8 Sensational Ways To Upgrade Your Writing

Writing in itself is something that is looked up to as that vegetable side that every child detests the most. Get out of school, write for yourself, or even better write a journal for those thoughts and see all the difference that it makes. The art where you pen down stuff is something that weaves its own magic. Read the 10 most contemporary ways to improve your writing steps today.

8 Sensational Ways To Upgrade Your Writing

1. Choose The Kind of Writing

Choosing the genre of a write up is different than choosing the voice that is needed to write it in. Both go hand in hand and as required. For bloggers, the niche of your website and the work you do defines everything related to writing. For an informal or active voice, keep in mind ‘write like you talk’. One of the many valuable things that I have earned over the 4 years of my entire writing experience, this tip has fetched the most valuable. Lure your readers in with your writing language and style. Let your words do the dance, while you decide the pace. 

2. Make Mental Algorithms

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Before commencing to write, a key step is to imagine the thing or a concept or an object you want to write. This comes in handy when you want that originality and creativity to shine through. Step uno is to make a mental model of what you want the write-up to look like. Specifically, if you want to write intensively, make it a habit to plan and visualize everything. 

3. That Style Needs Tweaking

A pen or a keyboard will go with the rhythm of your thoughts. What you think is what you write. But writing shouldn’t be just fixed in a cast or a frame. A set of strict structured writing is acceptable but over a time period, it becomes too predictable for your reader.  Change with time according to the demand. Also, look into it if your writing style doesn’t look bot written. A bot written writing is one that looks robotic and unaffectionate in its approach. 

4. Paint with Images

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Don’t come for me when I say that even when I do my technical write up, I look and keep the writing in synchronization with the mental image. Mental image can be of a process you want to write about an incident that happened in a particular sequence, an icon or a picture of an object, etc. Whatever it may be. The write up should be such that it’s entire essence conveys that image through it. Sell your point and make it happen.

Your words should be able to telepath that image you have in mind and the words have in them to your reader. Imagery is what a poem weaves. Bring such power in those everyday words too. A thesaurus will prove beneficial for it.

5. Pull Out that Dusty Thesaurus

Remember the time when our English teachers at school emphasized the importance of a Thesaurus and a dictionary? Well you should try and recall if you can’t. Because a Thesaurus will prove its worth to you. A successful writer is one who has an ocean of words and an ever increasing library. It’s unfeasible to remember and deliver any and all words anytime and anywhere. Pull out a thesaurus and save some time. My favorite is PowerThesaurus. This is something I swear by! Consider it my deepest darkest dirty secret to those words that divulge. 

6. Swing that Spotlight

There is a certain way to bring out the gist and main organs of your writing. In academic writeup, a casual freestyling one, or blogging many devices like highlighting, citing, italicizing, quoting, etc renders the veritable stuff to the surface. Do the same in when writing too. In blogging these highlights have the potential to become your keywords. Using different colored pens for highlighting is a concept in a proper academic paper. 

7. Make Those Thoughts Permanent

A writer’s mind is such that an idea, a jargon, a wordplay can come and swing at any time. There is something so oblivious yet predictable about words if you look at them from that standpoint. Being a cornerstone of everything, it is these words which will spring upon uninvited too. Pull out a paper or a phone and type whatever comes to your mind. It can be musical, it can rhyme or not, it can be a new word you want to know the meaning of, a fancy word of the day or something of that sort. 

8. To Draft or Not to Draft

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This question is equally as important as the original line that Hamlet opens his soliloquy. The notion of drafting is something we were taught as kids. But as adults, if you want to try that, just remember the key is “patience”!  Drafting brings about frustration too. I remember how I poked my pencil into paper once, looking like a real-life Dr. Faustus in an academic writing class in college. Why do you ask? It is because of that writing, rewriting, and that jazz.  


Apart from this last one is a bit ambiguous, and totally a persona call, all the above are some quick hacks that can make your writing style a bit better and also amp up your writing speed. tell us which strategy you would use in your next writing session! Also enlighten us in the comment section below, if you have some new ways to enhance your writing style.

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