Setting Goals And Obtaining Clarity To Achieve them


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Setting Goals And Obtaining Clarity To Achieve them

How many of you have a clear picture of what you want out of life? Sure, we know what we want but why do we still procrastinate? Scroll down endless pages of the gram and Facebook which leads us nowhere?

We indulge in petty, time, and energy-consuming activities because we lack clarity; be it of setting goals, directions, our activities of the day itself..

Most of us don’t have a clear picture of what we want from ourselves. At the very best, it’s fuzzy…What about you?

Why should you be clear?

Do you take time to reflect on what you did, and why you did it? Do you take time to think about your future? If the answer is no, schedule time regularly. Start with five minutes and gradually build to an hour.

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If a one week vacation needs two months of planning, then won’t a 70-year life need a solid blueprint?

If you make the effort to develop clarity the payroll down the road will be tremendous. Whether you desire to be financially independent, have time for hobbies, develop relationships you can have all of this, if you have a crystal clear picture of what you want.

Master philosopher Jim Rohn observes that there are two major pains in life:

One: the pain of discipline

Two: the pain of regret.

You can resolve to exercise discipline this very moment but regret, my friend, weighs tons.

You don’t wanna look back and go “if only I would’ve ………”

Remember at the end of the day, it’s your choices that bring you the life you have now: at this point.

Commit yourself to make crystal clear goals and execute them.        

Developing unusual clarity

Developing unusual clarity means creating crystal clear goals –

clear goals
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Your goals should be-

YOURS – obvious, right? But here’s the thing, even if you don’t want anyone to be influenced by the thoughts of people you surround yourself with: your friends, family, colleagues. Think about it: social media. That cover girl on the magazine with that flawless skin and not a strand out of place.

All this quietly speaks to you: if you are not all of this you are a failure.

Chasing behind all these things, in the eve of life, you wonder and regret why you chased after what you thought you wanted. Before its too late put on paper your goals, make sure they’re yours and you’re doing them for the right reasons.

MEANINGFUL – whatever your goals are, make them meaningful, for yourself and your surroundings. A meaningful reason will give you the drive to pursue your goal no matter how difficult your circumstances. Ask yourself: why is it important to me? What’s the point of doing this?

If this doesn’t pump you ask yourself: what happens to me if I don’t do this? Where will I be?

SPECIFIC AND MEASURABLE – Here’s where most people lose it: when you don’t define what you want.

Say you wanna wake up early. This is a vague generalization. This goal of yours would be specific if it includes-

What your sleeping time should be?

How many hours you should sleep?

What time you should wake up?

Just be more specific.

FLEXIBLE – Your goals shouldn’t be so rigid that living up to them suffocates you. Design an exercise plan for better health. Flexibility here would mean varying your times during a week, type of exercise so that exercise doesn’t become a chore and things keep interesting.

CHALLENGING AND EXCITING – As cliché as it sounds, its true – life’s too short to be afraid. Create goals that excite you. Keep you awake at night. Take risks.

Look up Josh Goddard. Get off that damn phone, and get out. Life’s not waiting.

BALANCED­ – When you set goals, make sure you’re setting time aside for fun, family, travel, hobbies.

Trust me no one would ever say –“if I could live over again I’d attend board meetings…”

REALISTIC­­- Tattoo this sentence on your head –

“There are no such things as unrealistic goals, only unrealistic time frames”

 C’mon, you know what I am getting at.

If your goals check all these points, then you’re in for a smooth ride at a mental level, since you have a clear sense of your goals.

You know what it is you want, how to get it and most importantly why you want it. Share your goals selectively. The right kind of support will definitely take you places

The catch: your goals don’t work until you do.

Set goals and go for it. YOU have many people to surprise.