5 Sea Animals That Can Be Your Best Buddies

Pets! They are the best companions. For ages, pets have become a prominent part of human life. Entertaining their owners and protecting them from dangers are the jobs of pets. Dogs, cattle, and cats are the most common pets. Every pet has proved its importance in human life. Dogs guard the house and help in investigations of crimes. Cats keep the mice away from grains. Cattle help in farming and are the main source of dairy products. Fish calms an individual with their beauty. Birds lift the mood with their beauty and voice.

There are many other pets owned by humans. Most of them are animals found on land. But, there are a few sea animals that can be your best buddies. Humans didn’t plan to pet them because they live away from human civilizations. These animals mean no harm to humans. They help humans in a few cases too. Let us learn about a few of those creatures.

5 Sea Animals That Can Be Your Best Buddies

1. Dolphins

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The first animal on our list is a dolphin. They are smart and belong to the category of most friendly sea animals. They are curious animals and do not bother about human interaction. There are shows in which dolphins perform and resorts where one can play with them. They follow the tour boats to get fed.

Dolphins are the most intelligent and happy sea animals in the world. They even approach swimmers and jet skiers to find a playmate. They hold a symbiotic relationship with humans. Dolphins follow fisher boats to find the right place to hunt. This is taken as an advantage by those who arrange sightseeing tours. One can pet dolphins because they are human-friendly.

2. Whales

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The gigantic species of the sea is actually human-friendly. There are a few whales that can be good pets like humpback whales and grey whales. Few humpback whales approach boats. But, they are careful around boats. They are very innovative and expressive whales. They display a variety of shows that include flipper swapping. They are even famous for their songs, which can be heard while snorkeling.

Some of the whales approach humans and let them touch them. They try to surf with humans. They are the reason behind sightseeing boat tours. Whales are enormous in size. So, if one wants to pet then, many factors must be considered.

3. Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead Sharks
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The word shark creates goosebumps. But, this kind of shark is human–friendly. Though it looks ferocious, it is rarely aggressive. It likes to approach humans. They do not bother feeding and stroking by humans. There are hammerhead diving spots where one can enjoy diving with these sharks. So, humans can have the advantage of these sharks through this type of diving.

These sharks have large spacing between their eyes, which helps them to have a wide look. Though they are friendly with humans, it is advised not to pet them. Even diving with them requires an instructor because they are sharks, predators. So, it is better to admire them from far.

4. Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle
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The next one on the list is the sea turtle. Turtles and tortoise have always been human friendly. They amuse the people on the beach when they come out of the water to lay eggs. As pets, they are best as compared to other sea animals. But wild ones should be avoided. Sea turtles transmit salmonella. So, one must be careful while choosing them as pets.

One reason to maintain distance from them is that they bite. But, they do that to protect themselves. Sea turtles socialize easily with humans when they are cared for. They need regular exposure to UV light, daily cleaning, and seep waters. They are fascinating and enjoyable pets.

5. Common Octopus

Common Octopus
Source: Britannica

Octopuses are generally considered as aggressive species. Few are poisonous as well. But, few are small. They can make good pets when kept under proper conditions. The common octopus is one of them. Most of them show nocturnal properties and like to stay in their den during the day. They can change their color and shape.

If one pets an octopus, the temperature of the aquarium should be quite warm. This octopus means no harm to humans. It can be trained too. This one prefers solitude. But, it can entertain their owners. So, it can be a good pet.

Not only these, but some fishes increase the beauty of the aquarium. Any animal, either sea or land, can be a pet if nurtured properly under suitable conditions.

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