4 Simple Hacks To Stay Fit For Lazy People

Okay, it’s pretty desirable to have that flawlessness for a body, with lean muscles and those pesky pecks to flash. This needs a little more look into your eating habits and some activity.

 That’s the body we look for. Mostly there aren’t any quick fixes (if you don’t juice up on steroids) but for us lazy people there are certain hacks and tips that can be utilized.

Trust me these work and yikes the results they yield are visible!

Why Do We Lose Activity?

It is no strange reason or rocket science to figure out why the body we need is running away from us, on a rocket booster. It is these crazy lazy habits that make us lose even the slightest activity that is possible.

The results? Obesity and a lot of unwanted diseases. 

The life we all have curated for ourselves has little or no window for even the bare minimum physical activity. 

Is there a solution to this? Yes, there are gyms in place. You see all those people hitting the gym even in the slightest a chance they get? Yup. That lot is the one belonging to the conscious ones. 

Then there are people like us writers, who get very little time to shift the ass and make a move. For us going to pee is a workout. No giggles are allowed here as this is a serious tragedy. 

Worry not! I have my list of lazy people hacks for you that will give at least some of that needed exercise.

Carry on to read if you belong to the lazy lot and are looking for some bare minimum movement exercises. These will work if you keep on repeating them on a regular basis. 

4 Simple Hacks To Stay Fit For Lazy People

1. Become Intentionally Forgetful

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No. I am not gone looney. This one tip is exceptional if executed. Lemme show you how this works. You know you can carry about 2 glasses of water in a go. But if you pretend to forget this potential of yours and go on to carry only one glass then, you will have to make a move for the next one.

Did you see what that just did? You pretend to be incapable and made two rounds instead of one and increase your activity.

Become even lousier and drop a pen every now and then to make some way for your body to move. 

2. Drink Water

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It’s not news that drinking water is equally as important as breathing. There are people I know who skip an entire day without drinking a glass of water. This is dangerous. 

Drink about 8 glasses of water a day; this will set things in motion. The part that people hate the most is where you have to pee. To pee, you have to move that body. And moving that body will give you exercise.  

Also, this is a foolproof method to avoid work or study (coming from someone who is a world-class procrastinator). 

3. Burpees and Squats Are Your Friends

There are no lazy people workout hacks with actually involve a form of exercise. You ought to incorporate all such workout techniques that make use of just the body weight. Such workouts are easily executed during any big or small breaks. such exercises involve stuff like squats, burpees, yoga postures, and a lot more little stretching exercises.

4. Stretch and Strike

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You don’t have to strike nobody. Just maintain a daily stretch routine. That’s all the jazz you have to do. A daily stretch routine will give you all that necessary muscle pull, even if you aren’t able to get up and work out. People who stay glued to the chair (like moi) will need a good back stretch and an in-depth relaxation to those fingers and neck.

There are so many cool workout videos on YouTube. Choose a YouTuber and begin with it. My current favorite is Haydee Somers. Her workouts are pretty doable.

If this is not it, there are Victoria’s Secret models with their stretch routines. Get some tips from the best and improve your lazy habits.


What do you make use of in your daily life to get some activity? If you have some other resolutions that can help lazy people, then do tell us in the comments below.

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