve seen this one so many times, but it’s so important. Staying hydrated saves you and your skin so much trouble. Keeping yourself hydrated means your skin is hydrated. Water will flush away the toxins from your body, so nothing complicates matters for you and your skin.

2. Apply SPF Daily

Apply SPF Daily
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It’s important to remember to apply SPF every day, even if it’s cloudy. SPF helps in anti-aging, and for glowing skin, but more importantly, it acts as a barrier between you and the problems caused by the sun. Even if you’re home, SPF is a must. Never forget!

3. Don’t towel dry your face

Don’t towel dry your face
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Instead of patting your face dry with a towel, consider standing under the fan and letting the water dry naturally. This allows moisture to remain on the skin, allowing for better use of the products you’ll be using after. Pat with your hands for better absorption. Rubbing your face with a towel may cause irritation or inflammation to the skin.

4. Consider investing in a jade roller

Consider investing in a jade roller
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Jade rollers are handy devices that promote good blood circulation. The massage tool is used for reducing puffiness, enabling good blood circulation among other things. Applying essence and rolling the massage tool over your face also allows for the product to get absorbed into the skin better!

5. Try managing your stress levels

Try managing your stress levels
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Stress can take a toll on the skin. You don’t have to be stress-free always, but keeping it regulated goes a long way in maintaining your skin’s health. Meditation, deep breathing, etc., are all good ways to try and keep your stress under control.

6. Sleep well

Sleep well
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Since the body winds down along with us in the night, a good night’s sleep will help you maintain your skin. Lack of sleep will stress you out and in turn stress the skin, so whatever products you apply might not work to their full extent. Do some meditation, listen to ASMR and even some sleep music to help you wind down after a long day.

7. Cleansing before sleeping

Cleansing before sleeping
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Cleansing before you sleep allows your skin to wind down for the night. Wash with a gentle cleanser, allow to dry naturally, and finish your nighttime skincare routine. Your skin will thank you in the morning.

8. Wash, wash, wash the face

Wash, wash, wash the face
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With water alone, during the afternoon’s or the evening’s, just wash your face to get rid of the sweat and grime that keeps accumulating on your skin. No need for soap. Just keep using water to wash until it’s time for your routine.

9. Try incorporating brands that have natural products

Try incorporating brands that have natural products
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Sometimes, your skin wants fewer chemicals and more of some natural goodness. Do some research and find good brands that incorporate some natural ingredients into their products. Just make sure you’re not allergic to any component – natural or chemical.

Here are some of the skincare habits for a healthy, glowing skin you can follow! YouTubers like James Welsh, Liah Yoo, and channels like Beautywithin, are all great places to look for more skincare habits to incorporate. The skin is our largest organ and we need to do our best to take care of it. Happy skincare!

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