Shocking 5 Foods Worse Than Cigarettes

It might seem bizarre that how can really food items be possibly worse than smoking cigarettes? But it is true nonetheless. We eat tons of crappy food each month without giving it a second thought. Our gym freak content writer at is our walking talking nutritionist. She keeps all of us and our lazy day food habits in check. This article pure came out of her caboodle. After putting in some research and cracking up some old dossier, we have concrete proof that there are definitely food choice you make unknowingly that are even more terrible than smoking. 

How Can Food Items Worse Than Cigarettes?

Everyone would agree to say that food items cannot be worse than smoking tobacco. How can they be? Think about all the fat and oils you eat that go into your body. Burning all that up at a gym session still wont reverse the damage done. This is an endless cycle of eating garbage and working out. 

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As per a study by the British journal, its has been found out that consumption of too much sugar or salt with inadequate fruits and vegetables in the diet results is the root cause of one in five deaths a year, or approximately 11 million globally. This research summed up data for up to 20 years and 195 countries. 

A peculiar finding that came forward was that the countries in which the death count was low, relied heavily on the Mediterranean diet. For example Spain. It was also rated as the 2019’s Bloomberg Healthy Country Index. 

Fresh Fruit Juice 

There is a huge misconception that lies with people when they say that fresh fruit juice is an extremely healthy option as compared to eating fruits directly. Anyone would say so. Because why not? But do you see what’s missing? The pulp. The main content for which fruits are raved about, the fiber. That’s what is thrown out in the preparation of these so called healthy fruit juices. 

What can make matters worse is the added sugar. The amount of sugar which you gain from fruit juices in itself is bad and can become equivalent to a whole can of coke. Rather than squeezing the life out of that fruit (pulp) it is obvious to go for the whole fruit instead. 

Farm Bred Fish

Fish everywhere is fish you might say. But this isn’t the case. The actual fish which boasts of omega 3 fatty acids is found in abundance in wild fish. Omega 3 fatty acids become the most sought after Vitamins because of their benefit that can considerably reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Both these things add up when farm bred fish comes into play. Farm fish is fed food and nutrients in a monitored environment. This makes the fish lack not only healthy nutrients but a hint of chemical additives may also be added to their food. Farmers make use of these chemicals to make the fish grow in size. 

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Be well aware of the source of fish. 

White Bread

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In recent years, people have made the switch from white bread to brown bread. But very few of them know the reason. You see many of us have a habit of going with the flow. There is nothing wrong with white bread. But it is just made from refined grains. These lack the fiber and nutrition content in them. Fiber which is utterly important for health weight loss and the bodily 


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Like literally, some of you are in awe of how a smart food like serial even be in this list. The answer is pretty simple. Just like white bread, till sometime ago cereal was also considered a healthy choice. But what changed? People took a deep dive into its nutritional value. It is made up of refined grains just like a loaf of white bread. Cereals being totally dry of fiber and nutrients fall in this list of foods that are more dangerous than smoking. 


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Did you know that soy are a natural hazard? They are the most destructive mono crops among all other crops. They extract mostly all the nutrients from the soil in which they are grown. Leaving it barren. Adding to this, the soybeans you get are somewhat tampered with. Farmers modify them genetically to make them look bigger and attractive. 
Consumption of too much soy can also negatively affect women’s health. The menstrual cycle to be exact. An element called isoflavones, also known as plant estrogen levels in the body get increased. This becomes relatively connected to an increase in soy levels. 

Be aware and make healthy eating choices.

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