8 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship


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8 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Relationships are indeed special. They’re the people whom you share yourself with besides your parents, siblings, and maybe friends. It is intimate; you learn about your emotions, what makes you jealous, what makes you happy, how you like to be complimented, how you like expressing love besides the one you do for your family or friends.

During these tingling feelings that a relationship gives us, we tend not to see the line where things start becoming toxic for us. And unfortunately, we ignore these signs of a toxic relationship. It happens because of the rose-colored glasses we put before our eyes through which we see our partners. These glasses are dangerous; they prevent us from differentiating good and bad.

We should never forget that every relationship in our lives, romantic, friendship, work, or family is supposed to help us grow, be it emotionally, logically, resource-wise, and achievement-wise. When we get deeply attached to someone, we tend to sideline these rules and choose the person over what their purpose in our life is. However, it is possible to give yourself a check whether the relationship you’re currently in is healthy for you or toxic.

These Are The Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

1. No Proper Conversation

No Proper Conversation
Source: Verywell Mind

Conversation is an important key in any relationship. When we talk about romantic relationships, one always feels positive and relaxed when they communicate their feelings with their partner. Communicating negative emotions is as important as expressing it.

If you don’t feel free with the thought of communicating, something that is bothering you, then you might want to reconsider being in the relationship. If the thought of saying something fills you with the fear of your partner leaving you, then it is not right for you. You’ll feel stuck and frustrated in such a relationship.

2. Always Doubting Or Hating Yourself

Always Doubting Or Hating Yourself
Source: Talkspace

If you are in a toxic relationship, then you’ll be in a negative mood all the time until your partner is in the right mood. This way, your relationship revolves around your partner. It is a sign that you should move on from that relationship.

3. Gaslighting

Source: Medium

You try to tell your girlfriend about something she did that has been bothering you for a while, and suddenly she starts shouting about how hurt she is listening to that? Or your boyfriend starts crying about how you never give him the benefit of the doubt? If you’re familiar with such situations where you are met with extreme reactions instead of a communicative way of expressing emotions, then it might be a possibility that your partner is gaslighting you or guilt-tripping you.

4. Less Contact With Your Friends

Less Contact With Your Friends
Source: Business Insider

This one is a visible indicator. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you’re able to handle your social, work, and personal life. There is a balance. If that’s not happening, a partner in a healthy relationship helps you figure out these things and pushes you to do better and achieve. However, an unhealthy partner won’t care. There are chances that you are not able to handle all areas of your life because your relationship is consuming the best of you.

5. Indifferent To The Happenings In Your Life

Indifferent To The Happenings In Your Life
Source: Bustle

Whether you achieved something or you’re facing a loss, your partner seems to be indifferent to it. They might hear it, but they’ll continue going about their day, what’s up in their life, or how they feel bad about losing the game in their newly bought PC or how their world has fallen apart because they can’t attend the party they so badly wanted.

6. A Narcissist Personality

A Narcissist Personality
Source: Healthline

These people victimize themselves, and the relationship revolves around them. Feeding to these people’s insecurities so that they could feel good about themselves wasn’t your purpose in the relationship. Then what are you still doing there?

7. Everything Depends On Your Partner’s Mood

Everything Depends On Your Partner’s Mood
Source: Love Catalogue

You don’t get to put forward your choices. Your mood depends on theirs; the conversations happen when they want them to. They are the ones handling every aspect, and you’re just on the receiving end.

8. Always Planning/Rehearsing The Conversation

Always Planning/Rehearsing The Conversation
Source: Glamour

Because there is no proper communication and freedom, you’re always cautious of whatever you say in fear that you don’t end up putting them off.

These are some common signs that require attention, and if need be, also some action. No matter how much liking we develop for a person, no matter how much the heart wants what it wants, in the end, we need to commit to the most important relationship in our lives, which is to ourselves. Even though you like that person a lot, loving the feeling they give you, you can’t deny that they are not helping you grow or feel better about yourself.

There are specific logical questions one should keep asking and remind themselves after some time. It’s like a routine check on your self about how you’re doing in your life. When you ask such questions, and your answer is not satisfactory, then get up and change and make your life better. You deserve better, fellow human!

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